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Number of Claims in Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

By Juhi Walia
29 September 2022, 11:16 AM

Riding a bike has a different craze in India, especially among youngsters. The Indian population must use a bike daily and multiple times daily. In India, the total sales of two-wheeler reached 13.47 million units in the 21-22 financial year. 

Due to frequent uses and unforeseen instances, damage and losses quantum has been increased nowadays. For this reason, we need to do our bike insurance regularly.  

There is no limitation on claim numbers to be raised in a year for two-wheelers insurance in India.

Why is Two-wheeler Vehicle Insurance Necessary?

Two-wheeler vehicle insurance will help you in case of complete damage to the vehicle. In India, bike insurance companies generally cover the below kinds of losses:

  1. Theft
  2. Damages happened due to accidents
  3. The vehicle was lost due to fire, explosion, riots, and other natural calamities
  4. Third-party financial liabilities are also covered

Types of Vehicle Insurance

There are three types of insurance available for two-wheelers. These are-

  • Third-party Insurance- In this 3rd party bike insurance, you insure yourself. Suppose the policyholder faces an accident, then the other party with whom the accident happened. In that case, this policy will cover the damages of that third-party, which is compulsory in India to take this insurance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance- Comprehensive bike insurance not only covers the damages or losses of yours but also of the third party too.  

How Many Claims can be Raised in a Two-wheeler Insurance Scheme in India?

Multiple claims are not restricted to two-wheeler vehicle insurance in India. It is always advisable for the claimant not to raise more claims in a year, as this will cost them more in other ways, which we will discuss in detail below. 

What are the Adverse Effects of Raising Insurance Claims Frequently in a Year?

Some benefits will be lost if you raise an insurance claim multiple times a year. These are:

  • You will lose a bonus that is allowed to the policyholder if they don't raise any claim during a year. Generally, insurance companies give this discount at the time of two-wheeler insurance renewal time. This benefit is called NCB (NO Claim Bonus). Think wisely before raising a claim for minor damage repairs. You should analyse a cost-benefit before raising a claim to get the maximum benefit. 
  • There is a high probability that the insurance company may increase your premium for subsequent bike insurance renewal if you raise multiple claims within a year.
  • Zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance add-on cover limit can decrease the number of claims the policyholder can raise in a year.
  • Making a small repair claim makes you pay the deductible amount out of pocket. For example, if your policy allows a deductible of 2000, and your claim is 4000, the insurer will pay only 2000. Your accumulated NCB also will be lost.

Procedures to Claim Under a Two-wheeler Insurance Policy in Case of an Accident:

Step 1: Contact your insurance company in case your bike faces an accident or is damaged.

Step 2: They will send an authorised representative to measure the damages caused. After proper verification, your claim will be registered, and after that, you will be allotted a registration number by the company. 

Step 3: Repair your bikes at any garage you want, but keep all the bills with you properly. You will be allowed reimbursement from the insurance company based on these bills. Under a cashless facility, the company will not pay you any cash reimbursement. Instead, You need to inform the company, and an insurance company will get your repair done at their cost in nearby garages. 

Step 4: In case of theft, accident of your bikes, and damage to the third party due to accident, FIR filing is mandatory at the police station nearby. 

Procedures to Claim Under a Two-wheeler Insurance Policy in Case of a Bike Being Stolen:

Step 1: First thing you need to do is lodge an FIR in the nearby police station. 

Step 2: Submit your keys to the police officer.

Step 3: Apply in RTO for RTO transfer paper with forms 28, 29, 30 and 31.

Step 4: Apply and collect the NO trace report from the police station. 

Step 5: Submit the necessary documents to the insurance company with the abovementioned reports.

Step 6: If an insurance company cannot find your vehicle within 90 days from the theft date, they will calculate the Insured declared value (IDV). 

Documents Necessary for Claiming Bike Insurance:

Some documents may be asked for by bike insurance companies to process bike insurance claims. These documents are mentioned below:

  1. Form for insurance claim
  2. Bike RC documents
  3. Tax receipts
  4. DL (Driving licence)
  5. Policy documents
  6. FIR copies, if any
  7. Bills of repairs
  8. Estimates for repair
  9. For non-cash settlement, provide a cancelled cheque


In India, you will find the best bike insurance companies providing seamless and adequate claim compensation for two-wheeler insurance policies. You can take HDFC bike insurance and ICICI Lombard motor insurance for a smooth claim processing experience.

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1. What is the maximum coverage allowed in case of a personal accident cover in a two-wheeler insurance policy?

In case of death, injuries, or disability due to an accident of the policyholder, IRDAI fixes the maximum coverage of INR 15 lakhs only under the two-wheeler insurance policy.  

2. What are the instances where FIR is mandatory for raising a claim under a bike insurance policy?

Under a bike insurance policy, there are few instances where an FIR copy from a nearby police station is mandatory, such as raising a claim for third-party damage, injuries, or death.

3. Does a copy of the registration certificate mandatory to place a claim under two-wheeler insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance claims can be raised without a copy of RC (Registration Certificate) only in case of new bikes purchased for less than 3 months. All you need to do is give them tax receipts and an invoice for the bike purchase. 

4. What is the difference between a non-cashless claim and a cashless claim under a bike insurance policy?

If you opt for a cashless claim, your insurance company will pay the vehicle's repair charges directly to the garage. Reimbursement is not allowed in this case.

If you opt non-cashless claim, you need to incur all expenses of repairs in your preferred garage and make sure to collect all original bills and evidence. After a survey by the surveyor, your incurred expenses will be reimbursed.

5. What is the ideal time to apply for a two-wheeler insurance claim?

Reporting the claim within 24 hours is advisable, so the insurance company can start its process faster.

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