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Bike Insurance Claim without an RC or DL

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

A driving licence (DL) and a registration certificate (RC) are two important documents for a bike owner. Although you don't need a driver's licence when buying a bike, you must have a valid one to ride it legally on Indian roads. Getting a bike insurance policy claim without these documents is untenable. When you are applying for a claim, you must include a copy of your driver's licence and RC with the claim form.

But, what if you cannot produce these documents for the bike insurance claim due to some unforeseen situations? A loss of licence or RC add-on from your insurance company can help you out. 

How to Purchase the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on Cover for Your Two Wheeler Insurance?

An add-on is to further accessorise your already existing two-wheeler insurance scheme. You need to pay an additional premium to get it included in the pre-existing policy. The add-on helps make a successful insurance claim if you cannot access your registration certificate and driver's licence. You can apply for this bike insurance add-on by visiting your insurance agent or online. Go for the trusted insurance agent with a neat record.

The Benefits of Including the Loss of Licence or RC Add-On Cover in Your Bike Insurance Policy

The benefits of the loss of licence or registration certificate add-on cover are as follows:

  • You can file a claim even if you don't have your driver's licence or registration certificate.
  • Compensation/reimbursement in case you have misplaced your DL or RC, or it has got lost or stolen.
  • You only need to pay a nominal amount to include the add-on to your bike insurance policy.
  • The add-on offers more security to your two-wheeler documents.

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Ways to Buy the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on Coverage Policy

To purchase the loss of licence or RC add-on, you can get it added either with your comprehensive insurance policy or with the standalone own damage policy. There is no need to provide additional information or documents when purchasing an add-on cover.

If you want the insurance amount, you may be required to present an FIR to your insurer. However, the add-on may be utilised only if your bike insurance policy is active and has not lapsed in the earlier quarter. 

What Should You Do After Losing Your Driving Licence or RC?

You must follow the steps below in case you lose your RC or driver's licence:

  • File a police report at the station of the area where your documents were misplaced.
  • Submit an application for a copy of the RC/DL at the RTO by paying the fees. You can also submit an online request using the Parivahan website.
  • You must undergo the biometrics process for the smart card driver's licence.

The RTO shall deliver you a copy of the RC/DL within a given timeline.

Things to Consider When Raising a Driving License RC Loss Insurance Claim 

If you lose your bike's RC or driver's licence, abide by the following points when you file a bike insurance claim.

  • Include all the required information completely and accurately in offline and online submissions.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary documentation and a police report for the loss of your DL/RC.
  • To file a two-wheeler insurance claim, you must do it within the time range set by your insurer.
  • Before you start the claim procedure, be sure you have active insurance coverage.
  • Carefully read your policy document and the terms and conditions included therein.

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Bike insurance protects you against theft, unintentional damage and any challan on Indian roads. Including add-ons will undoubtedly cost you more money, but it will safeguard you in emergencies, such as losing your driver's licence and registration certificate. The insurance provider will compensate you in such unforeseen situations.

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1. Does the add-on for loss of driving licence or RC offer protection against damages caused to the documents?

No, the add-on cover protects you if your driver's licence or registration certificate is stolen or lost. However, it will not cover any document damage, and you will be responsible for the charges of getting any duplicate copy from the RTO.

2. Is it mandatory to file a police report when making a bike insurance claim?

No, not while filing every bike insurance claim. A police report is mostly required if you are involved in a major accident or if your two-wheeler was stolen. In such a case, you must immediately notify your insurance company and file a First Information Report (FIR) with the police station.

3. What should I do next after I misplace my DL?

First and foremost, if you lose your driver's licence, you must file an FIR with the police. If you have purchased the loss of DL add-on, you can then file a claim for the loss. The next step is to go to the RTO and request a copy of the driver's licence.

4. What is the premium amount to be paid for the add-on cover for loss of driver's licence?

Add-ons are usually affordable and can be purchased for a small premium increase. You will receive more coverage benefits in exchange for a slightly higher bike insurance price. You may contact your bike insurer to learn more about the cost of such add-on covers. You can add these covers to your comprehensive insurance policy or standalone damage policy. 

5. How soon should I contact my insurer to file a claim for bike insurance?

Each insurance company has a specific deadline for filing automobile insurance claims in the event of an accident. Please notify the insurance company as quickly as possible. Many insurers have a basic claim limitation deadline ranging from 24 to 72 hours.

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