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How to Get a Duplicate Two-wheeler Insurance Copy Online from Universal Sompo?

By Juhi Walia
03 August 2022, 2:14 PM

Universal Sompo is a fast-growing insurance company in the Indian market with the facility of availing the bike insurance copy online. Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance offers comprehensive and third-party-liability coverage at the best rates in India. It provides quick settlements for all accident claims, along with access to an efficient network of service agents and claims representatives. But what if you turn up one day and don't find your Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy document? Firstly, don't panic. There are ways by which you can get a duplicate Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy.

Here's how to get duplicate bike insurance online, and below is a quick guide on how to make an online claim with Universal Sompo.

Top Selling Universal Sompo Two-wheeler Insurance Features

Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance is one of the best policies you can buy. This policy is designed to cater to your needs and protect you from any liability.

It offers cashless claims, no-claim bonus for claim-free years, personal accident cover, extensive customer support, etc. These are reasons why this policy has become so popular in India today.

Cashless Claims

With bike insurance cashless claims, you do not have to worry about paying for repairs or parts. The company will handle all the costs and reimbursements directly from the dealer or workshop.

No-claim Bonus

If you do not make any claims on your policy during a given year, you will be entitled to a discount or a refund on your premiums as per the policy terms and conditions. This can greatly benefit people who keep their vehicles in good condition and follow traffic norms to avoid accidents.

Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover is included in Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policies which means that if you were involved in an accident while driving your vehicle, this cover would come into play automatically without any extra effort on your part.

Why is it Essential to Have a Duplicate Copy of Universal Sompo Two-wheeler Insurance?

A duplicate copy of your Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance online policy is an important document you should always keep. In case of any accident or theft, the authorities can use this document as proof of your vehicle ownership. It will also help you get a claim from Universal Sompo if there is any damage to your vehicle.

If you lose your original papers, it may become difficult for authorities like the police department to access information about your vehicle without having an official record of your vehicle's ownership. In such cases, having a duplicate copy of bike insurance online can help obtain such information quickly from the concerned authority.

In case of any damage or theft, you first need to call Universal Sompo and inform it about the incident. This starts the claim process, and you will get your money back after certain formalities. But there are times when Universal Sompo may not give you your money immediately because it may need some proof from you regarding your vehicle ownership.

How Can You Obtain a Duplicate Copy of Two-wheeler Insurance Online from Universal Sompo?

In today's world, where there are so many people using their vehicles, it has become challenging for people to keep track of all their documents like driving licenses, registration certificates and other related documents carefully. This makes them vulnerable, and they may lose their documents resulting in severe consequences like fines or loss of money due to non-compliance with specific laws and regulations.

A duplicate copy of bike insurance can be obtained by submitting a request to Universal Sompo. It will provide you with a duplicate document copy at no cost or extra charges.

You can quickly get a duplicate copy of your Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance online policy. You can request a duplicate copy by filling up an application form on their website and submitting it with all the required documents. Once the company receives all these documents, it will send the duplicates to you at the earliest on your registered email address.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps for procuring a duplicate copy of the two-wheeler insurance:

1) Log in to the official website of Universal Sompo.

2) In the search bar, enter the type of policy taken for your two-wheeler and select the same.

3) Keep your insurance policy details ready and fill in the requested details like the number, date, etc.

4) Ensure you have filled the details appropriately with a thorough check.

5) Once verification completes, you can instantly download the duplicate bike insurance copy.

Why is it Better to Apply for a Duplicate Copy Online from Universal Sompo?

In today's fast-paced world, we are looking for ways to save time and money. This is where online services come in handy, especially when you’re applying for a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance online.

Applying for a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo bike insurance online is better because it saves you time and money. Universal Sompo offers free online services where it will email you a link to download your duplicate copy.

You must click on that link and download the document from its website. If you have any issues regarding this process, you can contact the bike insurance company over the phone or email for further support.

  • When you apply for a duplicate copy of two-wheeler insurance online, you don't have to run from pillar to post. You need to log into your account and fill in the details like vehicle number, date of purchase and name of the insurer.
  • There is no complicated procedure, no paperwork and no delays. Just fill up the form and submit it online. You can also upload scanned copies of documents or photos as proof of ownership. You can do all these within a few minutes!
  • Once you have submitted all required details to Universal Sompo online, you can get your duplicate copy of the bike insurance downloaded immediately or receive it in your mail. Isn't it great? Now you don't have to go anywhere or stand in long queues outside banks and insurance offices! No more waiting for hours on end!
  • Applying for a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo bike insurance online is fast and cost-effective.
  • Your information is encrypted before reaching Universal Sompo. It is stored securely in the company's database with multiple layers of security so that it is not accessible to anyone else but you.

Wrapping Up

Getting a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo bike insurance online is easy. With some care and caution, you can get the duplicate insurance copy you require quickly and without stress.

The information shown here is a guideline for getting a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance online. You can check your insurance policy dates, validity period, name of the insurer or provider, rider and vehicle details, etc. You can also download the final report or copy it on any device you want.



1. How can you obtain a duplicate physical or hard copy of the two-wheeler insurance from Universal Sompo?

Universal Sompo has customer care that you can contact in case you've lost your physical copy of the two-wheeler insurance. It can assist you in procuring a new document and let you know the process.

2. How can you apply for a duplicate copy of the two-wheeler insurance online from Universal Sompo?

Go to its official website and enter all the requested details. Once the verification check is complete, you can download the duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance.

3. How does the online application procedure on Universal Sompo's portal for the duplicate copy of the two-wheeler insurance benefit the applicant?

The applicant can save time and effort and ensure the entire process is safe and secure when getting a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance from its website.

4. Why is it necessary to have a Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy document?

In case of theft or an accident, the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy document guarantees the policyholders will receive the due compensation covered by the company for the damage or loss reported. Hence, the owner will not suffer significant losses and can rest assured that their loss is recovered.

5. Why is it crucial to have a duplicate copy of Universal Sompo's two-wheeler insurance?

In case of an accident or theft, the owner is asked to report the incident to the insurance company and the police authorities. They must also furnish all necessary documents to prove ownership and insurance. So, if you have lost an original document, you can present a duplicate copy by downloading it online. You can then submit it to the officials for a smooth claim settlement.

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