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Why Should Young Riders Seriously Consider Two Wheeler Insurance?

By Juhi Walia
09 September 2022, 4:21 PM

The mere mention of a two-wheeler and you’ll have a youngster swooning and day-dreaming about it, if he/she doesn’t own one already. There is always this unspoken desire that they want to spread their wings and own the road. If you are a youngster, you might have already started visualizing everything. However, let’s keep the adrenaline rush aside and focus on the most critical aspects of riding the bike. Of course you need a valid licence, a good helmet, jacket and the necessary protective gear, but equally important is getting a bike insurance cover

Undoubtedly, observing traffic rules and riding etiquette go hand in hand. India being one of the top consumers of two wheelers in the world means more and more bikes entering the roads on a daily basis. This in turn increases the probability of road accidents. As alarming as it may sound, in 2019 two-wheelers accounted for about 37% (nearly 1/3rd ) of total road crash deaths.

What Causes a Two-wheeler Road Accident? 

  1. You might not be an experienced rider, in which case you pose a risk to yourself as well as others on the road. 
  2. You might lack focus or maturity to stay attentive and alert on the road. Youngsters in an attempt to flaunt their riding skills in front of their friends tend to go overboard often. 
  3. You might avoid helmets.  Sometimes it is about hair fall, neck pain, or backache while other times it is about feeling the open air in your face and living in the moment. Whatever excuse you might come up with, there is no denying that a helmet is a must in every scenario.
  4. You might overspeed. As a young rider, it is natural to have raging hormones prompting you to stay ahead of the lot and experiment with your bike, but on the road, it can be a recipe for disaster. The greater your speed, the higher your chances of encountering a collision. Also the faster you go, the longer it takes for the vehicle to come to a halt when you apply the brakes. These kinds of crashes cause more severe injuries than those that occur at lower speed limits. 

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Is Two-wheeler Insurance a Wise Idea?

Even though you are an alert rider and you take every possible precaution while riding, observing traffic rules, maintaining a good speed limit, and adhering to riding etiquette, remember there are plenty of people on the road along with you. Those who ride rashly and do not care about the consequences. Their actions can harm you in spite of you not being at fault. So stay alert at all times.

Your elders must have warned you to ride your bike carefully. They had to. Two-wheeler collisions happen frequently. Anytime there is an accident, the police report it and send it to the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal as an FIR (MACT). A court has designated MACT to hear cases involving accident claims. The damage caused would be evaluated by the court, and a compensation sum would be set. You would be informed of the same. The basic minimum financial obligation you would face in the event of an unfortunate mishap under mandatory PA cover is up to INR 15 lakhs. Additionally, the culpability is limitless if a fatality happens due to death . Aren't the figures staggering? Would you be able to afford it with your pocket money? So yes, investing in a good insurance policy makes total sense.

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In India, the insurance policies are broadly classified into two types:
- Third-party liability insurance
- Comprehensive insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance

A third-party liability insurance policy includes any harm or injury to members of the public or their property. Therefore, third-party liability protection would come to your aid if you were to ride your bike and injure anyone or any property while doing so. You would be financially responsible for covering the harm or damages you caused. The third-party insurance coverage covers this monetary obligation. Even the pillion rider would not receive any financial assistance from a third-party insurance policy if they suffered unintentional injuries. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive bike insurance policy, apart from covering the third-party liabilities, also safeguards the policyholder against third-party liability, damage to his bike, accidental death, and permanent disability (loss of limbs, eyes, or other disabilities). As a result, the policy offers a greater range of coverage, particularly when it comes to insuring himself. The comprehensive policy also allows you to include add-on covers to make your base policy complete and enhanced. You can opt for plenty of add-on covers like zero dep, return-to-invoice, engine protection, roadside assistance, passenger cover, etc along with your comprehensive policy.

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Comprehensive plans cover harm done to your bike as a result of:

  1. Third-party responsibility
  2. Riots, fire, explosions, self-ignition, etc.
  3. Theft, collisions, hits, accidental injuries, break-ins etc.
  4. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, lightning or floods
  5. Coverage for personal accidents for the owner and driver


Your bike ride is typically motivated by adrenaline because you are a youngster. Although exciting, this adrenaline could seriously harm both you and others. Since a bike insurance policy is required, your bike dealer provides one, and the fee is figured into the price of the two-wheeler. But you should compare prices. Get rid of the insurance that the dealer is offering, evaluate the other policies on the market, and purchase the one that offers the broadest coverage at the most affordable price. A two-wheeler insurance plan is unavoidable, but if you shop about and purchase it, you'll undoubtedly get the best deal.


1. How can parents safeguard their children on a motorbike?

As a parent one must manage the attitude of your young riders before they start riding. Educate them on road safety rules, traffic rules. riding etiquette, buy them the right motorcycle kit and send them to a motor training school.

2. Does rider distraction pose a risk among young riders?

Young riders are no more distracted than adults while operating a motorcycle on our roads. A majority of them are often seen riding with their ears (minds) plugged into a mobile device, listening to music or even texting at times. This behaviour is a disaster in the making.

3. Do young riders belong to a high-risk group?

Yes, because they have spent most of their lives as a pillion rider in their parent’s two-wheeler and hence are oblivious to road use and riding manners. So being less experienced does make them a high-risk group.

4. Can rider training improve safety awareness for young bikers?

One can’t just rely on theoretical knowledge about safety awareness. Practical training drills the theory into the rider and when applied or implemented, will result in a positive change.

5. What would you advise those young riders who step out at night?

  • Flip to high beams and when appropriate
  • Increase your following distance and cover your clutch and brake levers
  • Pump your rear brake when slowing down
  • Wear bright colour clothing 
  • Keep your helmet visor clean and clear
  • Helmets fog up easier at night so consider an anti-fog product
  • Don’t ride when you are tired or sleepy
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