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Scooty Insurance Claims: How Do I Make a Claim?

By Juhi Walia
28 September 2022, 11:25 AM

All two-wheeler owners must have a bike insurance policy. You are not only protected against any repairs for your scooter or bike but also against any legal compliance issues. Unfortunate accidents can lead to steep repair costs. Your two-wheeler insurance policy can cover the cost of these repairs for your scooter—insurers who offer comprehensive scooter coverage offer this type of coverage.

Two-wheeler insurance also pays for any liabilities that may arise from repairs for your scooter. In addition, it is possible to claim compensation through third-party bike insurance for an accident that injures or damages a third party.

An overview of how to file a scooter or bike insurance claim can be found in this article.

The insurance company can request compensation for repairs to the scooter or injuries or damages caused to third parties. In the following circumstances, you may be able to bring a claim:

What is the Process for Claiming Scooter Insurance?

Scooty is another name for a scooter. Using the insurance company's online platform, you can raise a claim for damages or losses incurred by your scooter easily and quickly. The claim can be initiated through the insurer's website, mobile app, or by contacting the support team. The types of claims and steps for submitting them online or through the mobile app.

Scooter Insurance Claims Types

Scooty insurance claims can be classified into two main categories.

Cashless Claim: The insurance company will pay the repair bill to your garage if your scooter is repaired at one of the network garages. The deductibles required by your policy may need to be paid by you.

Reimbursement Claim: Take your scooter to any garage of your choice, and the bike insurance company will reimburse you for the repair cost later.

Before you repair the scooter, you must inform the insurance company whether you wish to raise a claim through cashless or reimbursement methods.

What is the Process for Filing a Third-party Claim Under a Scooty Insurance Policy?

  • You should notify your insurance provider immediately in case of an accident involving a third party.
  • Bike insurance companies must be notified of the joint settlement.
  • Insurance providers stand by their customers in legal situations and calculate premiums based on a court's decision.
  • When you file a third-party claim, inform the local police department. Motor insurers are liable for injuries sustained by injured individuals and third parties, according to the Motor Vehicles Act. In such a situation, failing to inform your bike insurance companies would be a breach of conduct.

Scooter Accident: How to File a Claim?

  • You should first contact your insurance company's toll-free and ask for help filing a motor insurance claim for a scooter or two-wheeler.
  • It is imperative to notify the insurance company when severe or fatal accidents occur before the vehicles are taken off the road. The accident site would need to be inspected for your insurer to initiate legal and claim proceedings.
  • You will be provided estimated damage once your scooter has been repaired in one of the registered workshops.
  • The insurer will calculate the claim cost after completing the appropriate forms and formalities and adjust the amount accordingly.
  • Scooty registration certificates and driving licences are required to settle any claim. You would have to provide your motor insurer with proof of your licence and insurance for your vehicle.
  • The network workshop will settle your bill or reimburse you when your scooty is repaired.

Scooty Insurance Claim Process

Your vehicle policy covers any damage to the insured's bike as well as third-party liabilities. If you have an accident, here's how to file a claim. Following are the steps you need to take if you choose the cashless claim settlement method:

  • Immediately report the accident to your insurer.
  • Insurers will send a surveyor to evaluate the details on the spot.
  • The surveyor should provide you with the claim form.
  • After completing the survey, take your scooter to a cashless garage near you.
  • The insurer will pay the garage directly after verifying the survey report and bills.

If the nearest cashless garage is unavailable or you decide to go to another garage, you can settle your claim via reimbursement. A claim of this nature can be registered in the following manner.

  • Request reimbursement for the claim from your insurer after the accident.
  • Your preferred garage is the most suitable place to take the scooty.
  • Make sure the scooty is repaired and the expenses are paid off.
  • Bills for the garage should be collected.
  • The bills and claim form should be submitted to the insurer together.
  • The insurer will verify your request.
  • Once the insurer has verified your claim, you will be reimbursed for the amount.

Claim Process for Scooty Thefts

  • File an urgent police complaint to begin the process.
  • Don't forget to inform your insurance company once you have filed an FIR.
  • Please include any personal items lost on the scooter, along with the loan period, mileage, colour, model, and features.
  • Your RTO should also be notified about the theft.
  • In case your scooter is recovered by police, you should inform your insurance company so you can receive compensation for any damages done to the scooter or for any items that have been stolen.
  • The police will issue a Non-Traceable Certificate (NTC) if the scooter cannot be tracked. The NTC is critical to getting the theft claim amount.
  • Your scooter will be compensated based on its IDV or Insured Declared Value.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, bike insurance provides financial, physical, and legal coverage to customers belonging to the middle or lower-middle-income group. Furthermore, the process of filing a claim is relatively straightforward and convenient. Therefore, knowing the process of filing a claim for your insurance is critical.

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1. Can we claim two-wheeler insurance?

Two-wheelers can be repaired even in garages not part of the network. If this is the case, you must pay the repair costs and submit all invoices to your insurance company for reimbursement. Following deducting the deductibles, your insurer will reimburse you for the repair costs.

2. Can I claim insurance for bike scratches?

If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you will be able to raise a claim for scratches. Therefore, if you want to keep your bike as clean and dents-free as possible, try to keep it as clean as possible.

3. How do I claim damages from a bike accident?

If your bike is damaged in an accident or natural disaster, inform your insurer immediately. You should also file an FIR if the damage is accidental. The insurer will send a surveyor to inspect the damage once reported. The bike will be repaired once the insurer receives this information.

4. How many times can I claim bike insurance?

Your bike insurance policy allows you to make as many claims as possible. Nevertheless, avoiding filing more than one claim annually is always advisable, so your other benefits aren't affected.

5. What is not covered in two-wheeler insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance does not cover events such as drunk driving, driving without a valid licence and/or policy, normal wear & tear,etc .

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