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Lost Your Bike Insurance Policy Documents? Here is How You Can Get Them

25 July 2022, 5:51 PM

Your two-wheeler insurance policy documents are very important, and you should know how to procure them when needed. If you've misplaced your motorcycle insurance documents, don't worry, you're not alone! Many people lose their documents every year, but we understand that it can be stressful if you do not know what to do next. You can take simple steps to get your policy back in order.

What Should You Do If You've Misplaced Your Bike Insurance Policy?

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a two-wheeler insurance policy is compulsory and should be kept in the vehicle at all times. Since it contains your bike's registration and insurance information, the document is essential if there is an accident or a theft. Any traffic police officer can stop and ask you for the vehicle documents at anytime. Hence, it's better to have them with you. 

Moreover, in case of an accident or theft, you can be fined if you don't have your policy. Additionally, your bike insurance company may even cancel your policy. Hence, getting an original copy of your bike insurance policy is important so that you are prepared in case something happens.

If you can't find your documents, here's what to do:

  • You need to visit your local police station to file a police report.
  • Send an authenticated copy of the FIR to your insurance company.
  • Send in a request for a replica of your insurance policy.
  • Place an ad in the paper to give an alarm call.

To maintain the profitability of your bike insurance, be sure to obtain an indemnity bond. Let's look at these steps in more detail. 

Steps to Get Duplicate Insurance Policy Documents

A policy document is required at several stages of your bike insurance policy, such as renewal, claims, policy modifications, etc. Losing it means you will need to get a duplicate copy of it to get benefits. Here are the steps for getting a duplicate copy of the insurance policy document.

File an FIR

If you lose your two-wheeler insurance policy document, you should first file an FIR with the police. It will help you get a new set of documents issued. In addition, it will also help prevent any legal issues that may arise if someone tries to misuse your lost documents by making some unfair changes to the same. 

Along with your policy number, you must include what kind of insurance you have and whether there are any bike insurance add-ons or riders. After filing a police report, you must fill out an application to obtain a copy of the FIR. 

Submit an Application

Next, inform your insurer in writing that you want a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy and identify the coverage details, including the policy number, kind, and date of issue. You'll need to produce a copy of the FIR if you and another policyholder have shared coverage.

 It's best to inform your insurer within 15 days of losing your policy documents. In case of loss, you must furnish proof of posting (if sent by post) or a certificate stating that you have made an oral report about its loss (if lost in transit). Check with your insurance company if you can download a duplicate copy from its website.

Place an Ad in the Newspaper

Placing an ad in the newspaper is one of the most effective ways to reach many people. Make sure to include all the relevant information, such as your contact information and a brief description of what you're looking for. You may also want to offer a reward for the return of your documents.

If you lose your bike insurance policy papers, it is mandatory by law to place an ad in a major local newspaper. When publishing the advertisement, ensure you have the following information: 

  • The name of the policyholder.
  • Company name (ex. Toyota Insurance Company).
  • Policy number.
  • Registration number of the rider on the tandem bike.

Paying for advertising would be your responsibility, but following its publication, you must also send the ad to the insurer.

What is an Indemnity Bond?

An indemnity bond is a legal document that protects an individual or business from financial loss due to another party's actions. If you have lost your two-wheeler insurance policy documents, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to get a replacement copy of the bond. The process of getting a new bond may vary depending on the insurer, but it is generally not a difficult process.


You must have a bike insurance policy even if you don't have your documents. The best thing to do is reach out to your insurance company and see if it can provide you with a duplicate set of documents. In the meantime, continue to make your payments on time and keep up with your policy.

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1. What is the best way to get a copy of my insurance?

You can call the insurance company on its toll-free number or email it to get a duplicate copy of your motorcycle insurance policy. You need to tell the company about the loss of your policy as soon as possible so they can begin the process of issuing a new copy of your policy.

2. Is an FIR necessary when applying for duplicate insurance policy documents?

Yes. A copy of the FIR filed at your nearest police station needs to be attached to your application for the issuance of your duplicate insurance policy documents. 

3. What is a bike's vehicle identification number (VIN)?

A motorcycle's chassis number is the last six digits of the vehicle identification number. Hence, VINs and chassis numbers are often used interchangeably.

4. What's the quickest way to determine if my insurance is active?

  1. Visit the VAHAN e-Services website.
  2. Click on the 'know your vehicle' button from the top navigation bar.
  3. Type in the verification code.
  4. After clicking on 'search vehicle', you will be directed to the required page.

When you view the vehicle's expiry date and other details on this app, you can see the date when its insurance will expire.

5. Is askMID being used by the police?

Yes, it is! With this, it is easy for authorities to check whether a vehicle is registered with an insurer.

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