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Pillion Rider Insurance Cover - A Complete Guide

19 July 2022, 2:50 PM

Bike insurance protects expensive bikes, individuals, and third parties who might suffer damage to property or bodily harm on the road. Two-wheeler insurance policies continue to evolve based on necessity, changes in society, and regulatory requirements mandated by law, with coverage for pillion riders being one such innovation off-late.

Pillion riders are pretty common in India and are at a higher risk of bodily harm from accidents than the primary riders. Despite this, there is very little understanding regarding the insurance coverage for pillion riders.

Realizing the glaring importance of covering pillion riders, the insurance board has made it mandatory for their injuries to be covered under third-party bike insurance. With the third-party cover being mandatory for all vehicles that traverse Indian roads, pillion riders generally are covered with a substantial sum in case of hospitalizations and compensation for next of kin in case of death.

In this article, we dive into the various inclusions, exclusions, and coverage that pillion riders can expect under general third-party insurance coverage.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Pillion Riders

  1. As mentioned above, pillion riders are covered under third-party insurance made mandatory by the government. In case of injuries sustained due to accidents, the pillion rider can claim compensation up to INR 300,000; in the case of death, the next of kin can seek compensation to the tune of INR 500,000. Third-party insurance also includes an additional INR 10,000 for ferrying injured persons to the hospital in an accident. This also covers the pillion rider and other third parties.
  2. However, suppose a third party, apart from the motorbike rider and pillion rider, suffers an injury from the accident. In that case, the pillion rider will not be able to claim compensation for the accident. In this case, the pillion rider is considered the first party, and emphasis is laid on compensating the third party, who is considered the actual victim of the accident.
  3. If more than two persons ride on a motorbike at the time of the accident, the third person will not be covered by the motor insurance. While riding triples is an offence, unless it contributes to the negligence or is determined to be the cause of the accident, the insurer is still liable to pay, albeit not for the second pillion rider. Again, in the case of third-party damage or injury, the primary and pillion rider cannot make compensation claims.
  4. Suppose the injured pillion rider’s treatment is conducted in a foreign country. In that case, the insurer must be notified of the same within the prescribed time, usually a week, for the claim and compensation to be valid. This term differs across bike insurance companies and service providers, and individual policy terms, so it is recommended that policyholders go through the same for a better understanding.

A third-party bike insurance plan does cover pillion riders. But getting them covered through this policy has shortcomings too. So, it is advised to purchase a pillion rider add-on with a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

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While pillion riders are already insured under third-party cover, most insurance services provide an add-on for passengers and pillion riders, which is a great deal if you constantly ride with a pillion rider, whether it's your wife, friend or any relative. 

You can include the pillion rider cover as an bike insurance add-on while purchasing your bike insurance. It is recommended to use comparison sites such as Paytm Insurance to find the best deals and prices, which should include details regarding the terms and any add-ons.

Keep in mind that pillion riders might lose their coverage if in case there is another external third party who suffers damage or bodily harm in an accident. This makes pillion rider cover all the more essential for regular bike users in India.

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Mishaps and uncertainties are part and parcel of riding on Indian roads. This is especially true for pillion riders, who, according to many studies, are at a substantially higher risk of injuries and fatalities than motorbike riders. 

You can do all that to avoid any mishaps or minimize the impact if there are any. However, buying a comprehensive policy that covers pillion riders and third party is crucial.

Pillion riders who are often not directly responsible for any accidents will be covered for injuries and even deaths, giving peace of mind to both you and the person accompanying you on your bike.

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1. What is a motorcycle pillion cover?

Pillion cover is a mandatory part of all third-party two-wheeler insurance policies. It covers pillion riders regarding injuries incurred during an accident or even compensation to the next of kin in the instance of death.

2. Can a pillion rider claim insurance?

Yes, a pillion rider can claim compensation for any injuries incurred due to an accident, up to INR 300,000. 

3. How much compensation can pillion riders claim in the event of a death?

In the event of a death, the pillion rider’s next of kin can claim compensation of up to INR 500,000.

4. Which bike insurance policies cover the pillion rider?

As per the law, all third-party insurance policies have to cover the pillion rider in the case of an accident unless another third party is involved. In this case, the motorbike and pillion riders cannot make any claims from their end. Pillion rider cover is also available with a comprehensive plan.

5. Is a pillion rider considered the third party?

Yes, per the latest ruling, a pillion rider is considered a third party by not being the insurer, or the insured, making insurance companies liable to pay compensation to the pillion rider. However, if your bike goes on to hit someone else on the road, the pillion rider won't be the third party then. And so, the pillion rider can't be compensated in that case.

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