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3 Best Bikes for Family Use

By Juhi Walia
12 October 2022, 5:25 PM

Indians have always been family-oriented since time immemorial. Bikes have been a part of Indian households since the beginning, playing a crucial role in every middle-class Indian family. Choosing a decent bike for family use is essential, which can sometimes be pretty tricky. It is always exciting for buyers and family members to have their first bike. When choosing a bike for family use, we must consider several factors like comfort, mileage, good features, fuel consumption, and other factors to determine whether the bike will be decent for family use. 

You will find different kinds of family bikes in India with multiple facilities. If you are looking forward to investing in an excellent family bike, we have got you covered. This article covers the top 3 bikes available in the Indian market with excellent features to suit the requirements of your family members-

Top 3 Bikes for Family Use in the Indian Market in 2023

1.  Hero Splendor Plus

Hero splendour is the best-selling bike in the current Indian market. With its capacity to handle daily commutes easily, it is the top 1 bike for family use. You would not have to spend more on its maintenance. The best mileage is one of its key attractions. It has only a single-cylinder engine, producing a capacity of 8.05 Nm torque with 97.2cc engine displacement. It has 4-speed gearboxes and an excellent top speed of 87 km per hour. It’s a very lightweight vehicle which is suitable for every age group.

It is the most trusted bike when it comes to Indian families’ choices. Some other important factors make it the best family bike, available at an affordable price. The seat height is also long and comfortable, which is 785mm.

Air Cooling Engine- 97.2 CC

Mileage- 60-65 Kmpl with better pick-up

Tank Capacity- 9.8 litres

Weight- 112 Kg

It has four variants available in the market. These are:

  • Splendor Plus Self Alloy
  • Splendor Plus Self Alloy i3S
  • Splendor Plus Black and Accent Edition
  • Splendor Plus Self Alloy i3S Matt Shield Gold

You have so many colour options available in this bike segment. Indian families believe in choosing vehicle colours according to their zodiac signs and vastu. It will help them give multiple colour options.

This motorcycle has the trust of many people as it has maintained its same style for several years. Recently it introduced the new accent and black variant.

Some other key features are:

  • Telescopic forks
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • Drum brakes

2.  Honda Livo

If you are a beginner rider, want to start bike riding, or have an average budget, you can consider purchasing Honda Livo. It comes with a very smooth engine. This bike has 4 gears. The seat height is quite decent, which is 790mm. 

The weight is also not heavy, which is pretty good from a family perspective. If you want to buy the top variant, it will cost you around INR 79,000(ex-showroom price, Delhi). The engine of this bike can develop a power of 6.47kW. It also has a combined braking system. Some attractive features are-

  • Its instrument cluster is semi-digital.
  • It has an engine start and stops switch.
  • Air cooling engine- 109.51 CC

Mileage- 60-65 Kmpl with better pick-up

Tank Capacity- 9 liters

Weight- 115 Kg.

You will get an option to select among 4 attractive colour options as per your or your family’s choice. These are:

  • Matte Axis Gray Metallic
  • Imperial Black Metallic
  • Imperial Red Metallic
  • Athletic Blue Metallic

This Honda Live has 2 variants. You can choose as per your preference. The 2 variants are:

  • Honda Livo drum
  • Honda Livo disk

3.  BAJAJ Platina 110CC

This bike needs no introduction as it is well known for its extraordinary mileage. This bike is an excellent option for family use as it has a long sheet base of around 807mm and is more stylish. You and your family will experience good sitting comfort for sure. The suspension of this bike is also excellent, which will help you experience a smooth ride. 

This bike can even give you a smooth riding experience on rough roads. The hand guards are so stylist, they can shield your hand in harmful conditions. This bike is an all-around package. For pillion riders, one best thing the bike has is a broader footpad, because of which they can experience better grip.

The ex-showroom starting price- INR 69,000 approx(New Delhi).

Air Cooling Engine- 115.45 CC

Mileage- 70-75 Kmpl with better pick-up

Tank Capacity- 11 litres

Weight- 119 Kg

The tail light and stylist mirror enhance the premium look of this bike.

Digital speedometer- It will show clear information on fuel and trip meters.

The motorbike also has an anti-lock braking system feature. This bike is also available in an affordable variant. There is a five-speed gearbox attached to the engine. You will have three colour options to choose from. These attractive colour options are volcanic red, charcoal black, and beach blue. 


Family bikes must be more comfortable for both riders and their family members. Our responsibility is to protect our loved ones' lives from unforeseen external events. For this, make sure you buy two-wheeler insurance and pay regular premiums on time.

Please make sure you research properly to determine which bike will be best suited for you and your family members based on your preferences. 

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1. Is wearing a helmet of a family member mandatory along with the rider in India?

Yes, as per Indian law wearing a helmet is compulsory in case of both rider and their family member riding with them. Other than compulsion by law, it is your responsibility and the person riding with you to wear a helmet for safety purposes.

2. What should be the essential features one should consider while buying a bike for family use?

The primary feature is that it must be comfortable. Other features are a long seat, more mileage, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, durability, etc.

3. What are the top 3 most comfortable bikes in India under INR 1,00,000?

The top 3 most comfortable bikes in India are:

  1.  Bajaj Pulsar 150
  2.  Bajaj Pulsar NS125
  3.  Honda SP 125

4. Why should you buy bikes with good mileage?

Mileage indicates your bike's capacity of distance coverage per 1 litre of fuel. The more the mileage, the less cost will be incurred for fuel. It will save your cost to a great extent.

5. Why is bike servicing important?

If you want your bike to run smoothly for a very long time, you must do servicing at intervals. Servicing can enhance the efficiency of fuel consumption. Cleaning your bike’s carburettor is necessary. You may lose the warranty if you don’t service your bike. Make sure to adjust the clutch, check engine oil, check the brakes, and check the engine from time to time to ensure your bike is in proper shape and condition.

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