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Tips on Choosing the Right Battery for Your Motorcycle

By Juhi Walia
13 October 2022, 12:57 PM

The engine is the heart of a two-wheeler, as the saying goes. But, that by itself is insufficient. The appropriate battery is needed for it as well. Batteries power your motorcycle's electronic components. When you start the two-wheeler, they emit a burst of energy, and while you travel, they refuel.

Regardless of the constantly changing weather, batteries supply the energy needed to start the motorcycle. As a result, choosing the proper battery is crucial because doing otherwise could result in your motorcycle breaking down. Bike battery replacement is expensive, but if you have two-wheeler insurance, it will cover all costs.

Your bike depends on its batteries. There is a chance you know the least about bike batteries if you are looking to get one. Choose a good mechanic as it is challenging to trust any other local mechanic.

Use the Motorcycle Batteries

Some justifications for why a good motorcycle battery is essential are listed below: 

A) It Supplies the Needed Power 

The performance of your motorcycle is optimised, and riding a powerful bike gives you confidence. 

B) Enables You to Ride Your Motorcycle in Any Weather

Weather conditions might impact a motorcycle battery, for example, winter. However, a good battery enables you to start a motorcycle in any weather. They last long but can last longer with good bike insurance.

C) Necessary for a Motorcycle to Operate

Your engine's battery serves as its lifeblood. Without it, your motorcycle won't function properly, and you won't be able to ride it. 

Types Of Bike Batteries

Bicycle batteries come in various varieties, but most contemporary batteries are maintenance-free and permanently sealed. 

Similar to automobile batteries, motorcycle batteries can be split into two categories: the widely used sealed maintenance-free variety and the older, messier, and less effective lead acid "wet" cell. Those old batteries are not used widely, and no bike insurance claim can be done if you use those. 

"These are flooded cells, which use a liquid electrolyte (a mixture of sulphuric acid and distilled water to give the correct concentration), as opposed to sealed MF batteries, which typically use absorbed glass mat technology, which holds the electrolyte within the mat, somewhat like a sponge. 

Due to the somewhat different chemistry, design, and construction of maintenance-free batteries, they do not lose water while charging as "wet" cells do through their external vents. As a result, the electrolyte level doesn't drop and needs a top-up. Make sure you have the best battery to get better bike insurance coverage.

Choosing the Best Battery

Finding the best battery for your bike might be challenging, but this comprehensive battery shopping guide will assist you in making the right decision. These will also give you a better edge in choosing bike insurance.

Look at the Current Battery

The first step before purchasing the best battery for your bike is to evaluate the present battery. You may learn all there is to know about a battery from the instructions that came with your bike when you first bought it. 

Depending on Performance, Select the Best

Since you now know the battery type or model you would need based on the specifications of your bike, you can either go back and make the same decision or go for a better one that has a longer life and increases your bike's power. 

Pick Simple-to-Use Batteries

As these bicycle batteries are typically sealed after being filled with acid, ensure the battery doesn't require any maintenance. In the long run, you needn't seek bike insurance renewal if you have a good battery.

Choose Batteries That Can Withstand the Weather

An AGM battery is a superior option in colder climates where regular charging is necessary. Additionally capable of handling rough roads and vibrating surfaces are these bike batteries.

Select a battery with a longer life if you reside somewhere with a very hot temperature. These are also crucial aspects of two-wheeler insurance, as it can be covered under some policies.

Choose Based on Your Own Needs

Choose bike batteries that don't need to be recharged frequently if you use your bike for short excursions because short trips prevent the alternator from charging. 

Pick Reputable Brands

Always purchase name-brand bike batteries from some of the best battery vendors. Reputable battery manufacturers offer maintenance-free bicycles, good battery life, warranty and replacement.

Please Review the Terms and Conditions

When purchasing any battery, it is crucial to read the clauses regarding "bike battery life," "bike battery replacement," and "bike battery warranty." It will enable you to compare the brands and choose wisely.

Essential Points to Consider While Buying a Battery

When purchasing a motorcycle battery, there are several things to consider. Here is a list of some of them. 

Battery Dimensions 

Check the size of your motorcycle's current battery or the available space. For the new battery to fit, it must have similar dimensions as the old one. 


You should check the polarity of the old battery on your motorcycle if you don't want to run into a complicated connection problem or wires that are too short to connect to it.

Battery Technology 

Different motorbike batteries are available, including lithium, GEL, factory-activated AGM, and conventional. These need various forms of upkeep. Understanding the advantages of each will help you make the best decision.

Assessing Battery Level

You can assess the battery's starting power in your motorcycle using the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). It shows how many amps a battery can supply for more than 30 seconds. The battery can start the motor if the CCA is higher. 

This means that before purchasing a battery for your motorcycle, you should compare the CCA values. Make sure it's checked regularly, as it can affect your two-wheeler insurance too.


About motorbike batteries, there are many options. Nevertheless, this must not be used as justification for a certain product selection. Choose the highest-quality item after conducting adequate research on the batteries and the bike insurance options.

Make sure to double verify everything before installing your motorcycle battery once you've received it. You'll end up saving money in the long term in addition to time by doing this. Wear safety gear, such as goggles, gloves, etc., to protect yourself from acid splashes when changing the motorcycle battery to further assure your safety. And while changing the battery on your motorcycle, be careful to change the sensor if it has one.

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1. What are some uses of two-wheeler batteries?

It provides power and makes your bike usable in every weather condition.

2. What are the types of batteries?

Acid wet cells and new and improved sealed batteries are used widely.

3. What things should you mind while buying a battery?

When buying a battery, you should look for dimensions, polarity and technology.

4. What is CCA?

CCA is an abbreviation for Cold Cranking Amps.

5. How much should the CCA be?

More the CCA, the better the battery performance.


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