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5 Must-have Add-on Riders for Your Bike Insurance

14 July 2022, 11:30 AM

For comprehensive protection, bike owners often opt for comprehensive insurance policies that cover third-party claims as well as secure themselves and their bikes in case of damage or loss. But even these policies do not cover some that you may unpredictably come across on the road. Mind you, that can be monetarily burdensome. Several bike insurance add-on covers shield you from any unforeseen event. Here, you can glance through them and make an informed decision about expanding your coverage.

5 Must-have Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

1. Zero Depreciation Cover Add-on

Depreciation factors in the wear and tear of your bike due to regular usage over time. This impacts the cost of spares for the insured bike. At the time of claim settlement, the two-wheeler insurance company will deduct the amount equivalent to the depreciation value from the final repair invoice.

If you have paid for the two wheeler zero depreciation cover add-on, you can get benefits including -

  • No deduction on account of depreciation of spares’ value owing to the time factor.
  • Complete reimbursement of the cost of components replaced during repair work after an accident.
  • Additional payment need not be made by the insured from his pocket.

While opting for this add-on, you must check the number of zero depreciation claims allowed during the policy term. Normally, two claims are allowed. However, some two-wheeler insurance companies, to stay ahead of the competition, can allow unlimited claims during the policy period.

2. Roadside Assistance Add-on

If your bike suffers a breakdown suddenly on the road and you can’t spot any source of assistance nearby, you may get frustrated. At this time, the roadside assistance add-on can prove to be valuable.

You must opt for this add-on if -

  • You go for long rides too often.
  • You recently purchased a bike and don’t want to get stranded midway.
  • You are not well-versed in carrying out minor repairs.

The benefits of the two wheeler roadside assistance add-on cover are many.

  • You can get this service 24X7 in case of any emergency.
  • The professional technician will reach the site of the bike’s failure quickly once you make a distress call.
  • Your bike will be hauled to the nearest service centre if it cannot be restored to normalcy at the site.

Some of the stellar features of this add-on are:

  • The flat or punctured tyre will be replaced at the roadside if you are not conversant with the tyre changing process or if a spare tyre is not readily available.
  • The bike will be towed by the technician’s towing truck if it needs additional repair.
  • Professional assistance will be provided over the phone or through video calling by a technician, in case of a minor problem, to help restart your bike.
  • Fuel will be supplied to your bike at the spot if you have run out of the same.
  • If you have lost or misplaced the keys, you will get a substitute bike key.
  • If the bike has stopped functioning at a spot far away from your home, you can get accommodation and travel facilities under this add-on cover.

3. Engine Protection Cover Add-on

Two-wheeler engine protection  add-on covers the cost incurred on repairing the damaged engine of your bike. You can claim insurance compensation if -

  • Water inrush causes damage to engine components
  • Lubricant leakage coagulates engine parts, causing malfunction
  • Gearbox or differential spares get damaged
  • A seizure happens when you try starting a wet engine

It is important to note the conditions under which you cannot claim reimbursement by invoking this add-on. These have been outlined below.

  • Normal wear and tear-induced damage.
  • A damaged engine is repaired without informing the insurer, or a delay happens in intimating them.
  • Engine or gearbox parts get corroded or lost due to intimation delay.
  • Delay in bike retrieval from watery area mandates repairing or replacing of engine’s internal parts.
  • An accident happens when the rider is intoxicated, engaging in racing with others, or does not have a valid driving license.
  • Engine’s complete replacement.

You should opt for this add-on cover if -

  • You stay in a region where floods, heavy rainfall or water-inundated roads are common.
  • You own a high-end bike whose engine parts are costly.

4. Return to Invoice (RTI) Add-on Cover

Two Wheeler Return to Invoice (RTI) Add-on Cover offers complete reimbursement of your bike’s showroom price in the event of theft or complete loss. Even for an aging motorcycle, you will get a sum much higher than the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

Some of the advantages of this add-on are:

  • The invoice value of your bike will be reimbursed without deduction of depreciation when the bike is stolen.
  • If the bike is damaged beyond repair, you can purchase the same or a similar bike model after claiming reimbursement of the showroom price of your damaged bike.

Look to buy this cover if -

  • You have purchased a new bike and want to enjoy peace of mind.
  • You own an expensive bike and can’t afford to lose it.
  • You live in a theft-prone area.
  • You travel extensively on the road and want to insulate your wallet against expenses incurred due to collision or accident-induced damages.

5. Pillion Protection Rider

If a pillion frequently rides with you, it is best to opt for this add-on. You can claim reimbursement if -

  • A pillion rider sustains injuries in an accident and needs extensive medical care.
  • A pillion rider dies in an accident or becomes permanently/ partially disabled

You will not need to compensate the pillion rider when having this rider.


Add-ons enhance the coverage potential of standard bike insurance policies. You must opt for them if you feel that the monetary expenses incurred in the event of an unfortunate incident can take a toll on your finances. Visit Paytm Insurance to know more about the add-on covers.  

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1. How does the zero depreciation cover add-on work?

During the claim reimbursement process, the insurer won't deduct depreciation in spares' costs. As a result, you could get the full claim amount minus the compulsory deductible.

2. Is the roadside assistance add-on beneficial?

Yes, you can avail of this service 24X7 in the event of your bike’s failure at any location where technical assistance is not readily available. The add-on safeguards you from unforeseen problems like an empty tank, lost keys, flat tyres, and complete breakdown calling for towing.

3. Which bike insurance add-on cover is suitable for me if I live in an area where bike thefts are commonplace?

The return to Invoice add-on will be the best for bike thefts.

4. To whom will the engine protection add-on benefit the most?

The engine protection add-on is highly beneficial for those living in areas where flooding occurs or where the streets frequently get waterlogged after heavy rainfall.

5. If the pillion rider dies in an accident, how can I compensate him/her?

You can opt for the pillion protection add-on rider for the same.

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