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Here’s Why You Need a Good Helmet and Their Top 10 Brands in India

By Juhi Walia
29 August 2022, 11:43 AM

A helmet to a rider is what a seatbelt is to a driver. Bike insurance can protect you and your vehicle from the aftermath of a mishap, but you need to avoid injuries in the first place. In general, riding a two-wheeler is riskier than driving a car as the latter has four wheels providing stability and a cabin and a roof for protection, which a two-wheeler doesn’t. An effective way to safeguard yourself when riding a bike is wearing a helmet, and should be your priority accessory to buy. 

Here are the Reasons Why It’s Imperative:

To Protect You from Head Injuries

Following road safety instructions are for your protection and well-being. Data reveals that approximately 4,50,000 road accidents occur in India every year, resulting in 1,50,000 fatalities, with two-wheelers constituting 25% of mishaps. Head injuries cause the maximum casualties. A sturdy helmet will ensure your head stays safe should an unfortunate event occur.  

Safeguard Your Eyes

A helmet that covers your face completely will prevent damage to your eyes in case there’s an accident. Moreover, naked eyes are also exposed to dust, insects or other vehicles’ light, hampering your vision, distracting you from riding and causing an accident. 

It’s Compulsory

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 calls out helmet regulations in India. Amendments over the years have included an array of factors when it comes to riding a two-wheeler. While the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 increased the penalty for not wearing a helmet, Section 129 of the Act makes it compulsory for everyone over 4 years of age, even pillion riders, to wear protective headgear on bikes.

Keeps You Safe from the Wind

Wind in your hair and face may be a great feeling, but it has its perils. If the breeze enters your ears, it may cause illnesses apart from making you lose your focus while riding. A helmet can prevent that. 

It Impacts Your Two-wheeler Insurance Claim

Wearing protective headgear is crucial for safety, but skipping one may cause you to lose a two wheeler insurance claim. The terms and conditions of your bike insurance policy have a section for exclusions. These are situations where your claim is likely to be rejected — such as irresponsible behaviour or negligence. If the police report reveals that you did not have your helmet on, the two wheeler insurance company can deny your claim since the injury will have resulted from your negligence.

Top 10 Helmet Brands in India

While keeping you safe, a high-quality helmet can also make you look stylish. Several brands in India offer sturdiness, style and good production through their headgears. 

1. Studds

Founded in 1973, this is one of India's oldest, largest, and most reliable helmet manufacturers. They have a wide range to meet different budgetary, looks, features and requirements. One can choose from full-face, open-face, half-face, flip-up full-face, flip-off, and other helmets. Their premium range includes an inner sun visor, comfort liner and more. Due to their superior quality, the brand sells 70 lakh helmets annually. 

2. Steelbird

Sturdy, reliable and reasonable, Steelbird is a famous brand for helmets. The manufacturer has something for everyone with the four product lines — Steelbird, Steelbird Air, Ignyte and Ares. To appeal to youngsters, they have aerodynamic designs. Open-face, full-face, flip-up, flip-off, moto-cross and carbon fibre are available in their catalogue, apart from customised helmets with anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare visors.

3. Royal Enfield

The famed brand believes in substance over form and focuses on making its helmets robust yet comfortable. Thus, their designs have a standard pattern but assure maximum safety, with the range possessing triple certified (ISI, ECE & DOT) helmets for any adventure.  

4. Vega

Established in 1982, Vega is renowned for its designs and quality and has a product line, namely: Crux, Breeze, Cliff, Evo, and Edge. Their open-face category includes Aster, Atom, Blaze, and Cruiser. For female riders, they offer Atom and Verve. One can also choose from their novelty and corporate helmets.

5. Wrangler

The brand has a wide range of full-face helmets, safety helmets, and designer helmets in bike and motorcycle categories. The American brand is known for making easy-to-carry headgear suitable for all ages.  

6. Tong-Ho Hsing (THH)

The Taiwanese brand offers DOT & ISI certified helmets that come with a micrometric adjustment buckle for quick and easy opening and closing. These have a fully-removable and washable liner, position clear visor, multipoint ventilation, and an outer shell made from high-impact grade thermoplastic.   

7. LS2

Another favourite brand worldwide, LS2 has a wide range of sturdy yet comfortable helmets that provide excellent safety. It boasts of a brilliant visor system and chin-bar system. The brand’s designer helmets have quite a mass appeal, too. 

8. Bell

Around since 1954, the international brand has been sought after by dirt bikers and adventurers. The helmet provides high-quality build-up and wind protection in all weather conditions. 

9. Aerostar

Though founded relatively recently, in 2007, this is among the fastest-growing helmet manufacturers in India. Comparatively, their designs are not as slick, but few can beat this brand in affordability, and it’s ISI-certified, so reliable. 

10. Fastrack 

Helmets by the sports brand popular for its watches and eyewear, will appeal to youngsters with its trendy design. The scratch-resistant headgear is made from an optical-grade polycarbonate material and is available in every type — full-face to open-face.


Wearing a helmet is not only mandatory but also sensible for the rider and the pillion rider. It protects you from head and eye injuries, wind from affecting your ears and decreases the chances of the insurer rejecting your claim. There are many homegrown and international brands of helmets available that you can buy for optimal safety while looking stylish. 

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1. What should I keep in mind while buying a helmet?

  • It should suit the shape and size of your head. An ill-fitting helmet will add pressure to the wrong points of your head and cause discomfort while riding.
  • Retention — if a helmet rolls back when you pull it after adjusting the straps, skip it.
  • Clear visor will provide you with clear vision. Opt for anti-glare and anti-fog ones.
  • Proper cushioning to protect your head from injuries in case of an accident.
  • Indian Standards Institute (ISI) mark to assure you that it meets the quality standards to give you utmost safety.
  • Chin vents, forehead vents and exhaust vents should pull the air in, across the visor and over the scalp. Front vents should be closeable.

2. How often should I replace my helmet?

Manufacturers usually upgrade helmets with the latest safety technology every 3 to 5 years. So, try to get the newest model for better protection. However, if you see even the slightest dent on the headgear, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

3. Does my two-wheeler insurance cover damage to the helmet?

Bike insurance companies provide helmet insurance, which covers the cost of repairing the headgear or replacing it with the same model if it’s damaged in an accident and is in your custody. Comprehensive bike insurance has add-ons that enhance your overall coverage. 

4. What’s the penalty amount if I don’t wear a helmet?

The traffic police may charge you INR 1,000 and disqualify your driving licence for three months.

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