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An Ultimate Guide to Scooty Insurance Claim Settlements

By Juhi Walia
28 July 2022, 11:45 AM

Two-wheeler works well for short-distance commutation. Of them, the scooty is convenient because anyone in the family can ride it; it is lightweight, without gears and has sufficient storage space; it makes one wonder if the makers of the Scooty had the family in mind while designing it. 

However, too many vehicles are on the road, and even the rider's best efforts sometimes can't save them from an accident. Someone could bang into the scooty, or the weather conditions like rain can make roads slippery. As a result, the scooty skids off the road, injure the rider and damage the scooty. Consequently, the rider will need to file a two-wheeler insurance claim. However,  submit the two-wheeler insurance claim correctly if the insurance provider must cover the rider for damage.

This post offers complete guidance for avoiding two-wheeler insurance claim rejection for your scooty.

Understanding Two-wheeler Insurance Claims

When a scooty is damaged or has caused damage to a third party or their property, the insured can intimate the insurer for compensation by submitting a claim to the latter. Let's check when you can raise a two-wheeler insurance claim.

When to Make a Third-party Insurance Claim?

The owner must buy a 3rd party two-wheeler insurance in India. But how will that help when the insured scooty meets with an accident? Suppose the insured scooty damages the property of a third party or injures that person; a third-party claim can be filed for such claims. But such a cover will not cover damages to the insured scooty or rider.

When Should I Raise a Claim for Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Suppose the owner of the insured scooty is hurt; a personal accident insurance cover can be made.

When Should I Claim Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance?

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance claim can be filed for third-party claims due to an accident, damages or loss to the vehicle due to an accident, or man-made or natural disasters.

What Kind of a Scooty Insurance Claim to File?

Insurance companies generally provide riders with two types of claims:

Cashless Claim

When an owner insures the scooty, the insurance provider will hand the concerned individual a list of garages where he can move his scooty in case of need. In such a scenario, suppose the scooty is damaged and needs repairs; the owner can take it to one of the garages mentioned, and the insurance provider will pay the repair cost as per the terms and conditions of the two-wheeler insurance policy. It is called a cashless two-wheeler insurance claim.

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Reimbursement Claim 

When a scooty meets with an accident, the rider can get it to any of the garages near the accident site. Even if it's not part of the insurer's garage network, you can file a reimbursement claim for the repairs done at this garage. You need to pay for the repairs and file a reimbursement claim by submitting the bills to the bike insurance company

The insurer checks the bills and processes the claim settlement through reimbursement. As the insurer can reject the claim if they find any irregularities, it is good for us to know the circumstances that warrant reimbursement claim rejection.

Rejection of Two-wheeler Reimbursement Insurance Claim

An insurance provider will reject the claim in case of the following -

  • If the insured does not report the accident to the insurer.
  • If the person riding the scooty did not have a valid license or two-wheeler insurance papers at the time of the accident
  • The vehicle carried banned substances or was used for illegal purposes during the accident.
  • The accident is not within the geographical range mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • The rider was under the influence of intoxication at the time of the accident.
  • Misrepresentation of the accident in the claim application.
  • If the claim amount exceeds the IDV amount.

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Step by Step Guide to File Scooty Insurance Claim

Here is how a rider can file a scooty insurance claim :

  • Check the insurance policy to know the specific period to notify the insurance provider.
  • As per the insurance policy instructions, you need to file an FIR closest to the accident site, especially in cases involving third parties and theft.
  • The insurance company's surveyor assesses the damage to the insured scooty and processes the estimated cost of repairs.
  • The insured must decide on the type of scooty insurance claim.
  • Suppose the choice is cashless; the insured must move the scooty only to one of the garages listed out by the insurance provider.
  • The insurance provider will process the documents and call for the payment of voluntary and compulsory deductibles.
  • The insurance provider will then cover the repair cost at the garage to cap off a cashless claim.
  • However, if you choose a reimbursement claim, submit the claim only after the scooty's repair by producing the necessary documents. The list of documents is in the next section.
    • After repairs, present the original repair bills along with all relevant documents.
    • The insurance company will verify and process the reimbursement.
  • If the claim involves third-party claims, the insurance company will wait for the verdict from the Motor Insurance Crime Tribunal Court and settle the claim accordingly.

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Document to Submit for Claim Settlement

The insured must duly fill and sign a scooty insurance claim settlement form and submit it along with the following documents to the insurance provider:

  • Two-wheeler insurance policy.
  • Valid Driving license.
  • RC book or registration certificate of the scooty.
  • Pollution under Control Certificate, more familiarly known as PUCC.
  • The repair bills from the garage.
  • If the claim exceeds INR 1L, the policyholder must submit his PAN card.
  • The policyholder must also sign the satisfaction or discharge voucher and present the same.

First Information Report Submission

The scooty insurance settlement claim must include an FIR

  • if the rider is seriously injured or dies.
  • A Third-party is injured or killed.
  • For third-party property damage.


The scooty insurance claim settlement is a simple process if the insured understands how to do it. The need is to inform the provider as soon as possible about the accident and provide all the relevant documents to avoid claim rejection. 

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1. Do modifications on the scooty by the insured result in insurance claim rejection?

Insurance providers reject claims from clients who do not give prior information about scooty's modification.

2. How can I raise a cashless claim against standalone own damage and comprehensive insurance?

The insured must inform his insurer immediately about the accident and the damage to the scooty. Move the scooty to the cashless garage after the survey. The insurer will verify and process the bills and pay the garage.

3. How to present third-party insurance claims?

Inform the insurer and take a picture of the damage to the third party or his/her property. Subsequently, file an FIR at the nearest police station. Be present in all court proceedings, and complete the necessary formalities. The insurer will pay damages according to the court order.

4. Can I submit multiple claims against Scooty or bike insurance?

The insured can file multiple settlement claims against the scooty insurance policy. However, the insurer will settle claims only up to the IDV or the sum assured amount.

5. Why should I buy an add-on for my Scooty insurance policy?

Add-ons add value to the scooty insurance policy and reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Some of the best buys are zero depreciation cover, personal belongings, consumables cover, engine protect cover and roadside assistance cover.

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