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Most Fuel-efficient Bikes in India Under INR 50,000

By Juhi Walia
22 July 2022, 12:28 PM

For a nation obsessed with fuel efficiency, there is no shortage of budget bikes that go the extra mile, even though most two-wheelers already provide consistently high mileage.

This, however, is changing quickly, with fuel prices reaching towering heights and now making up a substantial portion of monthly expenses for consumers. With this, high mileage bikes that were losing out to stylish, performance bikes over the past decade are back on the horizon.

In this article, we cover some of the top budget bikes that offer the best of both worlds, high fuel efficiency, top-of-the-line offerings, and low entry prices. 

Hero Splendor Pro

With a 97.2cc single-cylinder engine, Hero Honda Splendor is among the best-selling bikes under 50k. It offers the best fuel efficiency in its class, at 90 Kmpl, while generating 8.2 bhp and 8Nm of torque.

Priced between INR 49,000 and INR 54,000, it is affordable for most urban middle-class families. It is also known for its low maintenance costs and easy availability of spare parts.

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TVS Sport

This increasingly popular range is known for its sleek and appealing design and offers a wide range to choose from, with prices starting at INR 41,000. With a 10-litre petrol tank, it offers an average mileage of 95 kmpl, with minor variations based on the different ranges of the model.

TVS Sport does not skimp on performance and comes with a 99.7cc single-cylinder engine, with a horsepower of 7.4 bhp and a 7.5 Nm in torque. It also has a 4-speed transmission, telescopic forks, and twin shock absorbers as suspension, making it an absolute steal at this price point.

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Bajaj Platina 100

One of the highest-selling models of Bajaj since the mid-2000s, Platina 100 has been a market favourite for some time. It comes in both electric and kick-start variants. 

Engine displacement is around 102 cc, giving 7.9 horsepower and 8.3 Nm in torque. It is designed with a four-speed transmission and can accelerate upto 90 kmph. The fuel tank can hold upto 12 litres, and there is also a 2-litre reserve tank. The bike’s price starts from INR 45,000.

The bike offers a mileage of 97 kmpl, making it one of the best offerings on the market, adding tremendous value to consumers in terms of efficiency and performance.

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Hero HF Deluxe

The Hero HF Deluxe could be termed one of the most stylish bikes in the commuter segment. It has a cowl fitted over the headlamps at the front and impressive artwork over the body. The side panel of the bike includes the HF Deluxe logo and image, while the tail section contains an elegant tail lamp and a grab rail. 

Additionally, the chrome cover over the exhaust muffler and silver alloy wheels make the Hero HF Deluxe incredibly stylish in appearance. 

The price ranges from INR 38,900 to INR 65,170. The four-stroke single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 97.2cc. The max power is 8.02 PS @ 8000 rpm, and the max torque is 8.05 Nm @ 6000 rpm. It is equipped with a four-speed transmission and nets close to 72 kmpl.

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Honda Dream Neo

While it used to start from INR 46,000, Honda revised the prices of the Dream Neo following the new GST tax rules, and it is currently available at INR 50,001. 

A strong contender to the Hero Splendor and TVS Star City, Honda Dream Neo has many trendy colour options and offers plenty in the aesthetics department. The 110cc engine has a power of 8.25 bhp and torque of 8.63 Nm, resulting in mileage of around 74 kmpl.

The fuel efficiency of this bike isn’t great, but acceptable considering the performance and the sturdy build that the bike offers.

The Bottom Line

India has always been consumed by the need for high mileage, and this has become apparent now more than ever with skyrocketing fuel prices. While a luxury in other countries, two-wheelers are the more affordable companions for middle-class Indian families. 

Selecting a bike based on its look and feel alone is one of the biggest mistakes buyers can make; after all, this is a decision you will likely stick with for at least the next 5 to 10 years. With the right mileage, price, maintenance and performance, a bike will significantly enhance your life, so research will always be fruitful. Another important thing you must remember is to purchase two-wheeler insurance to protect your bike on the road. Visit Paytm Insurance to know more. 

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1. What are the factors that affect mileage in a bike?

Several factors determine the mileage, but most importantly, it comes down to the riding style, city limits with traffic, and road conditions.

2. Can the mileage of your bike reduce?

Bikes usually see mileage drop owing to wear and tear with age, resulting in a decline in performance and efficiency. In addition, low pressure in the tyres can exert more pressure on the engines, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

3. How to enhance bike mileage?

Fuel efficiencies of bikes cannot be substantially altered, but there are ways to improve and maintain existing mileage. This mostly has to do with regular servicing and upkeep to ensure wear and tear is minimal.

4. Which bike has the highest mileage in 2022?

TVS Sport retains the top spot when it comes to mileage in 2022, with 95 kmpl. Although these are figures in ideal conditions, TVS Sport is known for its top-of-the-line offerings regarding fuel efficiency. 

5. Which 150CC bike offers the best fuel efficiency?

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 and the Yamaha FZS-FI V3 top the list when it comes to fuel efficiencies among 150cc bikes, offering 47 kmpl, and 45 kmpl, on average, respectively.

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