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Reasons Why the Accident Claim of Your Bike Insurance Can be Rejected

By Juhi Walia
29 August 2022, 10:06 AM

One of the most frequent reasons for the disappointment of bike owners is the two-wheeler insurance claim being turned down. In order for policyholders to receive payment for the made claims, certain requirements and commitments must be completed. 

Due to unfamiliarity with the rules, there are many misconceptions about two-wheeler insurance products. Bike insurance policy providers face flak for rejecting payout claims. But in reality, the main reason is that the policyholder could not meet all the conditions for submitting a claim. 

It is, therefore, imperative for you to read your policy documents thoroughly and understand them well. Here are some of the reasons for a two-wheeler insurance company to reject the accident claim you filed: 

1. Providing Incomplete or Incorrect Claim Information 

Submit accurate information about the damage with sufficient evidence, such as photos or a witness, when your bike is involved in an accident. Your claim request may be turned down if there are factual errors or incomplete information provided. 

2. Late Claim Acknowledgement 

It is necessary that you file your claim as quickly as possible after the accident. To prevent having your claim request denied, be mindful of the insurer's deadline for filing a bike insurance claim

However, to ease your work, you can now submit a claim effortlessly online, have it verified through a video call, and have the claim settled immediately. Compensation may be obtained quickly and conveniently using an online claim process for two-wheeler insurance.

3. Dishonest Claims

Since insurance acts as a safety net for unexpected expenses, there is a strong probability that it will be exploited improperly to make money. As a result, insurance firms conduct in-depth investigations and verification to validate a claim submission. A claim request that is determined to be fraudulent is refused, and the policyholder may be held legally liable.

4. A Policy That has Expired  

An insurance policy only offers protection during the policy's validity. The insurance company will not consider a claim that is made under an expired policy. So, you always need to make sure to renew your bike insurance policy every year without forgetting it.

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5. Riding Intoxicated or without a Licence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited in India and will result in a penalty. If it comes to light that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or without a licence at the time of the accident, no insurance company will accept a claim.

It is strongly advised to never drive after drinking, to prevent accidents that could harm you and others and needless to say, make the insurer reject your claim application. And always have your licence with you while driving, so that your two-wheeler insurance claim is approved and to avoid facing other legal repercussions.

6. Unlawful Acts 

If your insurance provider discovers that your bike was damaged as a result of illegal conduct, such as stunt driving or bike racing, it will deny your claim.

7. Bike Modifications 

A customised bike may have a higher premium, so if you plan to change it, let your insurer know right away. If changes are made without alerting the insurer, it's probable that your claim requests may be denied if an accident occurs.

8. Using Your Personal Bike for Business

The insurance provider will not accept any claims if a personal bike is used for business. Commercial and private automobiles are covered by different insurance packages.

It’s better to register your bike as a commercial vehicle first if you want to use it for business purposes. Then, choose the appropriate insurance policy so that even if the bike insurance premium is somewhat more, the likelihood of a claim is higher.

9. If It Does not Cover Some Aspects of Your Vehicle 

Your claim request will be denied if the damage to your bike is not covered by your policy. For instance, if your bike insurance policy covers just third-party responsibility, you cannot make a claim for "own damage." Hence, It is recommended to read all the documents carefully in order to take the necessary actions to make changes if needed.  

10. If Repairs are Done Without the Surveyor's Consent 

Repairs made without a surveyor's consent are not covered by insurance, thus before any repairs are made—cashless or reimbursed—it is necessary to obtain a surveyor's clearance. The network garage coordinates the same for cashless. The inspection report and the original repair work invoice must be supplied with the refund claim, though.

11. If the Insurance Policy is not Transferred 

This is a condition of a resale of the vehicle that could exist. If the bike has been sold and registration at the RTO has begun but the bike insurance company has not made the necessary modifications, then the prior owner's name would appear on the insurance policy. The bike claim might be denied in this situation as the policy is not transferred to the name of the new owner.

12. Improper/Lack of Documents

At the time of claim settlement, your insurer would ask you for a list of documents like driving licence, registration certificate, policy document/number, witness proof/photographs of accidents, repairing bills, FIR report (in case of vehicle theft/third-party claim),etc. Missing of these documents can lead to claim rejection by the insurers. 


In order to make sure your claim is never denied and that you receive your compensation without any hassles, keep the aforementioned factors in mind. Whether you file a bike insurance claim offline or online, be sure to include all the necessary paperwork. Don't forget to schedule the surveyor's inspection in advance, either at home for reimbursement or in the garage for cashless services.



1. Will I have to bear the inconvenience of loss for the factors beyond coverage?

Though in a few cases, yes, but not in all cases if you opt for add-ons. Like, choosing an engine protection cover if you live in a flood-prone area, taking a return to invoice for theft protection if you have to park your bike not in safe parking but on the road, or opting for a roadside assistance cover for new riders, etc.

2. How can I avoid the rejection of my claim?

  • When you purchase the insurance coverage online, make sure you have all the necessary papers.
  • Make sure to keep safe all the receipts when you purchase the extra fixtures that fall within the add-ons coverage so you can simply present them when making a claim in the future.
  • In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident, you have 48 to 72 hours to report any incident or accident that results in a claim. Your claim might be turned down if you don't comply with this.

3. Can I file a claim against my bike insurance policy if my bike is stolen?

Yes, you can. Provided you have a comprehensive policy along with an add-on of return- to invoice. And most importantly, it's crucial that you register an FIR as quickly as you can in the event of a stolen bike. Because a missing FIR might cause your claim to be rejected or create a delay.

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