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Why Should You Settle for A Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance?

By Juhi Walia
28 October 2022, 3:16 PM

If you are a two-wheeler owner, the benefits of owning it are known to you. And so are the benefits of having strong bike insurance. But, with the list of companies offering two-wheeler insurance getting longer daily, selecting the best one for your bike can be challenging.

So, it is important to know the reasons to choose one insurance provider over the other, which will help you buy bike insurance policy without hesitation. Here are reasons to purchase two wheeler insurance policy offered by Cholamadalam MS and what makes them better and more reliable.

Reasons to Buy Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance

Cholamandalam MS is a private joint venture insurance provider that was founded in the year 2000. The company was formed following the joint venture of Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo. It soon received recognition as one of the best bike insurance, and here we shall try to understand the reasons for purchasing bike insurance from Cholamandalam MS.

Chlomandalam MS offers three types of two-wheeler insurance. Third-Party bike Insurance, standalone own-damage bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance plans. The top reasons to buy your bike insurance policy with Cholamandalam MS are given below:-

You Can Buy and Renew Your Bike Insurance in a Few Clicks

With Cholamandalam MS, buying and renewing bike insurance can be done in three simple steps. You need to submit the relevant details to get your quote to pick the suitable bike insurance along with the add-on, if any and make the premium payment. And within no time, you will receive the mail for the purchased bike insurance.  

Cholamandalam MS has made the renewal process for policyholders easy and quick by introducing the digital platform. So, now, in just three simple steps, you can get your bike insurance renewed. Just visit the official website of Cholamandalam General Insurance and click on the "2 wheeler" tab and then on "Renew".

You will be needed to furnish all the policy details and proceed to make the payment. You can pay via net banking or your debit or credit card. That's it! Your two-wheeler insurance renewal is done. The documents for the bike insurance renewal online will be sent to you within a few days. 

Cholamandalam MS Offers the Best Add-on Covers

Another valid reason for purchasing bike insurance from Cholamandalam MS is that you get the best bike insurance add-ons to strengthen further and expand the standard policy coverage. Some of the mention-worthy Cholamandalam MS two-wheelers insurance add-ons are:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover – With two-wheeler insurance, the common problem is that the vehicle owner has to bear the depreciation overheads, spare part repair costs, and repair expenses in case of a road accident. But, if you take zero depreciation bike insurance add-on from Cholamanlam MS, the entire depreciation factor is ignored, and you will receive the full amount on raising claims. By buying nil or zero depreciation cover for your Cholamandalam MS bike insurance, you do not have to spend extra on repair and replacement.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover – Also known as a two-wheeler breakdown cover, this add-on is a real saviour for bike riders. It is meant to provide emergency support to the policyholder in case of a sudden vehicle breakdown. Quick and emergency assistance such as tyre replacement, towing, and fuel recharge are available on the spot. You can get roadside emergency assistance from the insurance provider by paying an additional premium for roadside assistance bike insurance add-on and the final premium.
  • Hydrostatic Lock Cover – By paying an additional premium for this add-on, you will be buying peace for yourself. This add-on offers financial coverage for repairing and replacing the engine due to water ingress. This is a very important add-on for riders, especially if you reside in a flood-prone zone.
  • Daily Cash Allowance Cover – By choosing this add-on, you will be saved on the daily cash expenses, you will incur in case of severe damage to your bike that requires prolonged repair work. Prolonged repair means your bike will have to be in the garage for a few days, and you will have to find an alternative means to reach your work. This will have an additional expense for you. But, by availing of this add-on, you will receive a fixed amount daily for a maximum of five days for a single claim. The same-day limit is also applicable for the entire period of the policy.
  • Return to Invoice Cover – Return to invoice bike insurance add-on by Cholamandalam MS is what you need for that extra power to the existing insurance policy. This add-on will come to your most needed aid if your bike gets stolen or is irreparably damaged. Opting for this add-on will enable you to receive the bike's original value as compensation, as mentioned in the invoice.

Some Other Benefits of Buying A Cholamandalam Insurance

Some other but equally important benefits of buying Cholamandalam Insurance are:

  1. Customers are allowed to make unlimited claims.
  2. Digitally driven bike insurance buying and renewal system.
  3. Easy and hassle-free claim settlement.
  4. Round the clock, emergency assistance service is provided to the policyholders.
  5. It offers the benefit of a wide network of 8500+ garages.


So, from the above discussion, it is clear Cholamandalam bike insurance policy is your answer to all your two-wheeler-related problems. The policies are comprehensive and cost-effective in dealing with unfortunate road incidents without letting you feel the blow.

So, if you are looking for the best bike insurance policy and have been comparing bike insurances to get the one that will offer your bike total coverage against every kind of possible damage, then go for Cholamandalam MS bike Insurance.

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1. What are the types of two-wheeler insurance?

Based on coverage, there are three types of two-wheeler insurance in India:-

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Standalone Own Damage Insurance

2. What points to remember while getting the bike insurance done?

Check the nature of insurance that is offered in terms of coverage. Also, check on add-ons to ensure that you select the best ones that will provide ample protection for the two-wheeler in a sudden emergency. You must read all the details in the brochure carefully and fill up all forms to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding that might create a problem later.

3. What to do if an insured two-wheeler meets an accident or theft occurs?

A claim has to be registered immediately with the insurance provider. Also, a police report is required in case of theft, third-party death/injury, or property damage.

4. Is two-wheeler insurance renewal online a possibility?

You can get your two-wheeler insurance renewal done online by visiting the insurance provider's website and following the steps for renewal. Ensure you give the correct data and details for the insured two-wheeler and the existing policy.

5. When to have your bike insurance renewed?

It is always recommended that you should not wait till the expiry date and get your bike insurance renewal done before the existing insurance expires. You can get bike insurance renewal done online in simple and easy steps.

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