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Key Aspects of a Pollution Control Certificate

By Juhi Walia
21 September 2022, 11:58 AM

Pollution Under Control is referred to as the PUC. When a vehicle passes the PUC test, this certificate is issued for it. The granting of this certificate for a vehicle signifies that the emission from the vehicle complies with pollution control requirements and does not negatively impact the environment's air quality. 

In India, bike drivers must also have a PUC certificate in addition to a licence and bike insurance. A fine may be issued for the inability to get this certificate under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989. 

In order to receive this certification, it is strongly advised that the vehicle pass the pollution under control test and be renewed before it expires. By receiving this certification right away, you may protect yourself from fines and the ecosystem from pollution. 

To learn more about the pollution under control certificate, refer to the details below:

When Should You obtain a Pollution Under Control Certificate?

When purchasing a new vehicle, you must obtain a PUC certificate and bike insurance. By default, a PUC Certificate is provided when purchasing a new vehicle. The PUC certificate is only suitable for a year, after which you must get your vehicle tested again at a PUC testing facility that is authorized to do so.

The Significance of Pollution Under Control Certificate

You must be wondering why the PUC is highly regarded if you've read this far. Why is it required along with the driver’s licence and motor insurance? Due to the following details mentioned on it, the PUC certificate holds significant value along with vehicle RC and motor insurance in India:

  • The Serial Number for the Certificate
  • Vehicle’s Licence Plate Figure
  • Inspection Date
  • The Expiry Date of the Certificate
  • Comments and Analysis Obtained During the Pollution Under Control Assessment

How Can You Obtain a Pollution Under Control Certificate?

The Pollution Under Control Certificate can be obtained at:

  • Authorized fuel stations
  • Independent testing facilities
  • Auto emission centre with authorization

List of Requirements For Pollution Under Control Certificate Test 

The following are the conditions for getting a Pollution Under Control Certificate:

Vehicle TypeCarbon Dioxide Emission PercentageHydrocarbon Levels Measured in PPM
2 and 3-wheeler motor vehicles - two or four strokes manufactured on or before 31st March 20004.59000
2 and 3-wheeler motor vehicles - four-stroke manufactured after 31st March 20003.54500
2 and 3-wheeler motor vehicles –  two-stroke manufactured after 31st March 20003.56000
4-wheeler motor vehicles manufactured as per the regulations of Pre Bharat-Stage II and Stage III or the subsequent standards0.5750
4-wheeler motor vehicles manufactured as per the regulations of Pre Bharat-Stage II Norms31500

What Benefits Can Be Obtained with Having a Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate?

Many drivers find it stressful to be required to possess a certificate or other paperwork, including documents of bike insurance policies, as not doing so could get them into legal problems. All vehicle owners must understand the importance of the Pollution under Control Certificate (PUC) and motor insurance to bear it as their responsibility rather than a burden. 

The advantages of having a PUC certificate are listed below:

You Can Help Keep the Environment Clean

Because air pollution can negatively influence the environment, you can help keep it clean by ensuring your vehicle's emissions stay within the prescribed limit.

You Can Know How Your Vehicle is Doing

If you update your Pollution under Control Certificate every six months without missing a chance, you can quickly learn how pollutant-heavy your vehicle is. Additionally, it alerts you about any maintenance issues with your vehicle, so you may have them fixed before they become more serious.

You Can Know the Condition of Your Vehicle

According to the Government of India's Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory to have a PUC Certificate when driving a vehicle; hence, using a vehicle without a PUC Certificate could lead to fines.

Your Bike Insurance Policy Can be Renewed Easily

One of the required documents you must request when renewing a motor insurance policy is a valid PUC Certificate. Therefore, having the PUC certificate and timely renewing it will enable you to renew your bike insurance coverage easily.


There are necessary documents, including a driver's licence, bike insurance policy, and pollution under control certificate, that should be carried while driving in India to avoid legal concerns. Besides having motor insurance and a driver’s licence, a PUC certificate is also essential.

This certification is required according to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. If the driver of a vehicle is found not having it, they could be fined INR 10,000. Knowing the parameters is necessary to obtain this certificate while also having motor insurance and a driving licence

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1. Is pollution under control certificate required for a vehicle in India?

A PUC certificate is a legally required certification for a vehicle that must always be carried along with a driver’s licence and motor insurance when the vehicle is being driven. 

If you cannot present the certificate when a traffic officer requests, you will be required to pay the fine and face the consequences. Always renew the certificate when it expires, as this is important. Not holding the PUC is a prosecutable offence subject to criminal charges.

2. What is the cost to get a PUC certificate in India?

The PUC certificate costs between INR 60 and INR 100. This changes depending on the fuel type and the kind of vehicle.

3. Is the PUC Certificate recognized all over India?

Yes. All of India acknowledges the PUC certificates issued by accredited PUC Centers.

4. Can a PUC Certificate be obtained online?

Before a pollution certificate can be given, you must take your vehicle to an emissions testing centre to carefully inspect the emission levels. The PUC, however, can be downloaded from the Parivahan website after it has been issued.

5. What vehicles require PUC certification?

Every motor vehicle moving on Indian roadways must possess a valid PUC Certificate.

6. What days of the week do PUC Centers operate?

Authorized PUC centres are open nearly every day. However, you should contact your local facility to clarify their business hours and days.

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