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SBI Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan Explained

19 July 2022, 2:26 PM

If the two-wheeler is a pride and pleasure for us, ensuring its safety must be your top priority. As a result, we must get a two-wheeler insurance policy that provides multi-layered protection. Only a comprehensive bike insurance plan can give us that multi-layered protection against our two-wheeler. It is offered by numerous insurers such as SBI General Insurance. SBI comprehensive bike insurance plan is comprehensive in the truest sense by offering you 360-degree protection against unforeseen events.

SBI Bike Insurance

SBI has been the household name for banking and insurance services. SBI made a joint venture with the Insurance Australia Group (IAG) in 2009 and became a general Insurance company. SBI offers various insurance plans that you can compare and choose the one for your two-wheeler. 

SBI comprehensive bike insurance plan covers third-party losses caused by your vehicle, accidental damages, theft, natural and man-made disasters, etc. 

SBI Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan

SBI comprehensive bike insurance plan covers the following events.

Damage Due to Natural Disasters

In the event of damage to the insured bike due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc, you will be insured under the comprehensive policy. 

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Damage Due to Man-made Disasters

In the event of artificial disasters such as fire, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc., causing damage to the insured person's bike, you will get protected under the SBI comprehensive insurance policy.

Third-party Liabilities

In the event of damage or accident caused by the insured party to the third party, the bike insurance company will provide financial help to the latter on your behalf. The insurance company will provide financial help for the third party's bodily injuries, permanent disability, death, and property damage.

For example, you hit another person's bike on the road and have caused damage to another person's bike. Since you have SBI comprehensive bike insurance, you can indirectly provide financial help for the third-party bike damages. Here, the insurance company will compensate the third party on your behalf.

What is not Covered Under SBI Insurance Plan?

SBI comprehensive insurance plan doesn't provide financial help in the following cases:

  • Damage due to wear and tear.
  • Damage because of military invasion.
  • Driving a bike without a valid license.
  • Damage caused under the influence of drugs and intoxicated.

Benefits of SBI Comprehensive Insurance Plan

Includes Add-on Covers

With SBI comprehensive insurance plans, we can choose various add-ons for bike insurance - like zero depreciation, roadside help, return to invoice, etc. Hence, the flexibility gives us many options to go with and customize our plans accordingly. 

Cover for Pillion Riders

This insurance ensures our safety and the other person riding with us. SBI's comprehensive insurance policy also covers pillion riders by paying their medical bills resulting from any mishap on the road, besides the bike driver.

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Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover is one among other benefits. The insurance holder is eligible to claim the insurance amount of up to INR 15 lakhs in case of death and injuries.

Third-party coverage 

The comprehensive policy of SBI bike insurance plan is a complete package where it ensures our damage and damage and bodily injuries to the third-party vehicle.

Other Benefits:

  • It provides our bike with the highest level of protection.
  • In the event of death or disability, compensation is provided.
  • Covers legal and financial stumbling blocks.
  • It defends our vehicle against fires.
  • Covers vehicle theft.
  • Complete protection against natural disasters.

SBI Comprehensive Insurance Plan Online

We can now have a comprehensive insurance plan online without hassle and complications. SBI is also an insurance partner that allows us to calculate the premium amount before purchasing on the site. 

Why Choose an SBI Comprehensive Plan?

Every person who wants to get bike insurance wants it to be a simple process with a few steps, and SBI insurance plans provide us with exactly that. SBI has an experienced team that will handle the process from start to finish. It ensures a smooth SBI Bike insurance claim settlement process for you.



1.  Is it mandatory by law to purchase an SBI comprehensive insurance plan?

No, as per law, only third-party bike insurance is mandatory to purchase.

2.  What are the benefits of purchasing an SBI comprehensive insurance plan?

The benefits of an SBI comprehensive insurance plan include various coverage add-ons, customized plans, and third-party liability cover.

3.  Is it necessary for us to renew your SBI bike insurance?

Yes, purchasing bike insurance is a one-time task, and you must renew it regularly.

4.  What does "zero depreciation" in bike insurance mean?

Bike insurance with zero depreciation cover means that the insurance provider will not consider depreciation on the bike or any other bike parts when calculating coverage. And if we purchase zero depreciation insurance, it insures us against the cost of the bike's depreciation by including it.

5. How to apply for the SBI comprehensive bike insurance plan?

To apply for SBI comprehensive bike insurance, visit its official website and press the 'buy online' button or dial its customer helpline number, i.e. 1800-102-1111 or by reaching out to it via email. Remember, the helpline number can change, so you can go to the insurer's website for a cross-check.

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