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Reasons You Should Consider New India Assurance for Your Bike Insurance Policy

By Juhi Walia
13 October 2022, 1:22 PM

New India Assurance is one of the country's most established bike insurance providers. You will get a compressive cover for your bike from the company at an affordable price. The policy coverage shields your bike against theft, physical damage, and third-party liability. Some of the third-party liabilities that New India Assurance covers include third-party injuries, death vehicle & property damage. The New India bike insurance policy covers property damage to a third party up to INR 7.5 lakh.

If you are an owner-driver with an insurance policy from New India Assurance, you will get a lump sum in case of a permanent disability due to an accident. The personal accident cover from New India Assurance also offers cover based on the injuries you experience in the case of an accident. New India Assurance will give 100% compensation if an accident claims the insurer's life.

Consider getting your bike insurance services at New India, which meets all your insurance needs. Whether you lose your bike due to man-made or natural calamities, your losses are taken care of by the New India Assurance. Here are multiple benefits of insuring your motorcycle with New India Assurance.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Policy from New India Assurance

1.  Quick & Guaranteed Claim Settlement

When looking for a bike insurance policy provider, choose the one with a good claim settlement ratio. New India Assurance Company has an impressive claim settlement track record. The company boasts an extensive network of cashless garages. That makes it easy to access claim settlement. With a more than 89% claim settlement ratio, you are assured of getting assistance from new India insurance. Remember, a higher claim settlement ratio indicates a better bike insurance company.

The New India Assurance settles your claim as fast as possible. Do you need motorbike repair after an accident? Or has your bike been stolen? The company has a network of garages where you can get assistance. Begin the claim process by informing the company about theft or accident when the incident occurs.

Once you make claim intimation, your claim is registered. The New India Assurance customer support will contact you and provide a claim reference number. You will also receive any necessary information and instructions from customer care.

When your claim is fully registered, the bike insurance company surveys to assess the level of loss or damage. And the insurance company will make the final claim settlement. You must submit necessary documents like a driving licence, filled claim form, or estimated repair documents. When seeking repair, you can access claim services at recommended cashless workshops.

But what if you don't find any recommended network garage nearby? If that's the case, the company allows you to apply for claim reimbursement. Makes sure you inform the New India Assurance Company for claim registration and assessment first.

2.  Easy Access to Nearby Network of Cashless Workshops

Your motorbike needs regular repair or maintenance services, which can be costly. Many bike insurance companies tie up with nearby two-wheeler garages for easy access to insurance services. But when your bike insurance allows cashless claims, you go for repair to their nearby garage without paying extra cash. The New India Assurance has network workshops to settle cashless claims.

You will enjoy lots of convenience from the New India Assurance company. When you need some bike repairs or maintenance work, you won't have to worry about where to take your bike. Many nearby trusted garages work with insurance and offer quality services.

3.  Offer 24/7 Claim Assistance

Are you shopping for two-wheeler insurance? All-time assistance is among the factors you should consider. The New India Assurance works with a team of dedicated claim handlers. That means your claim processing takes place within the shortest time possible.

Do you depend on a bike for daily commuting? You need faster repair or replacement after an accident. Therefore, you should contact your bike insurance policy provider soonest possible. A company with 24/7 claim assistance saves you time and cost.

Can you imagine looking for alternative means of transport after your bike breaks down? You incur unnecessary costs when your insurance company doesn't respond on time. But with the New India Assurance, you will get claim assistance anytime and any day.

4.  No Claim Bonus

Bike's tear and wear are more if you ride a lot. But if you don't use your motorcycle often, you can go without major repairs or replacing bike parts for a year. Saving on bike insurance costs saves you cash to meet other financial needs.

Some bike insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus, which saves you insurance costs. You will get a no-claim bonus from 20% to 50% at the New India Assurance. But that depends on how long you go without making a claim. In addition, you enjoy the no-claim benefits when renewing your insurance policy.

Remember, any bike insurance claim you make disables the no-claim bonus. So, you can refrain from claiming unless damage on your bike or your injury is significant. You must also maintain a timely bike insurance policy renewal to keep your no-claim bonus intact.

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5.  Quality Customer Services

How are the customer care services of a given bike insurance company? The quality of customer care services is essential when shopping for an insurance policy. You can check reviews online about insurance companies before deciding on their policy.

You should choose a two-wheeler insurance company with quality pre-sale and post-sale customer services. The New India Assurance company has qualified staff to help resolve any queries and problems linked to your insurance. You can reach customer care any time you require assistance.

6.  Multiple Bike Insurance Add-ons

Bike insurance add-on covers offer you more protection. The New India Assurance company allows you to purchase several adds-on, which include loss or damage to accessories cover and additional towing expenses. These add-ons from the New India Assurance Company offer extra layer of protection to your policy and can be purchased with a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

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1. What does the New India Assurance bike insurance cover?

The third-party bike insurance policy offered by the company covers third-party liabilities. On the other hand, a standalone policy protects your bike from fire, theft, vandalism, or damage from an accident.

2. Will I get no claim benefits from the New India Assurance Company?

Yes. When you don't claim within the policy term, the company offers NCBs to the policyholder.

3. How do I claim bike insurance from New India Assurance Company?

You can intimate a claim by calling customer care or visiting the network of garages linked to the company.

4. Does the New India Assurance Company offer a bike insurance add-on?

Yes, you will get several adds-on from the New India Assurance. 

5. Do I have to pay for the New India Assurance add-on?

Yes. But you can negotiate to pay a little cost for the bike insurance add-on from the company.

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