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How Can You Get NOC for Your Bike Online?

By Juhi Walia
03 August 2022, 1:18 PM

The two-wheeler no objection certificate is a legal document that certifies that the issuing bank or agency has no objections to the information on the certificate. You can apply for the RTO NOC online using the government's Parivahan website. Requesting the NOC from the RTO is simple and inexpensive, just like getting bike insurance for your vehicle. 

In India, a lengthy list of documents must be submitted when selling a bike or shifting. The buyer, the seller, and the owner must submit the required documents and follow all guidelines throughout the transaction to complete the process. The NOC is one of the required paperwork when moving a bike across regions.

Therefore, you must understand what a NOC is and how to get one if you want to purchase, sell, or transport a used bike between states or from one state to another. Additionally, you must be aware of the other required documents for your transfer, including the two-wheeler insurance policy of your vehicle.

What does a Bike No Objection Certificate Indicate?

A no objection certificate is a legal document that grants approval and is granted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). It permits the transfer of a vehicle's jurisdictional authority.

A vehicle is prepared for registration in another RTO's jurisdiction with all relevant approvals when it obtains a NOC from the RTO in which it was initially registered. 

How do You Request a NOC for a Two-wheeler?

Acquiring a NOC for your bike has become much simpler. You can now get bike insurance online and file for a NOC via the Parivahan website governed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. 

However, not every state has made it easy to submit an online NOC application. Verify that online NOC is accessible in your state before starting. The measures you may undertake to apply for a No Objection Certificate for your bike are as follows:

  1. Visit the website of "Parivahan."
  2. Following entering your vehicle's registration number, click on 'proceed'.
  3. On the page that's been redirected, choose "application for no objection certificate' from the list of options.
  4. On the next screen, provide the last five digits of your vehicle's chassis number.
  5. Next, fill out all the forms and provide any required documentation.
  6. Pay the RTO's fees.
  7. Print the completed application form and the generated acknowledgment receipt.
  8. Finally, deliver the application form, acknowledgment slip, and other paperwork in person to the concerned RTO.

Following successful document verification, your NOC application will get approved.

Factors to Take into Account When Getting a Bike's No Objection Certificate

Consider the following aspects for a hassle-free process when you apply for the bike NOC:

  • Attest the copy of the bike insurance policy and registration document for the vehicle.
  • Make sure the road tax is completely paid.
  • Make sure you provide accurate information, notably the information regarding the new RTO.
  • Send in the necessary documents.
  • Ensure you have the paperwork for the NOC application cost you paid through the Vahan website.

Validity of Your Bike's No Objection Certificate

Only six months are allowed for NOCs to remain in effect. So if you have the certificate and are moving a bike from one state to another, re-register the vehicle with your current regional RTO within this time limit.

The same is true if a vehicle is traded, and the buyer should file it within six months with a new RTO in a different state. The certificate's validity expires if the conditions are not satisfied, and obtaining a NOC for a vehicle must be done all over again.


Apart from bike insurance and several other important documents, the NOC is necessary to register your bike under the supervision of the local RTO if you have moved to a new state or within the state. The new RTO won't register your two-wheeler if you don't provide the NOC. 

You must also provide the bank's NOC if you're trading a bike that was held as collateral to a bank for a bike loan to register the bike in the name of the new owner. The RTO won't cancel the bike insurance claim without the bank's NOC and several other important documents like the bike insurance policy of your vehicle. The NOC is thus an essential legal document that you must obtain for a lot of reasons.



1. What would happen if the NOC is no longer valid?

NOC renewal for two-wheelers is not possible in India. The NOC for two-wheelers has a six-month validity period. You must complete any ownership transfers, vehicle re-registration, or other tasks during this time. You can even cancel the NOC for your bike in case your plans change. 

2. If I moved to a different State as my place of residence, must my bike still have the NOC?

Yes, given that you will be riding the bike inside the new RTO's domain, you must receive the NOC from the present RTO to register your bike with the new RTO.

3. Who should apply for a NOC?

The owner of the two-wheeler transporting the vehicle outside the RTO's scope of responsibility, whether within or outside of the state, shall apply for the NOC from the RTO.

4. How long does the bike NOC remain valid?

The bike NOC remains valid for only six months.

5. When is a bike required to have a NOC?

You need a NOC from your Regional Transport Office if you want to ride your bike across state borders for more than a year or 12 months.

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