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Lost Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Papers? Here's How You Can Get a Duplicate Copy

By Vikas Chandra Das
20 September 2022, 11:39 AM

Every bike owner knows the importance of their two-wheeler vehicle insurance, and losing the policy document is the worst nightmare for everyone. Insurance policy requires great care due to its legal and personal importance, but misplacement, loss, or theft of the policy paper are also very common. You may unlock legal and personal losses if you do not have your bike insurance policy documents. 

As we all know, having a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory by Indian law; thus, if you do not have the document, you can be punished in the form of a fine, prison, or both. On the other hand, if you do not have policy documents at the time of a mishap, you cannot raise the claim and also cannot get financial assistance from the insurer.

Therefore, it is crucial to always have motor insurance policy papers with you. And if you lost them, you can get a duplicate copy by following the ways mentioned in this article. So let's unfold the steps to getting a duplicate copy of the bike insurance policy online and offline.  

What to Do if I Lose My Bike Insurance Policy Documents?

When you get to know that you lost or misplaced your bike insurance policy, you do not have to panic, stay calm and follow the below steps: 

  • Searching for one time and one place is not enough, so search thoroughly every corner of your house, office, or other areas. It will help you to escape unnecessary trouble or file a false alarm for papers.
  • Still, if you do not find your bike insurance policy, it's strictly instructed not to use your vehicle until you get the original or copy of the insurance policy.
  • Inform your insurer and apply for a duplicate copy of your insurance policy documents. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a duplicate copy of the policy online.

Ways to Download a Copy of Two-wheeler Insurance Online

If you buy your two-wheeler insurance policy online, it will be easier and more seamless to get the duplicate copy compared to purchasing the insurance policy offline. Anyway, you can follow the below points to get a duplicate copy of your insurance documents: 

  • Open the official website of your insurance provider.
  • Select your insurance type.
  • After that, enter all the details of your comprehensive or third-party bike insurance policy, like policy number and more.
  • If the website asks for profile verification, verify it.
  • After that, you will get your policy paper, inspect, download, or print your two-wheeler insurance policy.

However, if you have purchased your policy online, the company must have offered you a soft copy of the documents to your email address as mentioned in the policy details. You can use this soft copy for filing the claim if you've lost the paper. 

Ways to Get a Duplicate Copy of Bike Insurance Offline 

Apart from applying for a duplicate copy of the bike insurance policy online, you can also follow offline procedures. However, the process may vary according to various bike insurance companies. So here are the steps you can follow to get a copy of your policy paper. 

Notify Your Insurance Provider 

The initial step to getting a duplicate copy is to notify your insurance provider. You can directly call the insurer or text them about the issue.

File an FIR 

Some companies may demand you to file an FIR to get a duplicate copy of the insurance documents. So, visit your area police station and file the FIR regarding the loss of your insurance policy. 

Publish in Newspaper  

Some companies also demand you to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper regarding the loss of your policy document. Thus, you have to post an ad and specify your details like name, contact, address, etc., so it will help the other person to find you if they get your policy paper. 

Indemnity Bond 

Lastly, you need to sign an indemnity bond other than judicial stamp paper to get your bike insurance policy duplicate documents. You must mention the witness's full name and signature and submit it to the insurance provider. 

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Is a Hard Copy of the Insurance Policy Crucial?

As per Indian Motor Tariff Act, all the vehicles running on Indian streets must have their third-party bike insurance, and without the insurance policy, the police can punish a person for their actions. The punishment for that person can be a fine of around INR 2000 and or imprisonment for about 3 months. Hence, a bike insurance policy is significant for every bike owner.

However, to offer more convenience to the bike owner, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) introduced the e-Vahan Bima application for carrying the policy documents. This application allows bike owners to take a soft copy of their insurance policy instead of a hard copy. This application has a QR code containing all the insurance policy details, and the police officer only has to scan the QR code to verify the policy. 

If you do not have any hard copy or purchase the policy online, you can download the policy document in the form of a PDF from your insurance provider's website and take a printout of the document.  


If you lose your bike insurance policy papers, you need to immediately contact your insurer to get a copy of the documents. You should follow all the steps mentioned in this article to get a copy of your policy documents online or offline.

If you are looking for the best way to pay the insurance premium, you can contact Paytm Insurance. They are the one-stop solution for your bike insurance needs; you can compare bike insurance policies from different companies, check prices, and get versatile transaction options, quick payment, and seamless procedures within a few minutes. 

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1. Can I get a copy of my lost motor insurance online?

Yes, you can get a duplicate copy of your insurance policy. You need to visit the insurer's website and select your insurance type. Enter basic details of the policy, and verify your profile. After that, you will get your insurance policy which you can download or print.   

2. How to download a copy of a bike insurance certificate?

You can easily download a copy of your insurance policy via an online portal. Moreover, you can also download a copy from your insurance provider's official website by entering your policy's basic information. 

3. How can I find my two-wheeler insurance policy details?

To check your two-wheeler insurance policy details, you can visit the official website of the State Transport Department and fill up the vehicle details to get the insurance details online. Moreover, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' website Parivahan can also help you to get information regarding your vehicle insurance policy. 

4. How can I find my bike insurance policy number?

You can find your bike insurance policy number with the help of telephonic assistance, policy documents, via vehicle number, by visiting your insurance provider branch, Insurance Information Bureau (IIB), with an agent, mobile app, or website. 

5. How can I check if my bike insurance policy is valid?

To know your bike insurance's validity, visit the VAHAN portal and select "Know your vehicle details." Enter vehicle details and verification code on the next page, then click on 'Search Vehicle'. After that, you will navigate to another page where you can get the details of your vehicle along with the expiry date of your bike insurance policy.  



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