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How to Select Your Two-wheeler Insurance Online Policy

By Juhi Walia
21 September 2022, 11:16 AM

You must do your homework well, conduct thorough research, and get the best possible information before selecting your bike insurance online plan. You don’t want to buy the wrong two-wheeler insurance online plan, so you must consider some vital factors and follow some fundamental tips before making your purchase. It is mandatory to get bike insurance by Indian law to facilitate movement in traffic without incurring penalties and to cover yourself from the financial loss arising from risks like accidents and deaths.    

Your bike is essential to everyday life as it is both cost-effective and convenient. But you never understand when an unfortunate event can cause financial problems. In such cases, a bike insurance plan saves the situation. So, a two-wheeler insurance online plan is essential from a financial point of view and also a protective perspective. Your bike insurance plan works as a financial cushion for both man-made and natural disasters and financially protects you against accidents, damage, and injury.   

Tips for Purchasing the Optimal Bike Insurance  

There is a plethora of insurance companies that offer you various kinds of plans and policies for your bike. You should act prudently, research some vital areas of the plans you are interested in, assess your need and preferences, and then finalize the bike insurance plan purchase. It is a long-term commitment, and you need to buy the policy wisely. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you choose the right two-wheeler online plan:    

The Credibility of the Insurance Company  

Before you purchase your bike insurance online plan and finalize the insurer, you must confirm its authenticity, licence, and legitimacy. Scrutinize the website of the insurance company and assess critical areas. This information will help you make the right choice and depend on your insurer for any damage or loss to your bike.  

The Displacement of a Two-wheeler Determines Your Prize  

Keep track of your bike's displacement when choosing insurance for your bike. The engine size determines the insurance premium to be paid. If the cubic content of your two-wheeler is high, your price will be high too.    

Desired Coverage   

The most important consideration when buying two-wheeler insurance is insurance coverage so as not to be deprived of protection bike insurance online plan. In the form of additional coverage, insurance companies offer services and additional riders that are not included in the standard policy. You can add these coverages to your standard bike insurance to improve coverage. Compare the benefits of add-ons offered by several insurance companies and choose a plan with a range of add-ons.   

Consider the Declared Value of Insurance (IDV)

IDV in bike insurance is the market value of your bike and the maximum amount fixed at the time of purchase of a policy. This value will be paid out to you if there is a case of theft or complete loss of your two-wheeler. As the vehicle ages, the depreciation will increase, the IDV will decrease, and the premium diminishes yearly. IDV is one of the key influencing factors that evaluate the premium for a bike insurance online plan.  

Premium of Two-wheeler Insurance Online  

When comparing different insurance policies for two-wheelers, it is essential to compare different premium plans. Since several insurance companies offer different premium plans for their policies, you can select the most suitable bike insurance online plan per your budget by comparing the bike insurance premium of various policies. You must strive to get the apt two-wheeler insurance online, essential coverage at an affordable premium.    

Additional Add-ons to Extend Your Insurance Coverage   

Look for the bike insurance add-ons that you can add to your bike insurance online plan to get comprehensive coverage. You need to pay a nominal premium for these add-ons: key loss cover, engine coverage, zero depreciation coverage, return-to invoice, roadside assistance, etc.    

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A Seamless Claim Settlement Process   

Accidents can be quite a hassle and a taxing event. You may have to pay an excessive amount for bike damages and losses. This can be wholly covered by the bike insurance plan you opt for. But, you need to file a claim for compensation in case of any loss or accident. So, before you buy your bike insurance online plan, you must check the success rate and ratio of claims settlement of various insurance companies. 

This helps you identify the best insurer who provides the perfect support and an easy and quick claim process. Look for a simple bike insurance claim process that relieves you of these high costs. So, check the complaints handling process when comparing bike insurance plans.  

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Always Compare Two-wheeler Insurance Online  

Another important step when buying insurance is comparing the plans available for purchasing a well-thought-out purchase decision. You can compare two-wheeler insurance policies online based on coverage, premium, inclusion, exclusions, claim settlement ratio, etc.    

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Cashless Facility via Network Garage    

Insurers have agreements with certified workshops. These garages are known as network garages. You don't have to pay for the repair in any of these garages, and the insurance company pays your bills immediately. For other claims, there is an available reimbursement benefit. 

But if your bike suffers a loss, you can get it repaired from a nearby network garage and let your insurer take care of the costs. So, before you finalize the policy, you must consider the kind, type, number, and quality of network garages associated with the bike insurance company.  

Customer Support Services 

You must look for an insurance company that guarantees swift, convenient, and hassle-free 24/7 customer support. You should be able to contact your insurer at any point in time through offline and online modes. This criterion is imperative, especially in the case of claims, as acknowledging the loss only depends on how quickly you inform your insurer about the damage.  

Always Go Through the Terms and Conditions 

After familiarising yourself with the insurer's offers, you can customize your bike insurance online plan according to your needs and demands. Ensure you fill in the correct details and read the terms and conditions carefully. This is essential, especially in the case of claims. So, you must understand the coverage of your bike insurance online plan.  


Investing in a two-wheeler insurance online policy relieves you of the payment burden and the financial burden you may have to face during an unfortunate event or accident. You must follow the above tips and techniques to purchase the apt two-wheeler online policy that provides adequate coverage. Always compare different bike insurance online plans on the web, and make the final purchase after considering various important points as discussed above. 

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1. How important are online reviews before considering buying a bike insurance online plan?

Read online reviews from verified customers sharing their insurance experience. You can get first-hand feedback from existing customers and study their real-life experiences rather than depending on what the insurance company claims. 

You also have the leverage to consider your requirements when renewing your policy and understand whether the coverage meets your needs or not. You can change your existing bike insurance online or even switch insurers during renewal. 

2. Is the renewal process necessary while purchasing a two-wheeler insurance online policy?

Once the premium has been paid, a copy of the insurance policy will be sent to your registered email address. Make sure you renew your two-wheeler insurance online policy in time to prevent the policy from expiring and not miss the NCB or claim bonus benefits. Non-renewal of the insurance policy can also take you to court and cause financial difficulties in the future. 

3. What are the different kinds of bike insurance online plans?

Before you make this choice, you must understand the different kinds of two-wheeler insurance online plans that various insurance companies offer:    

  • Third-party liability insurance policy    
  • Comprehensive insurance policy    
  • Standalone own damage policy

4. Is the third-party bike insurance online plan essential?

Two-wheeler insurance mainly consists of civil liability and extended. When purchasing the policy, you should get the one that suits your needs and fits your budget. The law has mandated the third-party liability bike insurance online plan. You can take this basic policy if you don’t use your bike much.  

5. What are the benefits of a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online plan?

A comprehensive plan gives you the benefit of add-ons and complete coverage. It also includes some of the exclusions of third-party insurance like coverage for man-made and natural disasters. Combining the third-party and standalone bike insurance online plan becomes equivalent to a comprehensive policy.    

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