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How To Improve Your Bike's Battery Performance

By Vikas Chandra Das
26 July 2022, 3:25 PM

Weak batteries can be one of the biggest obstacles in ensuring that your bike is performing at its optimal level. This is why it is essential to ensure that the bike's battery is in good working order at all times.

As part of the routine servicing of the bike, or when there is a problem with the bike while it is being started, the bike's battery is usually checked. It is essential to check bike insurance effectively to get covered for battery damages to your bike.

Although it is important to review the bike's battery at least once a year, it should not be the only time. Regularly inspecting the battery will help you avoid malfunction of the battery and the tall expenses involved in its repair later. Even though a bike insurance policy is there, the damages to the battery may not be covered fully. So, maintaining the bike's battery is critical to the long life of the two-wheeler. Below you will find how to upkeep your bike battery. Let's begin!

Tips to Enhance the Battery Performance of Your Bike

To maintain the battery's power, you should follow these essential tips from time to time. 

Maintain a Clean Environment at the Terminals 

As a result of leakage, the electrolyte in your battery can dirty the terminals of your battery, and it can cause the battery to leak. Get the best bike insurance online today. There is a possibility that the dirt can corrode the metal surface of your terminal, resulting in sparking issues under adverse contact conditions.

As a result of the corrosive nature of the electrolyte, a layer of rust can form on the surface of the battery, which will degrade its overall conductivity. There can be instances where the battery power supplied to the starter motor by your bike is not enough to supply enough power to start your bike, which will lead to your bike not starting as a result.

If you decide to replace your old bike with a newer one, you will not be required to take out a new bike loan as long as the bike terminals are clean.

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Take Care Not to Overburden Yourself

It is a common practice these days for riders to add additional lights to their motorcycles to make them look better. The battery in the bike is used to power this type of LED light.

Ensure that your bike is not overloaded with unnecessary extras that may drain the battery too soon. Suppose you are updating your bike with LED lighting or making other changes to the bike. In that case, it is recommended that you consult a professional to ascertain the level of stress the battery can handle.

Monitor Water Levels Regularly

Check the water level every two weeks. Get two-wheeler insurance online to aid the hefty charges easily.

There are markers on the side of your battery that tell you the minimum and maximum points where you can see exactly how much water you should be using. The side of your battery will tell you how much water you need to fill your battery if you are unsure how much to fill.

Use only distilled water for filling the battery. Tapping water or any water contaminated with any impurities can be nasty for the electrolyte in your battery and cause permanent and irreversible damage to your battery.

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Make Sure the Terminals are Tightened 

If the terminals of your battery are not in good contact with each other, then there is a chance of sparks forming between the terminals.

Sparking is one of the biggest killers of batteries because it increases a battery's internal resistance by a significant amount in a short period, resulting in a very high drain on the battery. To minimize the chances of sparking, you should tighten the terminal nuts of your battery with a wrench or a spanner.

To prevent rust from forming on your battery terminals, ensure that you grease them after every service.

Check the Battery Fuse Regularly

A battery fuse is a simple and inexpensive component that can help save your battery from suffering severe and permanent damage due to a short circuit or overheating.

Establish a habit of changing old fuses regularly regardless of whether they are still in working condition.

It is relatively inexpensive to replace a fuse than to purchase a new battery or borrow a new bike, which would be more costly in the long run.


In addition to the suggestions above, keep your bike away from any natural influence as much as possible. A bike can suffer damage from wind, rain, and even the sun, whether it is rust or a loss of paint due to the effects of the weather.

The best way to prevent rodents from gnawing away at any of the wirings in your garage is to keep traps for them in there. As long as you follow every recommendation made, you can get the most out of your bike battery for a very long time.

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1. Is there a reason why my bike's battery drains so quickly?

It could be due to corroded battery terminals, bad battery terminal connections, and faulty stator components.  

2. When will a bike battery reach its maximum life?

Expect batteries to last for two years or more, but if they are properly maintained, this can be significantly increased.

3. How long should it take for my motorcycle's battery to be fully charged?

From a usual start, it takes around twenty to thirty minutes to recharge the battery. Nevertheless, it may not restart from the electric starter after being turned off if the battery has been jumpstarted from being too low or dead.

4. How can I tell if my motorcycle's battery is strong or weak?

Inspection by sight. Simple visual inspection can reveal the most obvious warning signs. Batteries with broken terminals, cracks or bulges in the plastic casing, or leaking fluid or discolouration are signs of a bad battery.

5. How safe is it to ride a bike without a kickstart?

In bikes, it is advisable to have both (self-start and kick start). It is possible for the battery to drain out or for the self-starting system to malfunction. A kick start is the best option to continue your journey in these scenarios.


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