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Know All About Reliance General’s Two-wheeler Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
13 October 2022, 11:46 AM

Bike insurance is necessary for your bike’s protection. Having two-wheeler insurance comes in handy in unfortunate times like accidents or vehicle damage. It protects you from legal and financial responsibilities. Also, third-party insurance is mandatory by the Indian government. Reliance General Insurance provides all the said services and more. With a customer base of 7 million, it has served the Indian bike insurance industry for a long time. It is an ISO-certified company and has a claim settlement ratio of 99% for FY 2021-22, as shown on the company's website. Data sourcing date - (28/09/2022). The company serves customers with the best insurance products. 

Their network is present at 8200+ garages and 8600+ hospitals in 128+ branches in India. With such a broad spectrum of service providers, it is hardly ever the case that their customers go through any inconvenience on the road. The company provides a wide array of insurances to choose from, including bike insurance. Let’s see what Reliance General has to offer.

Bike Insurance with Reliance General Insurance

Reliance bike insurance offers the ease of managing your bike’s insurance from your home. Not only this, but it also offers various features to choose from. It offers a wide diversity of add-on covers for your two-wheeler insurance on top of the base plan for you to choose from. 

Reliance General Insurance offers a win-win situation for their buyers with a lot of discount deals for their long-term customers. This discount ranges from 20-80% depending on the offer and the base policy you choose. 

With Reliance General, you can choose to have a paperless transaction, wherein you manage the entire procedure online. The company offers long-term policies, so you can pay a one-year premium and stay relaxed for the next three years. They have a feature of ‘No Inspection Renewal’ under which you can renew your bike’s insurance without going through the inspection process.

What is the Reliance General Two-wheeler Insurance?

The market is filled with a variety of insurance providers. Before making your choice, you need to know which is the best insurance provider for you. The popular verdict comes to Reliance General, a known and trusted insurance brand in India for many years. 

It has a thick clientele that it serves with the utmost efficiency. Not only does it have multiple covers to choose from, but it also provides facilities one would like to have. These include discounts, cashless transactions, medical networks, garages, etc., to name a few. 

There are multiple reasons to choose reliance General as your bike’s insurance provider.

  • It offers a quote for your vehicle with just the registration number before buying the bike insurance.
  • It provides an online policy for paperless transactions.
  • The company offers cashless facilities at its network of hospitals and garages in service of your two-wheeler.

Types of Reliance Two-wheeler Insurance Plans

Reliance offers three types of two-wheeler insurance plans - third-party plan, own damage plan and comprehensive plan. A third-party bike insurance plan covers you against damage inflicted to the third party, his/her property or vehicle. Whereas an own-damage plan will cover you and your vehicle. A comprehensive policy is a mix of both third-party and own damage protection components and is thus preferred by the customers.

Benefits of Bike Insurance with Reliance General 

There are various added benefits over and above the base policy coverage. Here is a list of the key features that Reliance General provides as a benefit for two-wheeler insurance:

  • Cashless repairs for your bike from their vast array of 8200+ garages
  • Up to 50% discount on no-claim bonus.
  • Making the claim process more manageable with video claims
  • Up to 4 add-ons available for your bike
  • Availability of own damage cover
  • Reliance General offers up to INR 1 lakh in property damage as part of third-party damage cover.
  • Permanent total disability cover

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Striking Features

Among a host of benefits, we've shortlisted some of the best Reliance two-wheeler insurance benefits.

1.  Cashless Facilities

Reliance allows going cashless to its designated garages and hospitals in case of need. When in a road accident, the company has multiple options available at your disposal for the choice of hospital, and you can avail of these services without the need to pay cash. Likewise, if you have met any inconvenience on the road and need repairs or changes to your bike, the cashless facility will be the best.

2.  No-claim Bonus

No-claim bonus is a reward given to you at the time of bike insurance renewal in case there are no claims made against the bike’s insurance throughout the year. The rate of no claim bonus offered by Reliance is as follows:

For one year20%
For 2 consecutive years25%
For 3 consecutive years35%
For 4 consecutive years45%
For 5 consecutive years50%

3.  Roadside Assistance

With the roadside add-on cover, you can get assistance for all the roadside needs such as flat tyres, spare parts, towing, urgent repairs, etc. Reliance has a network of interconnected garages that can be tapped into at such times. Such services are used explicitly for insurance.

4.  Accidental Protection against Injuries

If any injuries have happened to you because of the road accident, you can avail of this add-on. It will protect you from long and heavy hospital bills.

5.  Insurance Against Costly Spare Parts

When you are using an expensive bike, some of the spare parts are extremely costly and also very rare. Reliance covers the insurance for such parts. They assist in the protection of such spare parts. Coverage is provided for the wear and tear and the spare parts.

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1. Can I get the Reliance General bike insurance online?

Yes. Reliance General offers its bike insurance services online. 

2. Can I switch to Reliance General at the time of bike insurance renewal?

Yes. You need to end the ongoing policy with the insurance provider and subscribe to the insurance policy provided by Reliance General at the time of renewal.

3. Is Reliance General ISO certified?

Yes, Reliance General is ISO certified.

4. Can I get my renewal at Reliance General online?

Yes. You can renew your ongoing policy with Reliance General at their online portal.

5. Where can I check the reviews of Reliance General?

Reliance General has catered to its clients efficiently. You can check out these client reviews at: https://www.relianceGeneral.co.in/Insurance/About-Us/Customer-Testimonials.aspx


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