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Know Here the Top Reasons to Purchase Bike Insurance at Oriental Insurance

By Juhi Walia
28 October 2022, 3:39 PM

A bike enables you to travel from one place to another faster. You can overcome traffic jams in a town using a bike, which helps you to save time. Bike mode transport also costs less, and you enjoy the ride if you're a bike lover.

But among the things you should never forget if you own a bike is an insurance policy. You need a financial shield against injuries or bike damage that may occur due to an accident. And the Oriental insurance company is a good cover provider you can consider.

Oriental insurance has policy plans tailored to meet your specific coverage needs. You can purchase bike insurance coverage lasting for a year. However, the company has short-term cover policies to meet your unique needs.

Getting a compressive two-wheeler insurance plan from Oriental gives you maximum protection. The policy covers you, your bike, and the third party. Your bike may get damaged due to lightning, self-ignition, explosion, or fire. Oriental insurance covers all those damages.

Your two-wheeler is also secured against theft or destruction due to malicious acts, riots, and burglary when you have a cover with Oriental insurance. If you're the owner-rider, the company offers personal accident cover of up to INR 15 lakhs in case of demise or total disability.

When choosing an insurance provider, look at pre-sale and post-sale customer service. You should also consider the company's claim settlement ratio before you decide on any policy. Below are multiple reasons why Oriental bike insurance will be a good option.

Reasons Why You Need to Purchase Bike Insurance at Oriental Insurance

1. Online Bike Insurance Renewal

Can you imagine renewing your insurance policy in the comfort of your home? That is all possible when you buy two-wheeler insurance from the oriental company. You save transport costs by purchasing insurance online. You don't have to visit the physical office to renew your insurance. When your policy expires, you go to the Oriental Insurance website and make a renewal. Remember, you risk a lot when driving uninsured.

Are you new to Oriental Insurance online services? You won't need documentation or a further inspection when renewing your bike insurance online. In addition, no extra charges, and insurance policy processing is faster. The company's team is always there to offer the support you need when renewing your insurance online.

2. Hassle-free Claim Settlement

Claim application and settlement are simple and faster at Oriental Insurance. You are required to contact the company within 24 hours when damage, accident, or bike theft occurs. The company has an official contact number you can use. You may also reach Oriental Insurance through the official website. On the other hand, you can visit the company's nearest branch.

When you report the claim, you will get a claim registration. Then, the company representative will contact you. Ensure to provide the location of the accident, time, date, and policy number when you are contacted.

The bike insurance company will then survey damages and estimate repair costs. Make sure you provide the policy documents and the dully filled claim form. When the surveyor approves the damage, your insurer pays the repair expenses. However, depreciation and deductibles are considered when settling your bike insurance claim.

3. Good Discount on Bike Insurance

You can cut your insurance costs by purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy from Oriental. Let's say you have not claimed over the entire course of the insurance policy term. You will qualify for a no-claim bonus, which lowers the cost of insurance.

No-claim bonus is available when renewing your bike insurance policy. Any claim you make within the insurance cover term denies you the no-claim bonus. If you have minor bike repairs, avoid making a claim.

Your bike has more protection with an anti-theft system. The security device notifies you when your bike is suspiciously moved, which protects your motorbike from being stolen. You will also get discounted premiums on your bike insurance policy when you install an anti-theft device.

4. Bike Insurance Add-on Cover

Oriental Insurance offer add-on covers, which strengthens your basic plan coverage. Additional protection above the comprehensive bike insurance policy gives you a financial shield. For example, Oriental allows zero depreciation cover at a friendly cost. Therefore, when settling your claim, the company won't deduct the depreciation value, which saves you money.

Do you transport private belongings with your motorcycle? Sometimes you may lose such property through theft or damage from an accident. But you won't have to incur the cost of such losses if you buy add-on cover. Oriental Insurance provides bike insurance add-on covers that protect private belongings.

5. 24/7 Quality Customer Service

You want to reach the insurance policy provider when your bike breaks down. You should get two-wheeler insurance from a company with proven quality customer service. Let's say your bike needs an expensive repair after the accident, and you can't reach the insurance company. If you commute daily, you look for other means of transport, which costs you more out–of–pocket cash.

Do you need face-to-face customer services from Oriental? Oriental Insurance has an excellent customer care team and works round the clock. The company has many branches in India where you can get agents to assist you on any matter about their insurance policies. You can be sure to access solutions or any query regarding your bike insurance policy through a phone call.

6. Great Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover from oriental insurance offers financial coverage from unforeseen events like accidents. When a bike accident occurs, you can experience body injury. An accident may even lead to death or permanent disability. Therefore, personal cover protects you from expenses that come with an accident.

Assuming you were working and can't work again after an accident. Your bike insurance cover can protect you against loss of income. But that depends on the policy you choose.

7. Easy Access to Company's Insurance Services

Oriental insurance has a strong presence countrywide, enabling access to its services. With over 1800 offices that operate in various cities, you are sure to get assistance within your vicinity. In addition, the company has a garages network where you can access cashless claims.


In conclusion, Oriental Insurance comes with many benefits. You are more secure with their insurance policies from add-on to personal accident cover. You enjoy more convenience with an oriental insurance policy. The company has many branches and agents where you can access their services hassle-free.

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1. Does Oriental Insurance offer zero depreciation for my bike?

Yes. Your oriental comprehensive bike insurance policy allows you to purchase zero dep cover.

2. Is there a limit on bike insurance add-on cover you can buy from Oriental Insurance?

There's no limit on the add-on covers you can buy. Depending on your budget, you can buy as many add-ons as you want.

3. Does the Oriental Insurance cover bike loss due to theft?

Yes. If you lose your bike through theft, the Oriental Insurance company pays the claim.

4. Do I have to visit the Oriental Insurance company's office to renew my two-wheeler insurance policy?

No. You may renew your bike insurance online through the company's website. And when you face a challenge renewing the insurance online, the company's team is available to assist.

5. What does Oriental Insurance's personal accident cover involve?

The personal accident cover protects the bike owner from bodily injury. If you lose income due to injuries, personal accident cover protects you.

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