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Reasons to Choose Navi Two-Wheeler Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
11 October 2022, 12:09 PM

Navi General Insurance provides the insured vehicle with complete protection from unfortunate life events by providing complete coverage for the insured vehicle during such times. There are various perils on the road, artificial or natural, that can destroy your vehicle, requiring expensive repairs. Navi bike insurance protects you financially throughout the journey.

Navi General Insurance offers three significant two-wheeler policies: Third party, own damage, and comprehensive. Every two-wheeler owner and rider should have an insurance policy. When the insured two-wheeler is damaged or third parties are liable, a bike insurance policy provides financial and legal assistance to the policyholder.

Navi General Insurance specialises in providing insurance policies that can be tailored to suit the needs of its clients. Add-ons let you customize your plan based on your needs. 

In this post, we will dive deep into why you should consider Navi two-wheeler insurance policies, their features, and how you can boost your Navi bike insurance policy too.

Why Should You Consider Navi General Insurance for Bike Insurance?

Navi General Insurance is an excellent choice for bike insurance, as it offers the following benefits: 

  • A Reputable and Legitimate Insurance Company

Before purchasing bike insurance, you should confirm the legality of the insurer. You can count on a reputable insurance company if your bike is damaged in an accident or another unforeseen event. Navi General insurance achieved a Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) of 97%, as per the information available on the company's official website. Claim settlement data sourcing date- 28/09/2022.

  • Provides Affordable Premiums

Choosing a bike insurance policy that fits your budget is as important as choosing the best coverage. Incentives such as the no-claim bonus may help you save money on your Navi bike insurance premiums.

Those who wish to get one-year comprehensive insurance coverage can purchase it from Navi General Insurance for a meager price. Long-term comprehensive insurance can save you money compared to the 'super safe option.' 

  • Provides Cashless Services

It would be best to consider the provision of cashless services when choosing the best insurance policies. Cashless claims are one of the most valuable services any insurance provider offers. Performance of repairs happens at the insurance company's network garages without paying any money.

Because the bike insurance company assesses the damage and pays directly for repairs, it's quick and straightforward. Over 1,100 garages are part of the Navi General Insurance network, meaning you can settle your claim cashless.

  • Renewal and Claim Processes are Simple

A set of rules governs the filing of claims by most insurance companies. A few stages may differ between businesses, however. You can find out how to file a claim by reading the terms and conditions of your policy. Claims should be filed quickly and easily.  

Technological advancement has made it easier to purchase, renew, and claim insurance. Online bike insurance renewal and claims are available from Navi General Insurance.

  • Coverage Options 

You may not be able to acquire comprehensive bike insurance with a basic policy. Adding additional coverage can tailor your bike insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Your insurance policy at Navi General Insurance can be enhanced and complemented with 12 additional covers. The following are some of the most useful ones:

  • Expenses associated with consumables
  • Assistance with roadside emergencies
  • A zero-depreciation policy
  • Secure NCB
  • EMI protection coverage

Navi General Insurance's Two-wheeler Coverage Policies 

A wide range of people can benefit from Navi General Insurance. This motor insurance policy offers additional protection to you and your two-wheeler. The following are some of the most significant characteristics:

  • Customization is easy and affordable.
  • Everything can be done online, from purchase to renewal.
  • The digital policy eliminates the hassle of paperwork.
  • Self-inspection happens online instantly
  • Around 12 add-on covers provide complete protection
  • Around 1100 cashless garages ensure a smooth claims process

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What Can You Do to Boost Your Navi Bike Insurance Coverage?

With the Navi insurance add-on, you can customise insurance coverage to meet your needs. Additional services are available for an additional fee.

The following are among them:

  • Expenses Associated with Consumables

A high repair cost is associated with consumables covered under bike insurance policies with add-ons, such as nuts, bolts, brake oil, fuel filters, etc. The cost of all these items is not covered by regular insurance. This add-on covers them.

  • Assistance with Roadside Emergencies

If you break down when riding your bike and need immediate assistance, the roadside assistance offered as an insurance add-on allows you to call for help. Towing, fuel loading, battery jumpstarts, and other services are available.

  • Insuring Against Zero Depreciation

High-end models and new bikes benefit from zero depreciation add-on cover. There is a possibility of getting a settlement for bikes that are less than five years old up to the total value of the bike.

As the vehicle ages and wears out, its value depreciates. Hence, only the IDV of the bike is paid to the insured. In contrast, zero depreciation bike insurance pays out the total purchase price of the bike without taking depreciation into account.

  • Theft Claim

It allows registration for a Navi bike insurance claim of theft or total loss up to the full value of your new vehicle by paying only 50 paise per day.

  • Protector Against EMIs

No matter what the circumstances are, one must pay the EMIs. If you cannot pay your EMIs, this protector will cover three months' worth.


The purchase of bike insurance is mandatory. However, having the right insurance coverage while riding a bike is more important. Before riding your bike, ensure you have insurance to avoid costly repair expenses and legal issues. Therefore, it would be best to compare policies before purchasing one and ride cautiously. Please go through the Navi comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies in length to understand how it can protect your two-wheelers in the long run.

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1. Is Navi insurance reliable?

Navi General Insurance is registered with the IRDAI for general insurance products. 

2. Can a Navi comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover everything?

The Navi comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers a variety of losses, including accidents, thefts, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, strikes, terrorist activity, and malicious damage. Please refer to its wording if you wish to learn more about your insurance policy.

3. What factors are considered when calculating Navi's two-wheeler insurance premiums?

Two-wheeler insurance premiums are calculated based on various factors, including the bike's age, IDV, engine capacity, and registration area.

4.How to find my Navi bike insurance policy details?

Your insurance certificate from Navi General Insurance will contain your policy number. Regular correspondence regarding the bike policy number is also received via email or letter. The Navi two-wheeler insurance can be duplicated after filing an FIR in case of loss of insurance documents.

5. Can I cancel Navi's bike insurance during the tenure?

You can return the policy within 15 days of delivery if it does not meet your insurance needs. There will be formalities to complete regarding this, which you will need to inform the insurer. The premium will be refunded if the insurer applies the terms and conditions.


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