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Top Bike Insurance Add-Ons

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

A two-wheeler comes as a respite when you see endless traffic on the streets. Two-wheelers provide comfort from maze-like vehicle queues and help you reach your destination quickly. Moreover, they are more economical than cars. Since you have decided to scroll past this article, we can assume that you know the importance of getting a comprehensive, third-party, or standalone own damage insurance policy before hitting the roads with your bike.

However, did you know that you can significantly extend the insurance benefits by adding some covers to your existing policy? This is the basic premise of bike insurance add-ons. Read on to know the meaning of bike insurance add-ons and the different types of add-ons offered by insurers in India.    

Bike Insurance Add-ons - A Primer 

Almost all Indian insurers offering two-wheeler insurance policies provide add-ons or riders. Unlike a third-party bike insurance policy, add-ons are not mandatory according to the Motor Vehicles Act. However, the add-ons can significantly increase your bike insurance’s scope of coverage. 

You can purchase add-on covers with comprehensive and standalone own damage bike insurance policies. Although add-on covers inflate your bike insurance premium, they protect you from the financial damage caused by untoward incidents involving the insured bike.  

Top Bike Insurance Add-ons - A Detailed Guide

The following are the best bike insurance add-ons you can purchase with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

Roadside Assistance Cover

If you feel worried about getting a mechanic after a breakdown or any unforeseen bike damage on the road, the roadside assistance cover (RSA) is for you. 

RSA helps you connect with the nearest service station or garage to get your motorcycle repaired without any hassle. This bike insurance add-on cover generally includes lost key replacement, taxi or towing services, puncture repairing, fuel delivery, engine jumpstart, etc. Moreover, if your two-wheeler cannot be repaired onsite, the insurance company will tow it to the nearest garage or service station at their expense. 

So, if you frequently travel on unknown terrains, consider including this add-on in your bike insurance policy.  

Zero Depreciation Cover

Depreciation comes naturally to your vehicle. As it ages, depreciation occurs. The depreciation amount directly affects the claim amount for replacements or repairs.

Generally, the insurer deducts a standard depreciation amount from the gross claim amount. It then transfers the net difference between the gross claim amount and the depreciation amount to the policyholders. So, even after having a valid comprehensive bike insurance policy, you may have to pay a hefty sum from your pocket if your vehicle gets damaged due to an accident.   

The zero depreciation cover for bike ensures that policyholders get the gross claim amount if their bike suffers any damage.

Hence, consider purchasing the zero depreciation cover if you want full reimbursement of the amount spent on repairing your motorcycle. 

Return to Invoice Cover

The invoice amount of a motorcycle directly affects the IDV or insured declared value. It is the amount the insurer pays a policyholder after factoring in the depreciation and the vehicle’s age. The IDV reduces after every policy year. So, if a policyholder’s bike faces any damage after a few years of purchasing the bike, the insurer generally returns a lesser amount than the purchase amount. 

The return to invoice cover for bike enables a policyholder to get the invoice amount as the claim amount. If you activate the return to invoice cover, the insurer will pay you the difference between the invoice value of your bike and its IDV. Also, this cover includes the taxes and registration charges you paid while buying the bike. 

The return to invoice cover provides coverage only when the insured motorcycle gets stolen or damaged beyond repair. Hence, you must add this cover if your bike is too old and the IDV has reduced significantly. 

Engine Protection Cover

Although the engine is the driving force behind a motorcycle, conventional comprehensive bike insurance policies do not cover it. Any damage to the engine can cost the bike owner a few thousand. Thankfully, the engine protection cover reduces your financial liabilities if your bike’s engine gets damaged. 

An engine protection cover for bike provides coverage for any engine damage due to oil leakage, engine failure due to a wet start, gearbox damage, damage to differential parts, etc. The engine protection cover benefits people living in areas prone to floods and waterlogging. It can also prove handy if your bike is very costly. 


Bike insurance add-ons can increase your policy benefits significantly. Insurance aggregators like Paytm Insurance bring you the best bike insurance policies and add-ons to let you maximise your peace of mind while riding your favourite two-wheeler. Explore the policies and covers before selecting the best. 

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1. What is the add-on cover in bike insurance?

A bike insurance add-on cover increases the insurance benefits by a few notches. You can add these covers to a comprehensive or standalone own damage bike insurance policy for an additional premium.

2. What is a zero dep cover in bike insurance?

A zero depreciation cover refers to a rider insurance companies provide to bike owners holding valid comprehensive or own damage insurance policies. Here, the insurer does not deduct any amount for depreciation when settling a claim. 

3. Is higher IDV better?

A high IDV means a higher claim amount. But the IDV reduces with time as depreciation sets in. However, you can include the return to invoice cover in your bike insurance policy to get the invoice price in case of vehicle theft or damage beyond repair. 

4. What is the roadside assistance cover?

If a policyholder activates the roadside assistance cover, the insurer provides onsite vehicle repairing services, such as puncture repairing, engine jumpstart, fuel delivery, etc. 

5. What is an engine protection cover?

The engine protection cover protects the bike owner against exorbitant engine repairing/ replacement bills. It reimburses the policyholders if their bike’s engine gets damaged and needs repairing or replacement.

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