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How to Choose the Gear Which Fits Right for Your Bike?

By Juhi Walia
13 October 2022, 12:56 PM

With improved safety features and technology, the two-wheeler sector in India has advanced significantly. The rider is of utmost importance, especially given the state of Indian roads. Two-wheelers are among the most widely used types of transportation. The protective equipment a rider wears is just as critical for their safety.

What are Motorcycle Gears?

Protective equipment provides the motorcyclist with safety and comfort. With so many options, choosing the proper riding gear can be challenging. Though people have bike insurance and two-wheeler insurance, they still should buy the safest equipment. Investing time and money in something you might never use may seem counterintuitive. 

Types of Motorcycle Gear


As it protects the head, one of the most significant parts of the human body, a helmet is essential safety equipment for a rider. If you have an accident, a helmet can protect you from serious head injuries that could be fatal.

The various helmet varieties that are on the market are listed below: 

Full-face Helmet: Because it covers your face and head, a full-face helmet offers the best protection for your head. Air vents for ventilation exist with full-face helmets.

3/4 Helmet: Although a 3/4 helmet virtually resembles a full-face helmet, it does not offer the same level of protection. These helmets include flip-down visors that partially enclose your face. These helmets don't completely cover your head, so ventilation is excellent.

1/2 Helmet: A 1/2 helmet offers the least amount of head protection. Your head is enclosed on the sides and back, and the top portion is covered. It lacks a visor as well as is lightweight. However, these helmets are not advised. 

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A jacket is essential riding equipment since it shields you from the elements. Additionally, expensive jackets have armour for your shoulders, back, and elbows. A rain or winter liner and other weather protection features with all types of jackets.

It includes those made of mesh, leather, and other materials. Leather jackets are not breathable. However, mesh jackets are suitable for summer. 


Most motorcyclists are unaware of the value of gloves. When you fall, your hands typically take the first impact. Gloves are structured to protect the palm, knuckles, fingers, and backhand and improve grip.

Long gauntlet gloves are best for long-distance cycling because they protect your wrists. You can purchase winter and waterproof gloves if you ride in harsh weather.


Wearing high-quality boots is essential when riding because a fall could seriously harm your foot. Often, velcro fasteners are in place of laces on riding boots, which has leather.

Additionally, shifting pads, toe and heel guards, and ankle guards are included with riding boots. Steel toe guards are also a feature of some upscale boots.


Riding pants provide defence for your shins, knees, and hips. Most motorcyclists believe that riding pants are unnecessary. Riding attire is far more comfortable than conventional clothing. There are several different materials used to make riding pants. It includes leather, denim, cotton, and even kevlar. 


A riding suit, which provides the same amount of protection, is an alternative to purchasing a jacket and a pair of pants separately. Leather and cotton are just two materials used to make riding apparel.

A one-piece suit provides higher waterproof protection than a jacket and pants. Riding attire is a must if you occasionally ride the track. Even though a leather riding suit may not be attractive, it ensures the best security. 


Your motorcycle or scooter and you are both protected by two-wheeler insurance coverage in addition to your riding gear. You should consider purchasing a complete bike insurance policy, including third-party liability coverage, vehicle damage coverage, and personal accident coverage.

It's easy to buy bike insurance coverage from a digital-first insurer because you can do so online. Make sure you do bike insurance renewal on time. Buying two-wheeler insurance online and doing bike insurance renewal online will save time and cost from your side.

Observer Safety 

While a full-face helmet offers considerable eye protection, it is not secure. Eye protection is a necessity if you wear a half-face helmet. Goggles and sunglasses won't withstand impact and do not protect your eyes from objects striking them from behind the lens.

A riding goggle provides exceptional protection because it encloses your eyes, ensuring that no debris will accidentally hit them.

Why Is It Necessary to Have Appropriate Riding Gear?

Having the appropriate riding gear is essential. Riding accessories often include specialised clothing and equipment that protect you from dangerous scenarios. Wearing safety gear is advisable to be safe even though your bike might go places other vehicles might not be able to. 

  • Here are a few explanations why it is crucial to wear riding gear.
  • It may be able to protect you against physical harm brought on by an accident or collision.
  • In a crash event, it might help you to sustain injuries that aren't as severe.
  • It might lower the cost of any accident-related medical bills.
  • You can use it to shield yourself from inclement weather like rain, snow, or glaring sun.
  • It contains pockets for often used things, including smartphones, maps, GPS, and other accessories.

How to Ensure Safe Rides?

The risk of injuries is less with riding or protective equipment. Over time, there have been more two-wheeler accidents in India, which have resulted in injuries or fatalities. Safety is essential when riding a bike or a scooter in light of these risks. 

Make sure you and the pillion rider have helmets certified by the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) and have purchased the comprehensive bike insurance policy, among other safety precautions. The bike insurance will protect you financially if your bike is damaged, while the helmet will safeguard you from harm.


Wearing riding gear is crucial, as the adage goes with the initials ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Accidents can occur, and they are unpredictable no matter what you ride. In the event of a tragic accident, high-quality riding equipment may be able to save your life.

Therefore, when riding, always think about wearing the appropriate gear. Buy comprehensive bike insurance. Riding gears is essential whenever you ride a motorbike or scooter, regardless of how long you intend to ride. It is worth spending money on high-quality riding equipment because it might one day save your life!

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1. What are the types of helmet gear available?

There are 3 types of helmets available. They are full, 3/4th, and 1/2 helmets. 

2. What is motorcycle gear?

Motorcycle gear provides the motorcyclist with safety and comfort.

3. What things should you mind while buying your gear?

It should protect you during worst-case scenarios, last long and provide comfort.

4. What is AGATT?

AGATT is an abbreviation for All The Gear All The Time.

5. How to ensure quality in protective gear?

You should check for certification by ISI.


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