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Smart Inspection Process for Seamless Claim

By Juhi Walia
10 October 2022, 6:03 PM

Claiming your two-wheeler insurance can be convenient if you follow the right steps. You will often have to visit multiple inspection centres and wait in long queues to get your bike covered by your insurer. And once you have filed the claim, it can take weeks or even months to get your bike back, forcing you to buy an entirely new one and leaving you high and dry with no means of transportation.

With two-wheeler insurance claims on the rise, ensuring you have covered all your bases in an unfortunate accident has become imperative. Many two-wheeler owners are unaware of this, but there's no reason to feel left out in the dark.

How to Perform Smart  Inspection Process for Seamless Claim

Step 1: Download the App of Your Insurer

To get started with the process, first, you need to download the app of your insurer. Based on your phone type, you can download the app for Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

After downloading the app, you need to set up your account. To do that, you will be asked for basic details such as your policy number, name, vehicle details, etc. You must also enter the mobile number you gave while buying the policy. 

Step 3: Capturing the Video

To inspect your vehicle, you need to record a video of your vehicle from all angles and capture photos. Then share it with your insurer. 

How Mobile Inspection Helps Insurers and Consumers Both?

Mobile inspection for your two-wheeler insurance claims has several benefits, primarily to the insurer. Claims professionals will experience reduced downtime and higher customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the customer will enjoy a faster turnaround time and increased convenience with their claims process.

A mobile inspection is revolutionizing how we inspect and process claims for two-wheelers today. The scope of what it's capable of extends beyond simply covering your scooter or bike! 

Mobile Inspection Can Help You With a Detailed Report Within Minutes

It's best to go with smart mobile inspection for your two-wheeler insurance because it allows you to check on the go rather than waiting for an appointment or spending time in long queues. A smart inspection can take less than 10 minutes, and since the app works on all devices, you don't need to worry about downloading additional software or drivers.

Once complete, you get a detailed report of any problems found with images of both the front and back sides of your vehicle and tips on how to fix them!

Eliminate the Possibility of Human Error with Mobile Inspection

Maintaining your bike and keeping up with its maintenance is not a one-person job. Bikes can go from new to old in just a few years, so checking them over and having other people look at them isn't enough. Many drivers have lost out on their two-wheeler insurance claims because they didn't go through the inspection process correctly.

The best way to avoid this mistake is by using an online service that offers mobile inspection options. This eliminates the possibility of human error as you will get an unbiased opinion on how well your bike has been maintained.

Quick and Easy Settlement of the Claim with Mobile Inspection

The smart inspection process for your seamless two-wheeler insurance claim lets you quickly and easily settle claims with just a few taps on the app. Check real-time images, report problems and take photos from your phone! It's that simple.

So whether it is an accident, theft, or damage due to natural calamities like fire, floods, or earthquakes, you can now file a quick claim form to avail of our service and get your ride inspected within 24 hours in most cases.

Why You Should Use a Mobile Inspection Service for Your Lapsed Policy?

You probably have some insurance policy on your house or vehicle, and you probably know that there are benefits to having it up-to-date. Read on if you're curious about the benefits of using a mobile inspection service!

Faster Approvals

One of the most notable benefits is that this service can get you approval quicker than traditional inspections because they can perform these inspections remotely, through video or photos, instead of going out in person to inspect your site. This saves time and resources, which can help them increase their customer base.

Save Time and Money

A mobile inspection service can be very beneficial if you struggle to stay on top of your list of lapsed policies. Traditional carriers will have claims managers inspect your home when it is time to reinstate your policy. With the ever-increasing cost of gas, waiting at home can result in wasted time and increased expenses. 


Just because your two-wheeler meets with an accident doesn't mean that you should call your two-wheeler insurance company just yet. Instead, you can opt for a smart inspection process and benefit from its many advantages.

It can help you save time and put you in a better position to negotiate the claim amount. So, if you want to ensure that your two-wheeler is repaired without any hassle or inconvenience, follow this quick guide to the smart inspection process.

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1. What is a smart mobile inspection?

It's a thorough vehicle inspection by a company officer before any damage assessment. This allows the company to evaluate if repairs are needed, how much they cost and whether it will be safe for you to use the bike again.


2. Who needs a smart mobile inspection?

You need a smart mobile inspection in these situations:

1) If you have been involved in an accident where there is bodily injury or property damage

2) If you have incurred major/severe body damage

3) If your bike has not been insured for more than 12 months 

3. How can I perform self-inspection for my two-wheeler insurance claim?

To perform self-inspection, you need to install the insurer's mobile app. Create an account using your policy details and proceed with the self-inspection process. Now all you have to do is click pictures of your vehicle and capture a clear video of the vehicle from all angles. Now submit the video to the insurer and wait for approval. 


4. Is smart inspection beneficial over the traditional inspection?

The smart inspection process uses high-end technology in its inspections that are not used in traditional inspection. Technology like built-in CCTVs help take photos of your bike from all angles and hence gives a comprehensive view of your bike, which helps us repair it without any hassles.


5. What is the meaning of video-based self-inspection for renewal?

Video self-inspection, as it sounds, is an inspection of your vehicle via video calls/streaming. You get to see what our officer sees while they inspect your bike from top to bottom and helps you identify problems early on rather than later. 


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