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Do I Need to Take up the Roadside Assistance Cover for My Bike?

By Vikas Chandra Das
13 October 2022, 2:48 PM

Going on long rides is one of the finest things you can do if you own a bike. You should use this time to reconnect with who you are and treasure the calm wind's sensation upon your face. Your bike is a machine, though, and machines break down unexpectedly all the time.

This could be annoying, especially if you become stranded during your trip because your bike broke down. Now that you know how crucial it is to include roadside assistance in your bike insurance coverage read on.

What Does Bike Insurance's Roadside Assistance Cover?

When you renew or purchase your bike insurance policy, the two-wheeler insurance company may offer you additional perks in the form of additional covers. The roadside assistance policy is one essential extra coverage that offers expert support if your bike breaks down during your trip.

The roadside assistance program offers various services to make it easy for you to resume riding. This is a safe approach to handling a bike failure. When you purchase this bike insurance, a professional will come to your aid to fix your motorcycle or tow it to the closest network garage. Additionally, it offers lodging and other transportation in these cases.

Why is It Important to Have Roadside Assistance Coverage for Bike Insurance?

The benefits of buying the roadside assistance cover are numerous. Under this protection, several insurance firms may offer various services. The standard amenities, however, are as follows:

Tyre Problems

A flat tyre or a puncture is one of the main causes of your bike breaking down or stopping during your journey. This might have happened due to your tyre developing a puncture from riding on uneven roadways that may have contained sharp objects.

To assist you in changing the damaged tyre, a qualified mechanic is dispatched to your location by the roadside assistance plan.

Battery Problems

The motorcycle may abruptly stop if the battery is worn out or fails. Long rides frequently involve this.

The bike insurance provider will send you qualified mechanic assistance to make the necessary preparations to jump-start the motorcycle. If your bike doesn't start, towing services to the closest network garage will be offered.

Issues Regarding Keys

Most insurance providers offer assistance for backup keys if you lose yours. The two-wheeler insurance provider can get you a spare key to your house if you chance to lose your keys.

Emergency Fuel Needs

It is usually a nice idea to ensure your bike has been refuelled before you embark on your adventure. But it frequently happens that people overlook this. It may be a disaster if your bike runs out of petrol mid-trip.

If you purchase a roadside assistance plan, your bike insurance provider will make the necessary arrangements for gasoline as specified in the plan and contact you when they arrive.

Alternative Accommodations and Transportation

The bike insurance provider will arrange a taxi and lodging if necessary in cases where the motorcycle breaks down too far from the rider's home or the destination. The two-wheeler insurance provider will take care of the associated costs.

What are the Costs of Roadside Assistance?

The age of the two-wheeler has a significant impact on the price of roadside assistance. Roadside help could be included as a free service with a new bike. Your bike insurance provider may either include the cost in the premium and give the service as part of a standard package for older two-wheelers or charge a premium separately and offer it as an add-on option.

The overall number of roadside assistance services provided by your bike insurance company during the policy period may also be limited. You should hope you never find yourself stranded because your two-wheeler broke down while you were in a place you did not frequently visit.

Get roadside help as an add-on feature with your two-wheeler insurance coverage for these circumstances. It involves more than just breakdowns. After an accident, you could need aid, and your insurer's roadside assistance service is the best option.

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The Indian Motor Vehicles Act clearly states that bike insurance is required. It is more significant than merely legal documentation, though. You can receive financial aid in times of need and peace of mind by having bike insurance that delivers the necessary coverage.

Therefore, be sure to ride cautiously and have a bike insurance policy that is in force and offers the best protection.

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1. What does the insurance company provide in roadside assistance?

Suppose you become stranded in the middle of the road. In that case, the bike insurance company will offer towing, on-the-spot fixes, a different mode of transportation, emergency lodging, and key replacement. This service is available even if your bike needs to be towed after an accident to the nearest service centre or network of repair shops.


2. What advantages does roadside assistance cover offer?

Among the advantages of roadside assistance cover are:

  • Repairing minor problems on the spot.
  • Replacing depleted batteries.
  • Refuelling.
  • Changing a flat tyre.
  • Providing more accidental services.

3. If I utilise roadside assistance cover, would my bike insurance cost more?

Your premium will be slightly higher because roadside assistance is an extra add-on to your standard two-wheeler insurance policy. 


4. Is it worthwhile to purchase bike insurance that includes breakdown assistance?

Having roadside assistance insurance is especially useful if you regularly travel, whether for work or pleasure. A roadside assistance plan might be especially helpful if you want to prevent having your trip delayed by a bike or automobile malfunction.


5. Does bike insurance cover roadside assistance by default?

You can get an RSA for your comprehensive bike insurance coverage as an additional security measure. You'll need to pay an additional charge for such a cover extension. However, it has some benefits, the biggest of which is assistance with vehicle-related roadside concerns.


6. How do I handle a broken bike on an Indian highway?

If there aren't other motorcycles, you can push the bike through second gear while maintaining the clutch to get a good pace. The battery can be restarted by your bike. You can also phone the roadside help staff if you are uncomfortable restarting the battery. You can also call the insurance company for help if you have taken the roadside assistance add-on cover in your bike insurance.




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