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Say No to These Mistakes When Renewing Your Bike Insurance Policy Online

By Juhi Walia
28 July 2022, 3:14 PM

Bike owners need to renew their vehicle insurance policies on or before the expiry date. However, for someone doing that for the first time and through offline mode, it can be no less than a daunting task. To avoid this, it is best to renew two-wheeler insurance online. You can renew within a few minutes online.

Completing the process of two-wheeler insurance renewal online is far less time-consuming and yields quicker results. By providing a few basic details about the vehicle, one can complete the process of two-wheeler insurance renewal in no time. Yet, the lack of complete knowledge about bike insurance renewal online might make some people commit errors.

Let us look at some of these errors you should avoid when renewing your bike insurance policy online.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Bike Insurance Online

Not knowing the fundamentals of a bike insurance policy can make you err on renewal. Even though you may be getting your policy from the best bike insurance company, here are some mistakes you must avoid.

Not Taking the Benefit of Your NCB Discount

A no-claim bonus is awarded to the insured when renewing motor insurance. This benefit is available only when no claims against the insured vehicle have been raised during the preceding policy period.

You can claim the discount by renewing the policy either on the due date or within 90 days of its expiration. Failing to do so would make you lose the accumulated discount. To avoid losing out on discounts, renew bike insurance online. Else if you like to do it using the traditional way, you can always falter in this fast-paced life and end up losing your accumulated benefits.

Not Opting for Multi-year Plans

Most third-party bike insurance providers offer the option to select two-year or three-year insurance plans. By opting for these plans, it is possible to save some bucks while making payments of premium amounts. Whether you renew third-party bike insurance online or comprehensive bike insurance, a multi-year plan is beneficial for saving money in all cases.

Not Choosing the IDV Properly

People, with a view to decreasing their premiums, often choose bike insurance with a lower IDV only to defeat the very purpose of their insurance policies. Although the premium amount payable for the policy may rise by selecting a high IDV, it also provides maximum coverage, making it worth the money spent.

Failing to Understand Add-on Requirements

Most policies come with a host of bike insurance add-on options to ensure that the insured gets maximum policy benefits. When renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy, it is possible to ignore them completely for fear of increased premium costs. In reality, these add-ons can be very helpful in saving the insured financially. It is best to assess the vehicle's requirements before renewing the policy.

Failure to Purchase Personal Accident Cover

To comply with the applicable rules and regulations in India, it is a must to purchase a personal accident cover. You can get a cover amount worth INR 15 Lakh. When considering bike insurance companies for two-wheeler insurance, one must not ignore such cover. 

Skipping Details About Vehicle Modifications 

When an insured plans to buy two-wheeler insurance from any company, it is necessary to furnish details about any modifications made to the vehicle when renewing the policy. The probability of a bike insurance claim getting rejected is high if you don't inform the insurer about modifications.

Furnishing Incorrect or Incomplete Details

One of the most common mistakes when renewing bike insurance is filling out wrong information or skipping certain details. It is important to pay attention while providing details such as the registration number of the vehicle, year of purchase of the vehicle, and any previous details of the policy.

If any of these details are incorrect or missing, there is a high chance that the policy may be rendered invalid. Thus, the insured must provide accurate and complete details to obtain the policy.

Failing to Renew the Policy Before its Expiry

Even if one takes the best bike insurance, it may be of no use if it expires and is not renewed. Not renewing the policy leaves the vehicle uninsured. In this period, the insured will suffer heavy losses if any mishap occurs. Also, the insured may miss out on the no-claim bonus benefit if the policy is not renewed even within 90 days of its expiry.


Renewing a bike insurance policy is a very easy process. However, it is possible that one may make any one of the mistakes mentioned above. It is thus necessary to stay informed when renewing a policy and make the most of policy benefits.

At Paytm Insurance, it is possible to get complete assistance, not only when taking the policy but also when renewing the same. All that is made possible with expert advisories on the platform.

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1. Is there a need to furnish any details when renewing a two-wheeler policy?

Yes, you need to enter your policy number, vehicle registration number, etc, to renew your policy.

2. How can I choose the IDV of my two-wheeler policy?

When submitting the vehicle details, you can view the price quotes for different plans. You will get the option to select the insured value at this point when renewing the policy.

3. Do I always get personal accident cover with my bike insurance policy?

Personal accident cover is not included with a two-wheeler insurance policy, and you need to choose it as an add-on with this policy.

4. Does my bike insurance renew automatically on the expiry date?

No, you will need to renew it personally online or offline. 

5. Which type of insurance is compulsory for a two-wheeled vehicle?

In India, having a third-party liability two-wheeler insurance policy is compulsory for vehicle owners. 

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