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How to Change the Nominee Name in Your Bike Insurance Policy?

By Juhi Walia
22 July 2022, 4:45 PM

A bike insurance coverage protects you against damage inflicted on your bike and another person's bike. The insurance pays the nominee if you pass away unexpectedly due to an accident. The nominee is often referred to as a beneficiary. The name is mentioned when the policyholder fills out the application to buy the insurance plan. Therefore, you must remember to enter or update nominee information in your bike insurance policy

This reimbursement is intended to ensure the security of the policyholder's family after their death. But how about changing the nominee name in your bike insurance policy? That you might want to do basis these situations. If you are a single individual purchasing two-wheeler insurance, you would probably nominate your parents or a sibling. When you get married, priorities might, however, shift. The nominee you ultimately decide on will probably be your spouse or child.

Who is a Nominee in Two-wheeler Insurance?

A nominee is a person a two-wheeler insurance policyholder appoints to receive the reimbursement or claim upon his/her death due to an accident involving the insured bike. Therefore, you must provide nominee information when purchasing a two-wheeler insurance plan.

Situations in Which the Nominee is Offered Compensation

  • If a bike accident results in the policyholder's death
  • If the policyholder passes away after filing a bike insurance claim but does not get the specified payout.

One may designate their partner, child, relatives, or parents as nominees, and the insurance provider's payment may assist the policyholder's family financially.

Steps Involved in Changing a Nominee's Name in Bike Insurance

In a bike insurance policy, updating the nominee's name is a straightforward procedure. The only thing left is applying to your bike insurance company, requesting an endorsement and including the new nominee's name. Then, you may contact them by email or postal mail, depending on the company's requirements. 

You won't need supporting evidence to change the nominee's name; the insurance provider will accept the endorsement. Furthermore, you may change the name without the present nominee's consent.

Bike Insurance Endorsement 

An insurance policy's endorsement refers to any modification or improvement you want to apply to your current coverage. It serves as a record of any modifications you make to your bike insurance policy. In addition, it acts as confirmation that you revised the agreement. Your insurer will grant an endorsement to modify.

At the time of policy renewal, at the commencement of the policy term, or during the policy period, you may ask the bike insurance company to pass the endorsement. You may need to provide some relevant paperwork as proof to make the changes. But because it is totally up to you, the insurer won't require you to file any paperwork to alter the nominee's name. Besides helping you change the nominee's name, the endorsement also allows you to make these changes -

  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Chassis number of the bike
  • Bike registration number
  • Hike or lower the deductible amount
  • Renewal of the expired policy
  • Transfer of no-claim bonus
  • Bike insurance ownership transfer

Errors to Avoid During Policy Nomination

The nominee may find it challenging to claim reimbursement if there is any inaccuracy in the policy nomination. The common mistakes that you should avoid are listed below.

Inaccurate Nominee Information

Please ensure the name you submit for the nominee is accurate and resembles the one on their address and identification documents. Even claim rejection might result from inappropriate relation information or poor spelling.

Not Modifying Nominee Information

Make sure the nominee's information is always up to date. Don't forget to update the information when you acquire new insurance or renew an existing one. Also, get the replacement nominee's information updated in the bike policy immediately if the current nominee passes away during the policy duration.

Not Informing the Nominee 

Ensure the nominee is informed of the selection because if one is not informed, they will not be able to claim the compensation.


Given that the nominee would get the compensation amount, it is essential to choose the appropriate individual. For example, your spouse, children, parents, or any other dependable individual you know would be able to care for your family in your absence and might be included as a nominee. Additionally, if you omit to provide the nominee's name, the legal heir receives the compensation sum.

Please modify in advance rather than after submitting a claim, as any inconsistency might result in claim denial. It makes sense to designate a dependant as your nominee since he/she is covered by your two-wheeler insurance policy and will be taken care of if you pass away. Now that most insurers have an internet presence, you may quickly update the nominee from the convenience of your home.

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1. What happens if the policy doesn't specify a nominee?

When a bike insurance policy does not include a nominee, the payout is made to the policyholder's rightful heir upon death. Sometimes, the insured's spouse, children, father, or mother are given the legal right to collect the insurance settlement.

2. What happens if the nominee is not alive when the claim amount is sent?

A legal heir is awarded the compensation if the nominee is not still alive when the bike insurance claim amount is being sent.

3. What are an insurance nominee's rights?

Your nominee is entitled to the amount as promised. Besides, the nominee can do the following -

  • Understand the advantages of the coverage and the claims process.
  • Recognize the location of the policy.

4. What specifics of my bike insurance coverage may I change?

In addition to the nominee, you may add or modify your contact information, including your phone number, email address, insured declared value (IDV), engine change, etc.


5. Can a policyholder nominate anyone?

Yes, bike insurance policies allow policyholders to nominate anyone, even those unrelated to them, by blood. So, in case the policyholder dies due to an accident involving your insured two-wheeler, the concerned nominee will be eligible for the compensation.

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