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How to Ride a Bike Safely?

By Juhi Walia
28 July 2022, 11:37 AM

India, one of the most populated countries, has various modes of transport to commute from one place to another. Most drive two-wheelers to reach their offices, homes, and other places.

With your bike, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport; you do not need to wait for your bus in the queue. And it is also better than a car as you can easily buy a two-wheeler. Moreover, affordable maintenance and bike insurance online make for a happy experience. 

Despite being most favourable due to its various advantages, two-wheelers are still riskier than other transports. There are particularly more risks while riding a bike than a car because the former has less grip and is difficult to balance. Therefore, before departing your home and beginning your bike ride, you need to take basic preventive measures, which are:

  • Wearing helmet.
  • Take a first aid kit with you.
  • Wearing safety gear.
  • Have your two-wheeler insurance policy.
  • Have your driving licence with you.
  • Only ride your bike when you are in a good mood and have good health.
  • Always remember your loved ones are waiting for you, so drive safely and sensibly.

Below are some safety tips you should follow while riding your two-wheeler to avoid undesirable situations. 

Buy a Two-wheeler That You Can Easily Handle

As we all know, going for appearance instead of one's safety is always hazardous for health. So, choose the two-wheeler you can easily handle. 

A bike that looks modern and allows lightning-fast speed is more likely heavy, and some people cannot handle it, leading to an accident. So, think wisely before deciding to ride a bike that you can smoothly ride and handle. 

Look to Ride a Bike When the Weather is Good

Weather plays a significant role for every biker; when you ride your bike in bad weather, i.e., a rainy or windy day, it may lead you to raise a claim for your two-wheeler insurance due to mishaps. Thus, always consider riding your bike when the weather is good.

Save Yourself by Wearing Helmet

As we discussed, you should always take a helmet before hitting the road. Investing in a helmet saves you from a severe head injury and can escape traffic fines. 

Inspect Your Two-wheeler Before Riding

Besides having two-wheeler vehicle insurance before riding, you must inspect your bike well. Check your bike components, including lights, mirrors, tire pressure, brake, etc., every time to eliminate fatal risks on the road. Moreover, you need to maintain your bike regularly to avoid unpleasant situations. 

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Don't Ride Without Wearing Safety Gears

Before hitting the road, you must wear suitable safety gear like a jacket, gloves, elbow and knee guards, etc. It may be a bit heavy and hot, especially in summer, but being safe is better than lying in bed. Moreover, you should always wear those clothes that do not get stuck on your bike and allow you to ride comfortably.  

Maintain Good Distance While Riding

Always remember to maintain an adequate distance from others. When you stay at a safe distance from others, it will help you stop in an emergency and avoid accidents.

Follow All Traffic Rules

It is challenging to save oneself from any accident by not following the rules. It is very crucial to know all the traffic rules. You must know the prescribed speed limit and ride on the left side of the road. Moreover, cutting through lanes, rash driving, beating traffic signals, and breaking other rules lead to undesirable situations. 

Enhance Your Visibility

During day or night, both the time your bike needs to be visible to others. Bright colour reflective bands on your bike increase visibility. So, always install these bands on the bike's side and back. Moreover, at night, a rider must be more cautious; try to be away from blind spots and always in your headlight to be visible to others. 

Pay Attention When Riding

Remember, bike riding needs full attention and your focus. When on the road, you should use your mirrors while riding, use indicators while turning, be attentive to pedestrians and slow down and stop at every junction.   

Always Purchase a Two-wheeler Insurance

Motor insurance is a worthy investment for everyone. Besides being mandatory by the law, a bike insurance policy allows financial aid to the policyholder. However, comprehensive bike insurance is the best insurance policy because it covers own damage and 3rd party liability, offers more comprehensive coverage to the vehicle owner, and will secure and rescue the policyholder against any financial losses. 


Riding a bike is not a kid's game; it needs complete training and, most importantly, requires safety tips that can eliminate the risk of accidents. Thus, you should always follow all the tips mentioned above to make your ride secure and safe for your loved ones. Besides following the safety rules, having bike insurance is crucial. It allows extra protection for vehicle owners by saving them from the financial burden resulting from mishaps. 

Paytm Insurance is the best bike insurance aggregator, offering customers the best deals, reliable plans, affordable prices, and many more. So, don't take more time and purchase your bike insurance to grab various benefits. 

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1. What is the most secure way to ride a bike?

Some ways to ride safely are wearing a helmet, staying within the prescribed speed limit, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, and driving on the left side of the road.

2. What should we avoid while riding a bike?

Riding without valid two-wheeler insurance or helmet, excessive speed, racing, overtaking, disobeying traffic signals, and changing lanes without signalling, are things to avoid when riding a motorcycle.

3. How safe is a two-wheeler? 

Two-wheelers are usually riskier than cars, but if riders follow all the safety tips on the road, they can reduce the chances of an accident. 

4. Is insurance mandatory to ride on Indian roads?

Yes. Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory for riding on Indian roads. You can get the best bike insurance deals online.

5. Where can I get the best two-wheeler insurance deal?

Paytm Insurance contains information about the best insurance deals and offers. Check the official website to get the best rates and save money.


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