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It was General Motors, the American automotive manufacturer, that introduced and marketed the Chevrolet Enjoy in India. The company had launched the car in May 2013 and within the first year, managed to sell about 20,000 units. The Chevrolet Enjoy falls under the “Compact MPV” class and came with the 5-door wagon body style. But as of December 2017, the company has discontinued its sale in the country.

Chevrolet Enjoy Features

The Chevrolet Enjoy had a total of 12 variants to choose from at that time. Out of these, the Enjoy 1.4 LS 8, Enjoy 1.4 LS 7, Enjoy 1.4 LT 8, Enjoy 1.4 LT 7, Enjoy 1.4 LTZ 8, and the Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LT 8 came with petrol-based engines. While the Enjoy 1.3 TCFi LS 8, Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LS 7, Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LT 8, Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LT 7, Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LTZ 8 and the Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LTZ 7 were the ones available with diesel-based engines. Along with all these options, the Chevrolet Enjoy has Power Steering, Air Conditioning, SMARTECH Petrol Engine, Front Disc Brakes, Tubeless Tyres, and a few other essentials.

Chevrolet Enjoy Specifications

ARAI Mileage

13.7 km/l

Fuel Type

Petrol / Diesel

Engine Displacement

1399 cc / 1248 cc

Total Cylinders


Maximum Power Output (PS@rpm)


Maximum Torque Output (Nm@rpm)


Total Seating


Transmission Type


Driver Type

Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)

Fuel Tank Capacity

50.0 Litres

Boot Space

195 Litres

Body Type


Available Ground Clearance

165 mm

Wheel Base

2720 mm

Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance

If you are looking for a great MUV, with a large seating capacity, then the Chevrolet Enjoy would be a car for you. And while you are looking to purchase a vehicle, you should also get car insurance for it. As you know, in the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, it was made compulsory for vehicle owners to have motor insurance. You can never predict what could go wrong on the road, that's why it is recommended to have a Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance when buying the car. You must also know about the options and benefits you can go with while choosing your new Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance policy. 

We will explain the necessities that you need to know while buying a Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance. And in case you are looking to have a previously expired Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance renewal, you will also find this very helpful.

Types of Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance

In India, when you go with Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance renewal or plan to purchase a new policy, these two types of choices will be presented to you;

  • The first and most commonly selected choice is the Third-party only insurance coverage. This type of insurance will provide coverage to the involved third party in case of any damages or losses.
  • The second and a bit expensive option is a Comprehensive type insurance policy. This type of policy will provide coverage for a lot of different types of damages, including third-party and personal coverage.

What is Covered Under Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance Policy?

When you go with the Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy, you will receive coverage in case of;

  • Car Theft
  • Damages caused by riots, arson and other kinds of human-caused calamities
  • Damages incurred by nature-caused calamities like tremors, earthquakes, landslides, floods, storms, etc.
  • Third-party legal liability coverage
  • Personal damage coverage

These are some examples of coverage included with the comprehensive type policy. The Chevrolet Enjoy insurance price for this type of policy is more than the third-party only option. However, it is always in your best interest to go with the comprehensive one.

What is not Covered Under Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance Policy?

When you go with the Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy, these types of damages will not be covered;

  • Damages inflicted while driving drunk
  • Damages incurred while taking part in any kind of criminal activities
  • Normal wear and tear as a result of usage
  • Driving without a legit driving licence/policy papers
  • Any damages made to the car on purpose
  • Any damages caused as a result of the driver’s absent-mindedness

Your new Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance will have all these details and terms included, so go through them carefully.

How to Renew/Buy Your Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance Policy?

To renew or buy your new Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance online, you will need to follow a simple procedure. The process of getting the Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance renewal is also very convenient as you can factor in all the details, like the Chevrolet Enjoy insurance price and terms, and compare your available options.

The procedure of buying a new Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance online:

  • Provide the required information
  • Mention previously owned policy’s particulars
  • Select policy type
  • Get your Chevrolet Enjoy insurance price quote
  • If happy with the Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance cost, seal the deal and pay the required premium

And with this, the process of getting your Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance online is done. You can follow this process when buying a new policy or while executing the process of Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance renewal.

Chevrolet Enjoy Review

The Chevrolet Enjoy is still one of the most amazing MPV you can go for in India. You will also be getting it for a great price, factoring in the Chevrolet Enjoy insurance and its 7-8 person seating capacity.

Chevrolet Enjoy Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is the Comprehensive Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance policy mandatory?

    According to the law, only having third-party legal liability coverage is mandatory, however, having a comprehensive type of coverage is always advised. The Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance cost for a comprehensive type policy is more but it includes many additional benefits.

  • 2. Can I change my insurer for my Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy?

    Yes, you can change the insurer of your Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy. When you do that, you will get carryover continued benefits ported to your new policy.

  • 3. What is the duration of my Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance policy?

    The duration of your Chevrolet Enjoy car insurance policy is of one year, beginning from the day of initiation.

  • 4. Will I lose my No Claim Bonus for my Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy if it lapses?

    If you forget to renew your Chevrolet Enjoy insurance policy within the given time limit, it will lapse. But if you are able to pay within 90 days of policy lapse, you will continue to enjoy your NCB.

  • 5. How many times can I claim for my Chevrolet Enjoy insurance?

    There’s no limit to the total number of claims you can make, as long as the amount being claimed remains within the IDV.

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