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Understanding the Impact of GST on the Two-wheeler Industry

By Juhi Walia
03 August 2022, 12:08 PM

The impact of GST on the two-wheeler insurance industry has been somewhat of a conundrum, with different sectors experiencing vastly different consequences. This article takes an in-depth look at this new tax system and its effect on the two-wheeler insurance industry in India. It also touches upon how this new tax system affects insurers, motorcycle manufacturers, dealers, and customers.

Impact of GST on the Auto Sector

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation all over the world. They're efficient, relatively affordable, and fun to ride. But like any other vehicle, they come with a certain amount of risk. That's why it's important to have insurance for your motorcycle in case of an accident or theft. And now that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented, there are even more reasons you should take out two-wheeler insurance coverage. 

The auto sector is one of the many impacted by the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Under GST, motorcycle insurance is now taxed at 18%, as opposed to the previous 15%. This has led to an increase in insurance premiums. Companies may need to raise their prices for new two-wheelers to compensate for the increased cost of doing business.

Additionally, if you're buying your vehicle from outside India, you will be paying 12% more than what you were before due to the rise in import duty rates. Finally, with most products now coming under the ambit of GST, it also means that taxes on spare parts have gone up. For instance, where there was only 3% VAT charged on spare parts earlier, there is now 5%. All of these changes are likely to lead to higher prices for vehicles and vehicle parts in general, which could result in inflationary pressures.

Understanding the Impact of GST on the Two-Wheeler Insurance Sector

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is set to significantly impact the two-wheeler insurance sector. The main reason is that bike insurance companies will now have to pay taxes on the premiums they receive from policyholders. This will increase the cost of insurance for customers, which will likely impact market demand.

In addition, GST will also make it more difficult for small insurers to compete in the market, as they will be subject to the same tax rules as larger companies. With increased expenses due to GST, some smaller players may choose not to enter the market or withdraw themselves if they are unable to afford these additional costs. 

Thus, there are mixed feelings about how GST will affect the bike insurance industry, but there is consensus among experts that prices will go up in order to accommodate the new changes.

GST: After Effects

For many people in India, motorcycles are not just a convenient form of transportation but also a means of generating livelihood. So a bike insurance policy is not a luxury but rather a necessity. After any bike-related incident, bike insurance helps with financial recovery and gives the policyholder back-up in difficult times. A 3% increase in the tax rate for two-wheeler insurance isn't as damaging as an accident's financial liability. 

When buying a two-wheeler insurance policy, it is important to watch out for several factors. A lower premium isn't always the best option. In order for the policy to provide you with sufficient coverage, you must carefully examine its scope, the sum assured, the features and benefits, the terms and conditions, and the exceptions. You should not sacrifice the core coverage your policy provides, even if you have to pay a little more GST.


A rise in the premium cost on account of GST has boosted the competition in the insurance market, giving insurers a reason to improve their products and offer more to their customers. While this could be beneficial, you must not be swayed by their promotions and instead logically assess their products in relation to other options on the market. Various neutral third-party bike insurance and finance websites are available for this purpose.

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1. What is the GST on two-wheeler insurance?

There is an 18% GST on two-wheeler insurance.

2. How do you calculate GST on your bike insurance?

Since the GST on bike insurance is 18%, you must add 18% to your insurance premium to get a number. Suppose your bike insurance premium is INR 10,000 and the applicable GST is 18%, then your final premium would be (18 /100)X 10000 = INR 11,800.

3. Has the government increased the taxation on bike insurance?

Yes, in the pre-GST time, the taxation of bike insurance was 15% which is now increased to 18%. 

4. What is the GST on electric bikes?

The GST on electric bikes is currently 5%. The government has reduced the same from 12%.

5. What is the GST on old or used bikes?

The GST on old and used bikes is currently 12%. However, the earlier, GST rate was 28%.

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