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Everything About the Add-on for Key Protection in Bike Insurance

25 July 2022, 10:17 PM

The possibility of losing, damaging, or misplacing your two-wheeler key is quite high. Any damage to the bike keys is not covered under bike insurance. You need to purchase a key protect add-on to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the keys. Therefore the key protection coverage is an important addition to your bike insurance plan.

Let us look at an example where this add-on coverage can come of assistance.

You are on holiday with your family, and you neatly put all your essentials in one bag, like your wallet, passports, and two-wheeler's key. While having a good time, perhaps in the middle of paying bills, the key falls from your bag. When you return from the holiday, you realise you no longer have it. In such situations, you can notify the insurer and arrange a key replacement, and you don’t have to pay for the associated costs.

The Key Protect Coverage with Two-wheeler Insurance

Losing or misplacing your bike keys can be extremely annoying, especially if you don't have a spare key set. Also, creating new keys can be expensive. The bike insurance add-on key replacement rider covers repair costs, saving you from stress and unexpected financial burden. 

How to File a Key Protect Add-on Claim?

To file a claim if you have lost or misplaced your two-wheeler keys, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 - As soon as you notice your bike key has been misplaced, you must immediately inform the bike insurance company of the loss and provide the necessary details.

Step 2- The surveyor will come and assess whether the loss or damage is covered within the set boundaries of the insurance policy or not. You must read the terms and conditions carefully and be well aware of the inclusions and exclusions of this coverage before filing a claim.

Step 3 - After the necessary verification and approval, the key/lock set can be replaced or repaired, and the cost thereof will be reimbursed. This can be done through a service in a cashless garage, or the expenses can be borne by the insured, after which the insurance company will reimburse it.

How to Purchase the Key Protect Add-on with Your Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

If you want to add the key protect add-on coverage to your existing bike insurance policy, you need to go to the insurer's website, fill in the policy number and details and purchase the add-on by paying a small premium amount for the same.

If you are purchasing a new comprehensive bike insurance policy, you must enter the information about your bike along with details like its year of purchase and address. Then select the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy and add the key protection coverage by paying extra.

You can also purchase the key protection add-on when renewing your existing two-wheeler insurance policy. Instead of starting from scratch, you simply need to enter your policy number and select the key protect add-on. It is easy to do online without the hassle of meeting representatives or insurance agents.


The main advantages of the key protection add-on are:

  • If you have misplaced your bike keys, or in case of loss, you can get a quick replacement without paying a penny.
  • You can get the entire lock system of the bike changed if there is any theft.
  • If you file a claim against the key protection add-on, it won’t affect the no-claim bonus of your two-wheeler.


Below are the key protection add-on exclusions which won’t be covered:

  1. If the service warranty already covers the lock and key of the bike, the motor insurance claim will be rejected.
  2. If the damage or loss to the key/lock of the bike is due to an intentional or criminal act or even inappropriate handling, the insurer won't cover the same.
  3. No claim is entertained if the damage to the key is because of the warning system, ignition system, or immobiliser.
  4. The claim will be rejected if you don’t have the original invoice or receipts.
  5. If the key loss is because of an explosion, radiation, or any other man-made disaster, the insurer won't be liable to pay.

Things to Consider When Filing a Key Protect Add-on Claim

Below are the points to consider when applying for an additional key cover:

  • Submit the claim within the given time frame and provide all required details and evidence.
  • Submit the required documents, and if necessary, you must file an online complaint about the loss (an FIR).
  • Produce all original invoices and receipts and go through the two-wheeler insurance policy sheet carefully before filing a bike insurance claim.


When claiming the key protect add-on coverage, you must keep the relevant details and evidence handy. Review your bike insurance policy diligently and read the terms and conditions before filing a claim. The key protect add-on can be taken online in a few minutes and can be purchased in conjunction with a comprehensive bike insurance online plan. 

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1. Is the key protection add-on available only for comprehensive bike insurance policies, or can I purchase it along with my third-party bike insurance too?

No, you can only purchase the key protection add-on with comprehensive bike insurance.

2. How much will I have to pay for the key protect add-on?

It will depend on the insurer's terms and conditions regarding the key protect add-on of your bike insurance policy, besides the type of vehicle and other factors.

3. Is the cost of lock replacement or lock damage also covered under the key protection add-on of two-wheeler insurance?

Yes, if the key has been damaged or misplaced, the lock of the two-wheeler can be replaced and claimed under the additional coverage.

4. Can you file a key protection add-on claim if your bike keys are stolen?

Yes. If you have opted for additional key protection, you can file a claim if your two-wheeler key is stolen.

5. If my warranty covers my two-wheeler lock and key, can I still file a claim?

No. If the warranty covers the cost of replacement of the lock and key, the claim will not be considered.

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