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How to Make a Kotak Two-wheeler Insurance Claim?

By Vikas Chandra Das
26 July 2022, 3:33 PM

Kotak General Insurance came to the fore of the Indian insurance marketplace in 2015. Still, within a short period, the company has gained substantial customer relationships and market share in the bike insurance segment. It is mainly due to the company's strong customer service credentials and the ease at which it settles the claim.

While India's insurance regulatory body prescribes standard terms and procedures, each service provider has terms and processes that buyers need to familiarise themselves with. Being a new-age tech-enabled operator, Kotak has instituted a seamless digital process, making claim settlements hassle-free for consumers, especially regarding bike insurance policies.

This article provides an overview of the company's two-wheeler insurance claim settlement process to give buyers a brief primer on what's involved and what they need to keep ready before moving forward. So, read on!

Kotak Bike Insurance Claim Types

The claim process largely depends on the type of claim you file. As an insurance policyholder, you can opt for one of the two claim options - cashless or reimbursement.

Cashless Claims

Cashless claims allow you to get your bike fixed without paying the charges. However, this is possible only if you get the repair done in a garage that is either empanelled or associated with your insurance provider. The insured will need to pay the compulsory and voluntary deductibles (if any) when claiming Kotak bike insurance

Reimbursement Claims

You can opt for the reimbursement claim if you want to get your two-wheeler repaired at your usual workshop. In this case, the garage you have chosen would not be among the network garages of the insurer, and you will have to settle all payments yourself. 

Afterward, you can submit the bills and all other relevant documents to your insurer, which will reimburse you or pay you back the repair cost minus the deductible.         

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Kotak Bike Insurance Claim Process

The process for claiming two-wheeler insurance at Kotak General Insurance is as follows:

  1. Inform Kotak General Insurance Company about your claim by submitting a claim notification, including the particulars of your policy.
  2. Attach all necessary documents, including your driver's licence and RC.
  3. An inspector will come and look at the two-wheeler within 24 hours.
  4. However, if your claim was filed on a Sunday or a holiday, the inspection will be performed on the next working day.

This process is the same for personal cars and other vehicles, and additionally, Kotak bike insurance allows you to register a claim online in just seven steps.

  1. Visit its website.
  2. Select 'claim process' on its home page.
  3. Scroll down and click on register now.
  4. Fill in the details mentioned, like vehicle number, policy number, etc.
  5. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to verify your details.
  6. Enter it and click on proceed.

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List of Documents for Kotak Two-wheeler Insurance Claims

Apart from the duly signed claim form, a copy of your policy documents, registration certificate (RC) and driver's licence, you will need to submit a few other documents depending on the situation.

In Case of Third-party Claims

Copy of the FIR or the First Information Report lodged at the nearest police station. 

In Case of a Vehicle Damage Claim

  1. Copy of FIR
  2. Original Bills of repair (for reimbursement claims)
  3. Estimate cost of repairs and invoice from the network garage (for cashless claims)

In Case of Theft

  1. Copy of FIR.
  2. 'No Trace Report' of the insured two-wheeler from the police.
  3. Duly filled and signed 26, 28, 29, 30 and 35 Forms.
  4. Theft declaration from the Regional Transport Office.
  5. All sets of keys/warranty card/service booklet.

Note - You will need to present the policy document in every type of claim mentioned above.

The Importance of Timely Two-wheeler Insurance Claim Intimation

Most insurance policyholders fail to recognize the role of time in their claim settlement. 

Having insurance coverage is not a guarantee of getting your claim. If the accident happened in May and you submitted all the required documents in August, there's a slim chance they will process your request. 

You must file your claim as soon as possible. Moreover, to get the benefit of cashless repair, you need to submit your claim before taking your bike to the garage. Without this, you might have to shell out on your own before getting it reimbursed at a later point.

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1. What are some common reasons for claim rejection at Kotak General Insurance?

A few common reasons for claims rejections at Kotak General Insurance include stating false facts, driving without a license, and being under the influence of alcohol.

Apart from this, claimants might face rejection if they fail to inform the company regarding the accident on time.

2. What is the voluntary deductible in Kotak bike insurance?

The deductible is a percentage of the amount you choose to pay should a claim arises later. It is chosen at the time of buying the Kotak bike insurance policy based on the IDV. When claiming insurance, the insured is required to pay this percentage of the total expenditure, and Kotak will cover the rest. 

3. What is a no-claim bonus?

NCB is a reward given to the policyholder for their safe driving. At Kotak, NCB is cumulative and increases with every renewal. That means the longer you go without a claim. The higher your NCB will be (up to 50%). 

However, once you file a claim, the NCB is disabled. Similarly, if your Kotak bike insurance policy lapses due to failure in timely renewal, you will lose your NCB. 

4. What is the claim settlement ratio?

CSR reflects how efficient an insurance company is in settling claims. It is measured as the ratio of the number of claims settled by the insurer against the number of claims received. Kotak had a CSR of 97.4% for 2020.

5. How can I contact Kotak in case of a roadside emergency?

You can dial 1800-266-4545 to reach Kotak's helpline and inform the officials of your roadside emergency.


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