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How to Buy a Used Bike Out of Your Current Residential State?

By Vikas Chandra Das
22 July 2022, 3:48 PM

Purchasing a bike is a feeling of extreme joy and a dream come true for many. If you're worried about the cost of a new bike, you can opt for second-hand bikes. Sometimes, used bikes are available at more affordable rates out of state. Moreover, if you're a college student or young professional migrating to another city, then buying a pre-owned bike can be of great help.

Though the process for purchasing a used bike is similar irrespective of the region, it can sometimes be tricky. While there are many benefits, you might face certain challenges if you buy a pre-owned bike out of state. You have to be extra careful about certain details while shopping for a used bike. 

Important Bike Documents Required

The first and most important step in buying a used bike out of state is to ensure that the bike documents are genuine. From a bike insurance policy to the original registration certificate, you should have all the bike-related documents. Mentioned below are the essential bike documents required while purchasing a pre-owned bike out of state:

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

A NOC from the RTO where the bike was originally registered is required to transfer the bike registration and ownership from one state to another.

Transfer of Ownership Form

Form 30 is an application form required for transferring ownership and registering a used bike in a different state. This form should be sent to the concerned RTO.

PAN Card

The seller and the buyer are required to submit their Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. Form 60 can be submitted in the absence of the PAN card.

Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC)

To confirm that the bike emission is within the stipulated pollution level, a valid PUCC is required.

DOB Proof

The buyer's date of birth proof is required in some states.

Bike Insurance Policy Document

A valid bike insurance policy is mandatory to register the vehicle in the RTO. While registering the vehicle, make sure that the bike insurance price is paid and the policy is valid.

Tax Clearance Certificate

To register the bike at RTO, you should submit a fully paid bike road tax certificate from the owner.

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Important Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Used Bike Out of State

Buying a used bike from another state may appear complex, but with little help and care, you can make the right decision. Take a look at these useful tips to get a good bargain for the used bike.

Research on the Bike

It is wise to research the price and available models of the bike. Find out the current price of the same model. There may be differences based on the bike maintenance by the owner. This will ensure you make the right choice and get the best deal.

Check if the Seller is Legitimate

To avoid any problems later, checking owner details is essential. You can check the owner details by bike's registration number through the central database of motor vehicles in India. Avoid 3rd party sellers or mediators as they may cause hurdles and add to the cost of the bike.

Scrutinise the Bike's Documents

It is important to verify the documents to avoid delays while registering the bike in your state. Ensure that all the documents related to the bike are genuine and original. Ensure that the owner submits all the essential documents such as NOC, registration certificate, etc.

Take a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion from another person or a mechanic is a great idea. It can make a huge difference when making any decision.

Go for a Test Ride

You can request a test ride to know the bike's current condition. Ensure that the braking system and acceleration capacity of the bike is efficient.

Taking a mechanic or friend with you will be a good idea. Shift all gears to check if they are smooth. Also, check the fuel efficiency of the bike.

Get Bike's Service Records

The bike's service booklet or maintenance history will help you know which parts were repaired and how well the owner has maintained the bike. These records can also determine if the bike had a bad accident.

Check the Bike Insurance Policy

You should either transfer the existing bike insurance policy in your name or get it cancelled.

It is always better to purchase a new bike insurance policy that best suits your needs. By getting a bike insurance policy, you will be safe from the financial liabilities that may occur in case of any misfortunate event.

Get the Bike Inspected

A bike might look completely fine from the outside, but there may be some internal issues that only a professional can find out.

Therefore, you should get the bike inspected by a mechanic. Ask the professional to check the condition of the tyres, brake pads and fluid pipes properly to avoid any issues later.

Check the Engine and Chassis Number

The registration certificate will show the bike's engine number and chassis number. Both these numbers must match without any irregularities. If they don't, then there may be chances of the bike being a stolen one.

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It is always safe to purchase a used bike from a known seller. But usually, a majority of purchases are made from unknown sellers. In such cases, the seller cannot be trusted blindly. Therefore, ensure you make an informed decision and ride your bike with a suitable bike insurance policy.

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1. How long does it take to get a letter of no objection?

Usually, the RTO issues the No Objection Certificate within three working days.

2. Can I ride a bike with a temporary registration number?

Yes, it is legal to ride a bike with a temporary registration number, but the temporary number is valid for a month only. Within a month, you need to obtain a permanent registration number.

3. Is it required for the seller to be present while registering the used bike?

Generally, the seller is not required at the RTO for registration. However, in case of any information mismatch, the RTO may request the seller's presence.

4. How much is charged by the RTO for the transfer of ownership?

Currently, the fee for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle is 50% of the charges incurred for registering a new vehicle.

5. How to choose a good second-hand bike?

Firstly, you should be comfortable and happy while riding the bike. The bike parts should be tight and feel sturdy. Ensure there is no weird sound, no wobbling or shaking, and it should have a good braking system.


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