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What is a NOC, and How Do I Get It Online?

By Juhi Walia
20 September 2022, 11:14 AM

Are you planning to move your vehicle to another Union Territory or State? Legal paperwork and documentation are required when transferring a bike from one state to another. Every State and Union Territory has its own RTO that regulates guidelines and oversees the transfer of vehicles.

You are not required to submit a revised address and re-registration form if you move to another State/UT for less than three months. However, your local RTO must issue you a NOC when you re-register your vehicle after moving to another State or Union Territory for more than a year. You don't need to transfer your bike insurance.

The Government's Parivahan website provides online applications for the RTO NOC, while the bank needs to follow its process for receiving its NOC. 

Check out the article below for more information on applying online for a No Objection Certificate.

Bike NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOCs are legal documents issued by Regional Registration Authority Offices when re-registering vehicles across states. A tax clearance certificate issued by the RTO is an essential document that verifies the bike does not owe any taxes. A NOC is not necessary if you plan to take your vehicle to another state for less than three months. Bike insurance does not require any transfer of documentation.

Whenever you move to another state for more than one year, you must request a change of address and re-registration. You must obtain a NOC from the registration office where you registered your vehicle if you wish to change your address or re-register your bike insurance.

Two-wheeler NOC: Key Features and Importance

NOCs are mandatory documents submitted to the RTO if you move inside or outside the state or sell your bike. Bike insurance is a necessary document, and you need to carry it with you to the state. The certificate proves that you have paid all necessary charges, repaid any bike loans obtained, and are free from any obligations to the RTO.

What is the Process for Applying for a NOC Certificate?

  • NOC applications must be submitted in person at the local RTO by the vehicle owner.
  • In addition to the CMV 28 form, submit all the various pertinent documents.
  • Application for NOC is payable in the amount of INR 100.
  • RTOs obtain police reports to check if the vehicle's status is stolen or if it is being used for criminal activity.
  • Upon clearance of the bike, a No Objection Certificate is issued if there are no outstanding dues or DSA cases.
  • The RTO will issue the NOC certificate in three business days.

NOC Application Download Instructions

Your NOC application can be downloaded by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Log on to the website at Parivahan at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.
  • Step 2: Sign in to your account.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the 'Online Services' tab, then select 'Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC).'
  • Step 4: Provide your chassis, mobile phone, and registration number.
  • Step 5: Choose the 'Generate OTP' button to generate an OTP.
  • Step 6: Input your OTP and click 'Submit.'
  • Step 7: Click the 'Issue of NOC' option under the Status menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 8: Follow the on-screen instructions and click 'Submit.'
  • Step 9: Click on the Insurance Details link under the Status menu on the left.
  • Step 10: Provide the necessary information, then click 'Submit.'
  • Step 11: Select 'DMS (Upload Docs)' and upload your documents.
  • Step 12: Click the 'x' button to remove the documents.
  • Step 13: Select the 'Fees Details' option from the Status menu on the left.
  • Step 14: Tap the 'Make Payment and Submit' button.
  • Step 15: Your NOC will be downloaded after you complete the payment.

A NOC's Validity

In most cases, a NOC has a six-month validity period. The NOC cannot be produced for re-registration once it has expired. You are responsible for submitting the NOC and all required documentation to the state RTO within six months of moving there.

NOCs are required when vehicles are moved between states and when they are sold to people who intend to take the bikes into another State or Union Territory. Taking a bike insurance policy to a different state is also vital. There is little complexity involved when transferring vehicles across state lines in India. If you want to learn more about the procedures, you can contact many agencies and vehicle transportation firms.


To avoid any legal difficulties in the future, ensure that you leave no stone unturned when travelling with your bike to another state. Now that you understand the entire process and its intricacies. NOC and bike insurance are vital for you to take to the state you are moving to for more than a year.

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1. Can a NOC be downloaded online?

RTO's NOC can be obtained online via the Parivahan web portal, while banks' NOCs can be obtained online via the bank's website. 

2. What is the procedure for a No Objection Certificate?

By filling out Form 28, you can apply for a NOC at your nearest RTO. Form 28 must be submitted along with the required documents. For NOC completion, you need to pay INR 100.

3. Who provides a No Objection Certificate?

The regional RTO issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to re-register a vehicle from one state to another.

4. Why do we need a No Objection Certificate?

Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) issue No Objection Certificates as official documents. Using this certificate, a vehicle can be re-registered in another state with another RTO. Furthermore, it certifies that the bike has no outstanding tax obligations.

5. Can I be penalised for riding a bike with an invalid NOC if the RTO catches me?

If you ride a bike without a valid NOC, there is no fine or fixed penalty; however, the RTO is authorised to levy the local road tax. An invalid NOC will result in a penalty from your local RTO.

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