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Everything to Know About Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance

By Juhi Walia
28 October 2022, 1:28 PM

Cholamandalam MS is a partnership between India's Murugappa Group and Japan's business conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation. This partnership offers people a wide range of the best bike insurance products and several other add-ons to enhance their insurance policy. 

You can opt for 3rd party insurance, comprehensive plans, and standalone own-damage, which are some of the primary bike insurance policies motorcycle owners can purchase. 

A Cholamandalam MS two-wheeler insurance policy is a simple yet efficient way to protect oneself and their bike from sudden road dangers. The goal of Cholamandalam is to provide policyholders with flexible bike insurance plans and coverages. The company works on the T3 Philosophy. 

These three Ts are Transparency, Trust, and Technology. It ensures that Cholamandalam MS customers receive the most from the insurance provider regarding the insurance plan and its services. Because of the competitive rates, Cholamandalam became India's most sought-after insurance company. In this post, we will be discussing all Cholamandalam insurance and its motor insurance benefits.

Cholamandalam General Insurance Company - A Primer

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company is a well-established brand in India. Founded in 2000, the company quickly became one of the best two-wheeler vehicle insurance providers. The firm was established when India's and Japan's top business conglomerates partnered. 

Murugappa group is a big business company operating over 25 different businesses. This partnership has given birth to several brands like Ajax, Gramor, Ballmaster, BSA, etc. The Japanese firm, Mitsui Sumitomo, is the biggest and best bike insurance provider in Japan.

Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance- A Brief

The joint venture insurance company is famous due to the feature-rich comprehensive and third-party bike insurance policies that policyholders can benefit from. People who are looking for two wheeler insurance policy can get the following policies with Cholamandalam MS:

  • Third-party bike insurance
  • Comprehensive bike insurance plan
  • Standalone own-damage

Buying a Cholamandalam MS insurance policy will benefit the policyholder and the two-wheeler. The policy pays for the liabilities of a sudden accident, including property damage, bodily injury, and death. Individuals looking for ways to protect their bike should purchase a standalone or comprehensive policy as it compensates on behalf of the owner in sudden accident events. The standalone own-damage or comprehensive bike insurance policy covers several instances such as road accidents, fire, vandalism, theft, and manmade and natural disasters.

Moreover, policyholders can also amplify their current motor insurance by purchasing the Cholamandalam MS add-ons. These covers will compensate for the factors which aren't included in the standard insurance policy. Add-ons are also beneficial when raising claims. So, choose your add-ons carefully and understand and read about the add-ons and their coverage. 

Policyholders are provided with NCB or No-Claims Bonus when buying an insurance policy. Insurance companies offer this reward to their customers to appreciate their good riding skills. By maintaining a good driving habit for 5 consecutive years, the reward can go as high as 50%. You can use the NCB to reduce your premium amount.

Is Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance an Ideal Choice?

Cholamandalam MS's bike insurance is the best option for several reasons, such as reasonable claim settlement, insurance purchases, add-ons, etc. In addition, the process for settlement is quick, hassle-free, and straightforward. 

Cholamandalam bike insurance protects the two-wheeler and third party from any sudden risks. With more than 8500 garages, Cholamandalam boasts the biggest cashless garages chain in India. 

There are more than 22 plus add-ons that policyholders can choose from, such as zero depreciation coverage, roadside assistance, etc. For peace of mind and a seamless claim settlement process, Cholamandalam bike insurance is the best option.

Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance Add-ons

Other than basic two-wheeler insurance, Cholamandalam MS offers several beneficial bike insurance add-ons at cost-effective rates to allow policyholders to reap the full benefits of their policy. Following is the list of popular Cholamandalam MS add-ons which policyholders can choose:

Roadside Assistance Cover

This add-on is also called the bike breakdown cover. With this add-on, Cholamandalam MS will send emergency assistance to bike owners in case their bike is not working or they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. It can be helpful if your bike experiences a technical glitch or mechanical breakdown while on the road. 

Roadside assistance bike insurance add-on coverage reduces the hassles and inconvenience bike owners have to go through. When you have this add-on, your insurance company can help by offering roadside assistance such as tyre replacement, minor repairs, towing, and fuel delivery. Contact your provider to opt for roadside assistance, and they will send assistance immediately.

Zero Dep Insurance for Bike

Due to wear and tear, motorcycles' market prices reduce as time goes on. The vehicle owner has to handle the overhead costs associated with parts replacement and depreciation. By buying a zero depreciation add-on, Cholamandalam MS eliminates depreciation, and you will receive the whole amount during the claim. 

It will take on the burden of repair costs of the depreciable parts of the bike, for instance, rubber parts and plastic fibres, when claiming the settlement. To buy zero depreciation bike insurance add-on, bike owners will have to pay an extra premium, but one should consider the benefits it will provide to the owner in the long run.

Daily Cash Allowance Add-on

If your two-wheeler undergoes significant damage in a road accident and you must send your bike to the garage for repairs, your bike might not be available for several days. In this case, this add-on offers bike owners a fixed amount to cover their daily travel expenses. 

With this add-on, Cholamandalam MS gives you INR 250, 599 or 750 to cover the daily travel expense for the entire period when your bike is in the garage for repairs.

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

This add-on is imperative for those who live in flood-prone areas. The third-party bike insurance provider provides coverage for replacing or restoring the two-wheeler's engine if the requirement arises by compensating for any damage to the bike lock.


A roadside accident can occur without warning, and covering for the damages can make a dent in your pocket. Cholamandalam MS bike insurance is the best policy that will benefit individuals in more than one way. If you are buying an add-on cover, do thorough research and choose the add-on by considering your bike usage and daily life.

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1. Are accidents outside the policyholder's geographical area covered in Cholamandalam MS?

No, it does not provide coverage for accidents outside the policyholder's geographical area. However, you can purchase an add-on to extend the coverage.

2. What is 3rd party property liability in Cholamandalam MS insurance?

Cholamandalam MS pays up to 7.5 lakh to compensate for damages caused to a 3rd party's property.

3. When can I purchase Cholamandalam add-ons?

Individuals can purchase them when paying for or renewing their Cholamandalam MS two-wheeler insurance policy. To do that, the policyholder will have to pay an additional premium.

4. Which add-ons does Cholamandalam provide?

Round-the-clock road assistance, on-site repairs, zero depreciation, and engine leakage are some add-ons offered by Cholamandalam MS.

5. Can I buy multiple Cholamandalam add-ons?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of Cholamandalam MS add-ons you can purchase.

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