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Want to Learn About Bike Traffic Rules and Regulations – Here are Key FAQs

By Juhi Walia
14 September 2022, 11:58 AM

We all understand some basic traffic rules and regulations. The government has made it mandatory for every citizen of India to carry a valid driver's licence and to know the traffic signs. There are many general questions about traffic rules.  Some of the basic traffic rules for bike riders in India are as follows:

  • Bike Riders should always have their helmets on
  • All cyclists must use the indicators
  • Only one extra rider allowed on a bike
  • The rider must always focus on the road
  • Rear-view mirrors usage is mandatory
  • When setting aside, do it carefully
  • Bike insurance online policy is a must

Indian roads are among the most infamous in the world as they claim more than 1.5 lakh of lives every year, and most of it is due to the lack of traffic sense of people. The national government has taken a severe approach to traffic violations and formulated new laws and subsequent punishments much stricter.

To regulate the same, the government presented the 2016 Motor Vehicle Bill, which was also recently approved by the cabinet and entered into force. This road safety bill has penalties for all types of traffic violations. The bill is based on the recommendations of the transport ministers of 18 Indian states. With so much traffic on the country's roads, road authorities often have enormous difficulties maintaining public order.

Many new drivers are often unaware of these rules. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) you need to know, along with the consequences if you don't follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Two-wheeler Traffic Rules in India

Go through some of the most valid FAQs that you must adhere to:

What Documentation Must a Bike Driver Carry While Driving?

The bike rider must carry the following documents while riding on the road:

  • Authentication of driver's licence/registration
  • Emission test certificate
  • Taxation document
  • Bike insurance certificate
  • Medical certificate and licence (if transport bikes are used)

Is Wearing a Helmet Compulsory for Two-wheeler Drivers?

Yes. Wearing a helmet is mandatory under section 177 of the M.V.Act-1988, which will incur a fine if not adhered to.

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What are the Consequences if I Don’t Purchase a Two-wheeler Insurance Online Plan?

Suppose you were on your bike and met with an unfortunate accident. You've committed a criminal offence with no or expired bike insurance online. Under the new traffic laws, you may be penalized with a fine of INR 2000 (first time) or INR 4000 (second time) and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

Purchasing and renewing your two-wheeler insurance online is compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. You should have at least third-party liability insurance to cover your liability if your bike accidentally injures, kills, or damages a third party. The rapid renewal of two-wheeler insurance is essential.

Taking out two-wheeler insurance is more than fulfilling your legal obligation as a two-wheeler owner. Comprehensive bike insurance protects your two-wheeler from damage caused by accidents, theft, and other calamities.

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Who is Authorized to Collect the Fine on the Spot?

Any traffic department officer with or above the position of Deputy Police Sub-Inspector duly approved with a receipt.

What are the Consequences of Drunk Driving?

When driving while intoxicated, you will receive a ticket to appear in court. There is no payment of the fine on site. Also, you cannot continue driving, and you will have to leave the vehicle with the authorities until you appear to pay the penalty in court. You will also have to give your driving licence to the police until the case is resolved. It is recalled that there can be more severe penalties and prison sentences in the event of repeated drunk driving. If you die in an accident while under the impact of alcohol, you could be charged with culpable homicide, which is a no-bail offence.

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When Can Competent Authorities Confiscate a Vehicle?

Authorities can stop a vehicle in the following circumstances:

  • A person drives a bike without a valid driver's licence
  • The vehicle is driven without a valid bike insurance online policy
  • The transport vehicle is driven without authorization
  • The vehicle is driven without paying taxes

Is Two-wheeler Insurance Online Compulsory in India?

Yes, all two-wheeler owners must have at least third-party two-wheeler insurance online policy, the absence of which can be punished with a fine of INR 2,000 and/or jail for 3 months.

Under What Conditions is it Allowed to Tow a Vehicle?

The vehicle abandoned or left unattended or parked in a no-parking area or parked in such a way as to cause inconvenience to other road users can be towed.

What is the Standard for Using a Mobile Phone?

According to zone 250 (A) MMVR, r/w 177 M.V., it is not allowed for ANYONE to use a cell phone while driving or riding a motorcycle (two-wheelers count).

I Received a Notification From the Traffic Enforcement Automation Center? What Should I Do?

You can pay the fine at the Law Enforcement Automation Center or any of the traffic police stations in your city. You can also pay the fine at any official government bill payment centre.

How Do You Know if the Left Turn is Free or Not?

There are two options. Look for road signs that say, "No free left, " meaning you can't do a free left. Second, watch the traffic lights. If there is a special signal to turn left, you must wait for this signal to turn green.

Does the Traffic Police Have Goals for Collecting Fines?

Ideally, the goal for collecting fines is zero, as the ultimate objective is to ensure no one is breaking the traffic rules. The fine collected goes to the revenues of the public administrations. Unfortunately, traffic violations are common, especially when there are no police officers present.

Can the Police Penalize Vehicles With Licence Plates from Another State?

No! The police do not have the power to fine anyone for licence plates. It's not the job of the police.

What Should People Involved in an Accident or Who Witness an Accident Do?

If a bike rider is the cause of the accident, he should seek medical attention and call the police immediately. Someone who witnesses an accident must assist the victim and identify the suspect before reporting it to the police. Witnesses should not set fire to vehicles or engage in anti-social activities. The public must be proactive and non-destructive.

I Don’t Want to Pay a Fine. What’s the Other Option?

If you don't want to pay the penalty or the fine, you should hand over your original driver's licence, for which the relevant official should give recognition. After paying the appropriate fine, you can go to the police station within a week to retrieve the DL. If you don't adhere accordingly, the case will be referred to the court. If you do not appear in court, the authorities will issue a warrant against you, and you may be arrested or punished more severely.

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What are the Latest Traffic Violations and Fines Amount in India?

The latest traffic violation and fine amounts in India are:

Reason for PenaltyNew FineOld Fine
Overloading Two-wheelersINR 2000; Licence will be taken away for three monthsINR100
Drunken DrivingINR 10,000INR 2,000
Dangerous DrivingINR 5,000INR 1,000
Over speedingINR 1,000 for LMV and INR 2,000 for MMVINR 400
Signal JumpingINR 1000; Licence will be taken away for three monthsINR 100
Driving Without Bike Insurance OnlineINR 2,000INR 100
Riding Without HelmetINR 1000; Licence will be taken away for three monthsINR 100
Driving Without PermitUp to INR 10,000Up to INR 5,000

What are the Basic Traffic Rules That All Two-wheeler Riders Should Mandatorily Follow in India?

Here is a regulation that will come in handy for bike riders across the country:

  1. Always keep necessary documents like licence, bike insurance, bike R.C., etc. with you while on the ride.
  2. Always renew your two-wheeler insurance online plan.
  3. Always wear a helmet
  4. Use your indicators
  5. Do not have more than one passenger sit with you on the bike
  6. Keep an eye on the road
  7. Don’t use your mobile while riding on the road
  8. Use your rear-view mirrors

Key Takeaways

India is looking for growth in all aspects, and following traffic rules is one of the key prospects that will ensure development in the country. If every citizen realizes their responsibility towards the nation and follows all laid rules and regulations, the roads will be better to drive for everyone.

One person's mistake can lead to the loss of lives of many. So, as a responsible citizen of India, you must consider all the above FAQs, research more, and drive your bike safely. Don’t forget to get valid bike insurance online to be on the safer side.

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