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Terms and Conditions of Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

By Juhi Walia
10 August 2022, 11:10 AM

Riding on Indian roads can be fun yet dangerous at the same time. Getting your two-wheeler insurance is highly recommended to provide much-needed financial protection in an emergency. To increase the coverage, you can opt for additional coverage by paying a small additional premium.

The add-ons that come with two-wheeler insurance online are an additional cover that can be taken out, along with comprehensive bike insurance online. You can even take these add-ons with a standalone own damage two-wheeler insurance policy. Additional coverage with insurance can go to great lengths to ensure their vehicle is in top condition. Whether oil changes, accessories, or cleaning, they improve your experience.

But purchasing add-ons for your two-wheeler comes with certain terms and conditions. You must pay an added premium while purchasing these add-ons and every feature would have its inclusions and exclusions. Therefore, you should read the blueprint thoroughly and understand all conditions before signing up for bike insurance add-ons. 

Terms and Conditions Related to Add-ons in Bike Insurance Online

Here are some terms and conditions related to add-on covers available with your two-wheeler insurance online. You can purchase the additional coverage with your bike insurance:

  1. At the time of purchase.
  2. At the time of bike insurance renewal – both online and offline.

Fundamental Factors to Consider Before Buying Two-wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers 

  • Review all the details before selecting and clarify any doubts you may have.
  • Personalize your two-wheeler insurance online add-ons
  • Different bike insurance companies may price add-ons differently.
  • Don't go overboard with add-ons, and buy what you want. Extra add-ons can make you pay a hefty premium and give you no significant value in return.

Add-on Coverages in Two-wheeler Insurance with Their Terms & Conditions

While comprehensive bike insurance offers good coverage, it may not be enough. The additional coverage is similar to the annual top-ups for the extended essential subscription. These help you extend the life of your motorcycle, engine life, and trade-in value. Here is a list of the best additional covers you should buy for your bike and associated terms and conditions:

Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance

Every vehicle loses its value while it ages. Zero depreciation coverage on two-wheeler insurance online is for those who don't want to pay the billed amount for depreciation. With this add-on, you don't have to bother about depreciation. Zero dep bike insurance add on cover helps you reduce the stress of paying your vehicle's depreciation costs, allowing you to claim a higher amount. The terms and conditions of this add-on are:

  • The number of bike insurance claims allowed may vary depending on the insurer, which is generally two claims per policy duration.
  • This add-on is only available for two-wheeled models designated for a predetermined number of years, after which this add-on will not apply.
  • Any form of uninsured risk, damage caused by mechanical failure, aging, and routine wear and tear is not covered.
  • Total damage or loss of the vehicle of uninsured bicycle items such as tyres, bi-fuel kits and petrol kits is not covered.
  • The premium is slightly higher, but it also offers a high return.
  • All costs associated with plastic fibres must be covered by the owner.

Roadside Assistance/Emergency coverage

With additional coverage, you will benefit from emergency assistance services such as towing, tire replacement, etc. Roadside bike insurance add-on also provides roadside assistance coverage when you are stuck in the event of a two-wheeler malfunction because of a puncture, refuelling, towing vehicle, battery failure, minor on-site repairs, etc. Terms and conditions for this add-on coverage are as follows -

  • Although the terms may vary, different insurers offer up to four claims per policy.
  • Towing services are generally provided within a radius of 50 km, beyond which the insured must bear the costs.
  • In case of minor technical problems, the insurer only provides telephone support.
  • In the event of running out of fuel, the insurer generally provides benefits of five liters of fuel, provided that the insured bears the costs of fuel, labor, and transport costs.
  • For other repairs such as tyre changes, punctures, emergency battery starting, etc., the service and product will reach the policyholder, but the related costs will be borne by the policyholder.

Add-on Coverage for NCB protection

This protects your NCB - no claims bonus even if a claim arises during a policy year. Its terms and conditions include:

  • This supplement applies provided no more than 2 claims are made per year.
  • The NCB discount is only available if the policy is renewed with the same company within 90 days of the expiration of the previous plan.
  • Any misrepresentation, misrepresentation, or fraud will result in the revocation of the NCB add-on.

Personal Accident Cover

Two-wheeler accidents are generally fatal for both the rider and the pillion. Personal accident coverage also includes the total or partial disability of the rider and the pillion or the co-passenger. It's the mandatory coverage you can get on any of the two-wheeler insurance policies - third-party, standalone own damage, and comprehensive. You can get a personal accident cover of up to INR 15 lakh.

Terms and Conditions for personal accident cover include:

  • The type of coverage for this option is:
  • Accidental death - 100%
  • Loss of both eyes or both limbs/loss of sight and one limb - 100%
  • Loss of sight or one limb - 50 %
  • Permanent disability -100%.
  • There is no insurance coverage if the insured is intoxicated or if the accident occurs outside the geographical area.
  • Any injury or intentional act of the insured is not covered.

Consumables Coverage

Consumables bike insurance add on covers all consumables on two-wheelers, such as a grease, lube clip, bearings, oil filter, brake fluid, fuel filter, nut and bolt, screw, etc., which are normally not covered under bike insurance. Its terms and conditions are:

  • The cost of consumables in bike insurance depends on the value of the motorcycle, the year of its construction, and its location.
  • It can only be purchased with comprehensive insurance.
  • The insurer does not cover the fuel consumption during the repair of the insured bike.
  • This supplement does not apply if the insured is driving under the influence of alcohol or with an invalid driver's license or insurance coverage.
  • It also does not apply if the replaced or repaired parts are not of the same type.

Coverage for Loss of Keys

The add-on for replacing keys in a two-wheeler insurance online policy reimburses the insured for the loss of the key (s) and provides a spare key in the shortest possible time. Its terms and conditions are:

  • You can just add this coverage with a  standalone or comprehensive bike insurance plan.
  • No cover is provided if the damage to the key results from the spillage of something toxic

Engine Protection Cover

The engine protection bike insurance add on coverage financially protects the policyholder if a damaged engine or parts require repair. This extra coverage is a must if you are staying in a flood-prone area. Terms and conditions are:

  • This applies to vehicles less than five years old.
  • You cannot make more than two claims during the same insurance year.
  • The insurer may not cover all engine damages.
  • Any intentional act or restarting the ignition by drowning in water is not covered.

Tyre Damage Coverage

The tyre protection bike insurance add on covers damages such as a flat or punctured tire, a dent in the tyre, a tyre puncture due to an accident, etc. Its terms and conditions are:

  • Costs incurred as a result of a puncture or tyre repair due to manufacturing defects or services provided by an unauthorised service center.
  • In case of violation of the operating instructions such as rally, racing, etc., or as a result of incorrect transport or storage, the damage will not be covered


The road condition in India and the negligence of some people's irresponsible driving can lead to fatal road accidents. Usually, it is the two-wheeler rider who suffers the most. Bike insurance online is essential to riding a two-wheeler and has been mandated by the law. Make sure you buy bike insurance online and important additional coverage to improve the policy.

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1. What is a two-wheeler insurance add-on?

Add-ons or supplemental coverage in two-wheeler insurance online refers to extended coverage of a standard insurance plan available for an additional premium.

These are available in different categories, and you can opt for a couple of them according to your requirement. Some people may opt for emergency coverage, while others may be more interested in the zero-depreciation cover.

2. Are there any limitations to the number of add-ons the bike owner can purchase?

No, there is no limit to the number of additional services that can be purchased with two-wheeler insurance. You can add as many add-ons to your bike insurance policy as possible.

3. If the insured opts for additional coverage, will his bike insurance online premium increase?

Yes, the add-ons come at an additional price that may seem less when you compare it to the range of coverage it offers.

4. Does the insured have to submit additional documents when adding extra coverage to his two-wheeler insurance policy?

No additional documents are required. The insured only needs to pay a nominal fee to activate these add-ons on this bike insurance online policy.

5. What should you learn before purchasing add-on coverage along with two-wheeler insurance?

Before you buy add-ons with your bike insurance, you need to know about its coverage, features and premiums.

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