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Know The Reasons to Choose TATA AIG Bike Insurance

By Juhi Walia
29 September 2022, 1:24 PM

Riding a two-wheeler brings specific risks. Even a minor accident can cause damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself. The probability of getting injured while riding a two-wheeler is the highest of all vehicles, particularly leg injuries.

In India, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, states that all vehicles, including two-wheelers, should be insured. Having your two-wheeler insured by TATA AIG will ensure you meet the legal requirement of using a vehicle on Indian roads.

But do not buy two wheeler insurance solely to fulfill legal requirements. An insurance policy by TATA AIG for your bike offers features that can benefit you in multiple ways.

Why Does Having TATA AIG Bike Insurance Makes Sense?

In addition to meeting legal requirements, you also get several benefits from an insurance policy for your bike. Let’s take a look at how TATA AIG bike insurance policy can benefit you:

Bike Insurance is Compulsory

If you have a two-wheeler, you need at least third-party bike insurance. Buy TATA AIG third party bike insurance online to meet this mandatory requirement.

An Accident Could be Round the Corner

Accidents don’t come with a warning. However careful you are, accidents will happen. If you have a bike insurance policy by TATA AIG, any damage to you, your pillion, or your bike will be taken care of.

Natural Calamities

The clauses in most TATA AIG bike insurance plans cover damage due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, or fires. For example, who will pay for the repairs if a tree falls on your bike? TATA AIG helps you here.

Vehicle Theft

Nowadays, vehicle theft is on the rise. You never know when you can become an unfortunate victim of a stolen vehicle. Keep your TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance up-to-date to get compensated in the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen.

The Added Advantage of Third-party Insurance

Even if someone else is riding your bike and gets injured or your bike suffers damage, a third-party TATA AIG bike insurance policy will have you covered.

Cheapest Insurance Policies

TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance is among the cheapest insurance that you can find, which amounts to just a few rupees a month. You can even compare bike insurance with different insurance providers to see how better the TATA AIG bike insurance deal is.

No-claim Bonus 

With TATA AIG, you get a no-claim bonus (NCB) discount in the next year’s bike insurance renewal if you have not claimed during the previous year. It starts at 20% and then increases as you continue to avoid a claim.

Own Damage Cover for the Bike

TATA AIG comprehensive bike insurance covers own damage, third-party damage, accidents, and natural calamities.

An Impressive Selection of Add-ons

If you buy two-wheeler vehicle insurance from TATA AIG, you get a wide range of add-ons. You can add these to your policy by paying an extra premium amount. TATA AIG offers eight bike insurance add-ons. You can choose all eight or the ones that suit your needs.

Cashless Repair and Reimbursement

TATA AIG has more than 5,400 network garages across India. Visit any of these garages with your two-wheeler to enjoy cashless transactions attached to your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Save Money on Premiums

To be more customer-centric in its transactions, you get up to a 75% discount when you buy bike insurance online from TATA AIG.

Easy Claims Process

Money somewhat loses its value when it’s unavailable when you need it. At TATA AIG, 650 claim experts work hard to ensure that if you need to bike insurance claim, your payments go through seamlessly through a quick and easy claim procedure.

Cover for Third-party Damage

In line with some of the best bike insurance companies, TATA AIG also provides adequate third-party cover so that any damage to the property or injuries of someone other than you are taken care of.

High Claim Settlement Ratio

Insurance can only be of use to you if your claims are successful. An insurance company's claim settlement ratio (CSR) is a percentage representing the ratio of the number of claims raised against the number of settlements. The company has a CSR of 98% in the financial year 2020-21 for TATA AIG, as per the information available on its website. Claim settlement data sourcing date - 28/09/2022.

Quick Buying/Renewing Process

We look for quick and easy transactions in the humdrum of our busy lives. Whether you deal online or offline or renew two-wheeler insurance with TATA AIG, you can complete your transactions in a few quick and easy steps.


Before buying a two-wheeler, you probably do a lot of market research to get the most suitable set of wheels. You would look for multiple benefits while feeling that your hard-earned money is well spent.

Just as you would be cautious in buying a bike, you need to be careful about choosing the right bike insurance for your new vehicle. We have outlined the benefits of having an insurance policy for your bike. We also pointed out how TATA AIG offers these benefits and a few more.

Getting motor insurance from TATA AIG will ensure that all your requirements are met. 

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1. Does TATA AIG offer a no-claim bonus, and will it lower my premiums?

If you are careful with your two-wheeler, you won’t need to file claims. For not filing claims for a whole year, bike insurance companies like TATA AIG reward their customers with a discount on the annual premium known as the "no claim bonus" (NCB). This is the easiest way to keep your insurance premiums low.

2. What are add-ons? How can the add-ons offered by TATA AIG benefit me?

Add-ons are benefits that your bike insurance company offers you with a nominal extra charge over and above your essential premium value. You can get up to eight add-ons from TATA-AIG. Choose all eight or those that suit your needs the best.

An engine or tyre damage cover is probably a good idea if you have an old vehicle. So, if you choose your add-ons carefully, you can benefit greatly from TATA AIG's add-ons.

3. Does TATA AIG offer zero depreciation insurance add-on cover for bikes?

Yes. TATA AIG offers zero depreciation as an add-on cover. This prevents you from being charged for depreciation at the time of a claim.

4. Is the claim process of TATA AIG cashless?

To make claims quick and easy, TATA AIG offers cashless claims. As a result, the company has a series of network garages where you can get your bike repaired without paying in cash.

5. What is the best bike insurance offered by TATA AIG and why?

The best bike insurance you can buy from TATA AIG is comprehensive. You get comprehensive coverage for your bike, including third-party coverage. Comprehensive insurance by TATA AIG also offers additional benefits like personal accident cover and add-on features like roadside assistance and zero depreciation cover.

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