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Why Breakdown Add-on Coverage is Important for Your Bike Insurance Policy?

By Vikas Chandra Das
19 September 2022, 3:27 PM

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India to meet the legal requirements. Several add-ons provided by insurers can be purchased in conjunction with your comprehensive bike insurance policy. Add-ons offer multiple benefits that are generally not covered by the basic policy. Breakdown or the Roadside Assistance (RSA) add-on in two-wheeler insurance is quite an affordable additional coverage that provides several benefits to the insured.

While riding on Indian roads, you may suffer various challenges with your bike -  a tyre puncture, lost keys, fuel-related issues, engine breakdown, etc. The breakdown add-on coverage ensures that you and your motorcycle are ready for action again with professional assistance. You receive several benefits with the purchase of this add-on coverage.

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Advantages of Breakdown Coverage with Your Bike Insurance

Here are some outstanding benefits of purchasing the breakdown add-on coverage:

  1. Emergency help – If your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of the road, you need to inform your insurer, who will quickly organise immediate service. You don't have to worry about handling such cases, as the insurer takes care of them.
  2. Peace of mind – You can ride your two-wheeler without worrying about what to do if something goes wrong while travelling.
  3. Value for money – Breakdown add-on coverage is affordable and can be added to your comprehensive bike insurance online policy. It comes with a slight increase in the premium.

Inclusions of the Breakdown or RSA Add-on Coverage

The best way to find out what is covered by the RSA coverage is to read the contents of the policy. You can find the inclusions and exclusions in the plan's policy formulations. They can be downloaded from the insurer's website. If you can't find them, ask the customer support team. The exact coverage offered by RSA covers from different insurers may vary. Here is an overview of RSA coverage:

Tyre Problems

Tyre problems are quite common especially when the road is rough. In the event of a puncture or tyre-related breakdown, a mechanic will assist you with a spare tire or the bike will be towed to a garage.

Taxi Booking

If the insured is stranded on the road or is far from his residence because of bike damage, the arrangement of a cab will be managed by the insurer.

Towing Assistance

In case of severe mechanical/electrical issues, wherein the two-wheeler needs to be taken to a nearby service centre, the insurer will take care of the towing assistance.

Key Related Concerns

If the key to the bike is damaged or lost, the insurer will recover the key from a place that is within a radius of 50/100 km (may vary).

Technical or Mechanical Faults

The bike can suffer any technical or mechanic issues. These will be covered by the insurer. A technician will be sent for repairs, wherein only the cost of replacement parts will be borne by the insured.

Other Kinds of Assistance Include:

  • Battery issues
  • Emergency fuel up to 5 litres
  • Legal assistance – In case of an accident, the insurer will assist you with any legal problem, according to the terms of the policy.

These services will be available to the insured under the breakdown add-on coverage, under the following conditions:

  • The claims for any kind of breakdown are made before the repairs.
  • The plan accompanying the add-on must contain the guarantee.
  • If the insurer cannot provide the benefits for any reason, reimbursement of these may be agreed upon.
  • The number of coverage requests may be limited depending on the insurance conditions.

Exclusions of the Breakdown or RSA Add-on Coverage

The following claims will not be considered under breakdown coverage:

  1. When the two-wheeler was used for illegal activity.
  2. If the vehicle was used outside the scope of the owner's manual.
  3. Claims in which the insurer was not informed in advance.
  4. The rider was intoxicated or if the roadside breakdown was deliberate.

How to Purchase Breakdown or Roadside Assistance Add-on Coverage?

Additional breakdown or roadside assistance coverage can only be purchased with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. Purchasing the two-wheeler insurance add-on is highly convenient. Follow these simple steps to get the add-on:

Step 1 - You can purchase it when you buy your bike insurance online or at the time of renewal.

Step 2 - You simply need to provide relevant details about you and your two-wheeler.

Step 3 - Read the terms and conditions before paying.

Step 4 - You will receive the policy schedule in your inbox after you have made the payment.

Step 5 - You must verify if the breakdown coverage is indicated on your two-wheeler insurance policy document.

Step 6 - You must always keep a hard/soft copy of the policy document while on the road.


Several insurers offer breakdown or roadside assistance (RSA) along with a bike insurance policy. The breakdown coverage is a beneficial service-based add-on that you must purchase to minimise discomfort due to any kind of two-wheeler malfunction.

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1. What kind of roads does the breakdown or roadside add-on coverage apply to?

The breakdown or RSA coverage applies to an insured bike or two-wheeler on driveways, city roads, and state and national highways. The off-the-road definition can vary from insurer to insurer. Barring a few exceptions, your breakdown coverage should come to your rescue in most urban locations.

2. Is breakdown coverage the same as comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?

No! Your comprehensive bike insurance online is a stand-alone insurance policy, whereas your breakdown coverage is an add-on that you can purchase along with your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

3. Do insurers offer a free trial period for breakdown add-ons with a two-wheeler insurance policy?

Normally, there isn’t any free trial offered by insurers. However, the breakdown bike insurance coverage is quite affordable. You can purchase it for a year and evaluate your decision during policy renewal.

4. Can I purchase the personal accident add-on with roadside assistance insurance?

Yes, you can purchase multiple add-ons to increase your bike's insurance coverage. Make sure that the additional coverage adds value to the overall protection.

5. What happens if the insurer does not send help in the event of a motorcycle breakdown?

In situations where the insurer cannot assist, you can claim a reimbursement for the costs incurred. 


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