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Learn How Add-on Covers Increase the Value of Two-wheeler Insurance

By Juhi Walia
29 August 2022, 1:56 PM

Comprehensive bike insurance policies cover most of your expenses, but some add-ons boost the coverage to increase its effectiveness. Coverage for accessories, passenger coverage, and depreciation cover, among other things, are some of the fundamental add-ons to a comprehensive bike insurance policy. In addition to these, other types of coverage are also available for an additional fee.

Add-on coverages for two-wheeler insurance are extra protections available with comprehensive and standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance plans. Although the bike insurance add-on covers come at an extra charge, they are well worth it because they significantly increase the coverage of a basic plan. 

Add-ons to your two-wheeler insurance are like icing on the cake that enhances the security of your vehicle. Your two-wheeler insurance policy can be supplemented with several bike add-on covers. To know more about the benefits of an add-on in your two-wheeler insurance policy, refer to the details mentioned below:

What Effect Do Add-on Covers Have on Two-wheeler Insurance?

Undoubtedly, a comprehensive bike insurance plan provides more coverage than a third-party bike insurance policy. A comprehensive bike plan protects your bike against accidents, theft, natural disasters, and third-party obligations. But the nature of it is generic. Add-on covers, however, offer the possibility for customization. Add-ons thereby increase the insurance coverage for your bike.

Different Types of Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

Each two-wheeler insurer has a large variety of two-wheeler insurance add-ons. A general insurance firm offers its clients the following additional two-wheeler insurance coverages:

Cover for Zero Depreciation

Depreciation is a periodic natural occurrence that happens over time. By default, the owner of a two-wheeler is responsible for covering the depreciation expense. To assist you in claiming a more significant sum, a zero depreciation bike insurance cover helps you ease the burden of paying your vehicle's depreciation charges. 

A policyholder is typically only permitted to submit up to 2 zero depreciation claims with most insurers; however, some insurers permit an unlimited number of zero depreciation claims throughout the policy period.

Cover for Consumables

Two-wheeler consumables add-on covers a bike's consumable parts, including grease, lubricant clips, bearings, fuel filters, oil filters, brake oil, nuts, bolts, screws, etc., that are often not covered by a regular own-damage bike insurance policy.

Cover for Roadside Assistance

When your two-wheeler vehicle has a mechanical failure or faces some other problem, the roadside assistance cover in your bike insurance policy offers support and assistance when you get stuck on a road or highway. In addition, the add-on cover guarantees your safety in case of a flat tyre, gasoline delivery, car towing, battery depletion, on-site minor repairs, etc.

Key Loss Cover

Key Replacement add-on for two-wheeler insurance reimburses the insured for lost keys (s). Additionally, a spare key is made available as quickly as possible.

Passenger Assistance Cover

Conventional motor policies may not always ensure cover for the pillion rider, but the passenger cover bike insurance add-on does. In addition, if the pillion rider is injured or killed in an accident, it pays compensation to the co-passenger.

Engine Protection Cover

If the engine of your vehicle or other components needs to be repaired, the engine protection bike insurance cover protects the policyholder from financial constraints. This supplemental protection is a need if you're staying in a flood-prone location. However, for those who own high-end motorbikes, owning this add-on would also be really helpful. 

Misplacement of Personal Items Cover

The policyholder may benefit from this add-on if they experience financial loss by losing personal items in an accident or mishap with their two-wheeler.

Return-to-Invoice Cover

Return-to-invoice bike insurance cover enables the policyholder to get the entire invoice value of their vehicle if it is damaged, declared a Constructive Total Loss (CTL), or stolen. In a normal case of a claim, the policyholder will not get the amount equivalent to the invoice value of his vehicle and will only receive compensation equal to the current market value minus depreciation. Hence, this add-on is helpful. 

Daily Payout/Allowance Cover

When a policyholder chooses this daily payout bike insurance add-on, the insurance provider will pay them a daily allowance while the two-wheeler is missing or repaired. 

NCB Protection Cover

Even if the policyholder files a claim during the policy term, this add-on enables them to keep their no-claim bonus. In general, if a policyholder raises a claim, all his accumulated NCBs will be lost. But not anymore with the NCB bike insurance add-on cover.

Tyre Damage Cover

In two-wheeler insurance, the tyre protection bike insurance add-on offers coverage for damages like tyre punctures or bursts, in-tyre bulges, cuts on tyres as a result of accidents, etc. Hence this add-on will cover the replacing and reparing costs of the same. 


You may improve your insurance plan now that you have looked at the numerous add-ons for bike insurance and the advantages they provide. When renewing your bike insurance, you may choose add-on covers if you currently haven't chosen any in your motor insurance policy.

The quality and protection of the basic policy are supplemented by the additional covers of a motor insurance policy. In particular, they provide peace of mind when the policyholder is stuck on the road after an accident or breakdown, in addition to financial advantages. For comprehensive bike insurance coverage, choosing applicable add-ons with your vehicle insurance is crucial.

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