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Everything About Consumable Add-on Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

By Juhi Walia
29 August 2022, 2:49 PM

Some parts of the bike are considered consumables, meaning they cannot be reused and will need to be replaced often. These include lubricants, screws, brake oil, grease and gas. While they may seem small & insignificant, they can significantly add to your cost. Because most two-wheeler insurance policies do not cover the costs associated with consumables, it is essential to get a consumable add-on cover on your base comprehensive bike insurance policy for an additional premium. This add-on is, however, available with a standalone own damage policy too.

Bikers must thus get a bike insurance policy with add-on covers for complete protection. Accidental damage to your bike's headlight is an example of something that the consumable two wheeler add-on insurance policy would cover. This would include items like bolts and nuts. If you don't have this type of coverage, you, as the policyholder, would be responsible for the cost of these items.

We have you covered if you are wondering about the role of consumable add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance policies. This article lists why add-ons are a must with a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Why Add Consumable Add-on?

Adding a consumable add-on to your bike insurance policy is a great way to protect your investment and ensure that you are covered in an accident or theft. Consumables are items used up during the operation of your bike, such as tires, oil, and gas. If your bike is totalled or stolen, the cost of replacing these items can be high. By adding a consumables add-on to your policy, you will be reimbursed for the cost of replacing these items up to the limit of your policy. This will help you get back on the road quickly without worrying about the financial burden of replacing your bike's consumables.

  • Protect Your Investment: If you have an accident or your bike is stolen, you will be safe in the event of any damage to your bike.
  • Convenience: An add-on to your premium is a convenient option as you can purchase the items you need to repair your bike through the same insurer.
  • Coverage: If you don't have an add-on, your only option is to purchase a new bike. This means you will likely be paying out the full amount for the bike again.

It is worth getting an add-on cover if you use the bike frequently and do long rides. If your bike(s) is/are not being used regularly and/or you are not riding long distances as well, it is not worth getting an add-on cover. The reason is that the add-on cover is only for road accidents and cashless service. So, if you are not on the road or traveling long distances, you don't need to get an add-on cover.

Who Should Take the Consumable Add-on Cover?

If you want to be extra careful with your investment and have complete peace of mind, the consumable cover is a great choice. It offers full protection for your bike from head to toe, and you won't have to worry when repairing your bike. The bike insurance company will take care of your consumables, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

How to Purchase the Consumable Add-on Cover?

You can purchase the consumable add-on cover either online or offline, along with your base bike policy. The premium for the consumables bike add-on cover will depend on the value of the bike, year of manufacture, and location. This bike insurance add-on cover can be very beneficial, as it will cover the cost of replacing parts worn down from use.

Does the Consumable Coverage Cost You Extra?

The consumable add-on for bike insurance does cost extra, but its coverage is significant. All the consumables used may cost less individually. Still, the total cost can be high when many consumables have to be used. However, with the add-on, you can minimize the out-of-pocket expense while getting your bike fixed.

Is the Consumables Add-on Cover Worth It?

There is no one definite solution to this question as it depends on each individual's specific needs and circumstances. However, as a general statement, the bike insurance consumable add-on cover can be a worthwhile investment for bike owners. This is because it protects against the cost of replacing damaged or lost items such as helmets, clothing, and bike accessories. In addition, it can also cover the cost of repairs to your bike if it is damaged in an accident. Therefore, if you feel you would benefit from this type of cover, it may be worth considering.

How to Claim the Consumable Add-on Cover Under Your Bike Insurance?

You can claim consumable add-on using – cashless or reimbursement methods. The cashless facility can be used when you take your bike to a garage that is part of your insurer's network. If you choose a cashless claim, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket, as the insurer will take care of the payment for the repairs to the garage.

The reimbursement claims must be filed when you are not getting your bike fixed at a network garage. At non-network garages, you will need to pay upfront for the repairs. Once you have done so, you can send in the receipts and the bike insurance claim form to get reimbursed by the insurer for the repairs.


Bike insurance consumables add-on cover is an insurance policy that covers the cost of replacing consumables on your bike in the event of an accident. This includes items such as tyres, tubes, chains, and brake pads. The cover is designed to safeguard you from the unexpected cost of having to replace these items. It can be a worthy addition to your bike insurance policy.

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1. Are consumables add-on mandatory in bike insurance?

No, it is not mandatory however recommended, as you will get covered for the spare parts and miscellaneous bike items in case of any damage.

2. Where can I get a consumable add-on cover?

You can contact your current bike insurance provider and ask for the consumables add-on cover. If you purchase new bike insurance, you can get this additional cover.

3. What consumables are covered?

Consumables are items that are used up during the operation of your bikes, such as tires, oil, and gas. These and more items are covered under this cover.

4. Which bike insurance policies allow you to add the consumable add-on?

Both comprehensive and standalone own damage policies allow you to add the consumable add-on.

5. Do you need to pay the extra premium when opting for a consumable add-on?

Yes, you need to pay the additional premium to get consumable add-on bike insurance coverage. However, it is worth the price as when you buy the spare parts, they would be entirely covered by the insurance company.

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