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How to Drive Motorbikes with a Sidecar in India?

By Juhi Walia
13 October 2022, 11:46 AM

Sidecar motorbikes are different from riding a solo bike. Riding a motorbike is relatively easy, but when it comes to riding that bike with a sidecar, it makes it a bit challenging. Adding a sidecar to your bike eventually helps you accommodate one extra person of your choice. You can use the added sidecar for commercial purposes also. It can also be beneficial if you want any specially-abled person to ride with you.

Although riding a bike with a sidecar effortlessly takes a lot of practice, some people prefer adding a sidecar because they enjoy an appealing, relaxed bike journey. Make sure you research correctly and figure out whether or not you require a sidecar to attach to your bike.

Before riding a motorbike with a sidecar, ensure the sidecar setup with the bike is correct. A motorcycle licence is mandatory for riding a motorbike with a sidecar. 

Let's now explore the tips that will help you drive your bike with a sidecar effortlessly-

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Tips for Driving Motorbikes with Sidecar

Here are the few tips mentioned below. If you follow these tips, you will master the art of driving a motorbike with a sidecar in no time. 

Wear Proper Apparel

Proper apparel will help you experience a safe ride without fear of injuries. 

Maintain a Straight Line While Driving

It is probably not easy to maintain a straight line while driving your bike with a sidecar. However, you can try keeping both hands on your motorcycle bars while driving, which will help you go in a straight line even while driving with a sidecar.

Familiarize Yourself with the Tools and Parts

Gain proper knowledge of essential parts of the motorbikes with the sidecar, such as clutch, throttle, front brake, rear brake, shifter, horn, and most importantly, the sidecar.

  • Always remember that your motorbike will track straight if the setup is proper. To move in a straight line, you have to be focused. Pulling the handlebars of your bike when you need any strength around your arms to move straight is a practical tip.

Learn to Use Breaks Efficiently

 A sidecar front brake is something that you can use in any emergency. The front brake is so powerful that this will instantly help your bike stop. If your sidecar has two breaks, both can be used to stop your vehicle at the time of need.

Be Careful at the Time of Side Turns

You will notice when you are about to turn right, the sidecar will rise you, so it is advisable to reduce as much speed as possible before turning right. Don’t panic if the sidecar begins to rise.

Make the Best Use of Throttle

It is always advisable for every bike rider with a sidecar to open the throttle when moving the vehicle to the right side. Similarly, close the throttle when moving your vehicle to the left side. This way, you would be able to properly manage the vehicle with reasonable control. 

Practice in an Open Space

Always consider riding or practising riding motorbikes with a sidecar in an open parking space. Practice slow right turns until the sidecar of your vehicle starts to lift. This will familiarize you with the sensation. So, in real-world occurrences, it will not surprise you anymore. In this way, you will be able to overcome your fears. An experienced rider can easily hold the sidecar wheel in the air. 

  • Set up two objects at a decent distance from each other, and try riding through those. Don’t hurry while practising. You will get acquainted with the process less quickly if you practice constantly.
  • At the initial stage of practice, instead of taking a person in a sidecar for practice, put any objects of the same weight in your sidecar. This way, you will not harm anyone and will reduce your fear to some extent.
  • Know all nuances of riding a motorbike with a sidecar before inviting anyone to ride with you. In this way, you can ride more confidently.
  • Always wear a helmet and ride safely. Both the bike rider and person in the sidecar should always wear the helmet for their protection and comply with the government regulation of wearing a helmet in India.
  • Always cover yourself with third-party bike insurance. Riding a motorbike with a sidecar without motor insurance will attract heavy penalties.

Why Should You Use Your Motorbike with a Sidecar?

  • The first reason is it’s always fun to ride with a sidecar compared to riding with regular motorbikes.
  • You can carry more items or stuff on the part of your sidecar of motorbikes. You don’t have to squash it up in a bag or anything, your sidecar will do the job now.
  • You can easily carry one more person with you or your pets whenever you want.
  • Now you can travel anywhere with your wife and kids without a car if you have a motorbike with a sidecar.


Practice will help you gain confidence. There is no doubt that riding a bike with a sidecar is more fun than riding a solo bike. Safety should be your primary focus while driving any vehicle on the road. Make sure you practise correctly before riding your bike with a sidecar on the road, have fun with your sidecar motorbike, and stay safe.  

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1. What is the difference between a solo bike and a motorbike with a sidecar?

A solo bike could be steered entirely like shifting your body weight. This does not need any input from the rider’s hands and arms. You can learn the motorbikes with sidecars in the same way. Here steering forces need to come from the arms and upper body of the rider. The trickiest part of riding a sidecar with motorbikes is taking the right turn. It tends to lift the sidecar.

2. Does Indian law permit one to ride motorbikes with a sidecar in India?

Yes, Indian law does not restrict riding motorbikes with sidecars on Indian roads. You can easily buy a motorbike with a sidecar in India.

3. What are the challenges of riding motorbikes with sidecars on Indian roads?

Compared to any other country's roads, Indian roads are a little congested, which makes it a bit challenging for the rider to ride a motorbike with a sidecar on Indian roads. It’s a bit difficult manoeuvring with a sidecar. In India, if you ride a motorbike with a sidecar at night and don’t have enough illumination, the probability of getting hit by other vehicles increases in this situation.

4. What type of bike insurance is mandatory in case of riding a motorbike with a sidecar in India?

Among different types of motor insurance, a person owning a motorbike with a sidecar is required to buy third-party bike insurance and have to do bike insurance renewal on time to comply with the law. 3rd party bike insurance will cover all the expected financial losses of the insurer that he has to incur for the third party in case of any accidents.

5. Do we need separate bike insurance for the sidecar?

No, you don’t have to take separate bike insurance for the sidecar as per the bike insurance policy. One bike insurance policy is enough to cover the bike and the sidecar attached to that bike.

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