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Benefits of Purchasing a Bike Insurance Plan from Navi General Insurance

By Juhi Walia
20 July 2022, 4:17 PM

Riding your bike gives a non-comparable feeling of joy and freedom. In the same way, a two-wheeler insurance policy provides you with an unmatched sense of security. It protects you from the damages you can incur due to accidents on the road. Road perils— natural or man-made can cause a significant amount of damage. How can you combat this? With two-wheeler insurance from Navi bike insurance!

Let’s see why buying a Navi General bike insurance policy is beneficial. 

What are the Types of Navi Two-wheeler Insurance?

Navi General Insurance offers three types of bike insurance plans designed to provide you with different levels of protection. They are as follows:

Third-party Insurance

The Navi third party bike insurance mainly covers vehicles, individuals, or property damaged or destructed by the policyholder’s bike. However, it doesn’t cover any damage caused to the insured or his vehicle. It is the most basic and mandatory plan available.

Comprehensive Insurance

Navi Comprehensive bike insurance covers all aspects of third-party bike insurance. Additionally, it includes any damage caused to you and your vehicle.

Moreover, you can buy various bike insurance add-ons (additional benefits) to create a more well-rounded coverage plan. Since the duration of these policies ranges from 1-3 years, it eliminates the need to buy and renew single-year plans.

Own Damage Insurance

Navi own damage bike insurance by which you can get covered for damages to you and your vehicle against accidents, natural or human-related disasters. You can opt for the policy period while signing the agreement with Navi.

Features of Two-wheeler Coverage Policies by Navi General Insurance 

Navi General Insurance caters to people from all walks of life. Its two-wheeler insurance features ensure more protection for you and your vehicle. Some significant characteristics are mentioned below:

  • It is easily customisable and affordable.
  • From purchase to renewal, you can do everything online.
  • No hassle of paperwork (Digital policy).
  • Self-inspection (online) on an instant basis.
  • Around 12 add-on covers are available to provide full protection.
  • Around 900 cashless garages ensure a smooth claims process.

Add-ons to Boost Your Navi Bike Insurance Cover

Navi bike insurance add on can be customised to fulfill your insurance needs. It provides various additional services for an extra premium.

These include:

Consumables Expense

Consumables bike insurance cover like nuts and bolts, brake oil, fuel filter, etc., have a high repairing cost. Under regular bike insurance, all these are not covered. You can get them covered through this add-on.

Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistance bike insurance add-on feature allows you to call for immediate assistance if your bike breaks down suddenly in the middle of a ride. Also, various other services like towing, fuel load, battery jump-start, etc., are available.

Zero Depreciation Insurance

This zero depreciation bike insurance add-on is a great choice for high-end models and new bikes. Bikes less than five years old can get a settlement up to the vehicle's full value.

Generally, a vehicle's value depreciates with age and normal wear and tear. In this case, the insured is paid only up to the IDV of the bike. However, zero depreciation insurance provides you with the full value of the bike as a claim without considering the depreciation effect.

Claim for Theft

It allows registration for a Navi bike insurance claim of theft or total loss up to the full value of your new vehicle by paying only 50 paise per day.

EMI Protector

As we know, one needs to pay the EMIs no matter the situation.  However, with this protector, you can cover three months of EMIs in case you cannot pay them otherwise.

Do You Know These Navi Bike Insurance Premium Reduction Tactics?

You can reduce the premium towards Navi bike insurance (in case you feel it is high) without lowering the offered coverage by:

  • Denying any modifications.
  • Avoiding small claims to avail of the NCB bonus of up to 50%.
  • Choosing a basic model over high-end models.

Premium Payment Process

You can pay the premium of Navi General Insurance online or offline. In case you choose the online mode, your card details, billing name, payment method, and billing address will be collected. 


In a nutshell, Navi General Insurance fulfills your bike insurance needs. You can get insured under third-party insurance or comprehensive bike insurance as per your requirements. It has a huge range of benefits to offer along with its various add-ons. It provides additional benefits such as roadside assistance and an EMI protector to enhance your experience and reduce any problems which may arise while riding. 


1. What are the documents needed to register a Navi bike insurance claim?

To claim this policy, you need the following documents:

  • Claim form (duly filled and signed).
  • Repair bills.
  • Registration certificate’s copy.
  • Insurance document’s copy.
  • Police FIR (in theft or accidental claim).
  • Proof of road tax paid.
  • Copy of driver’s license.

2. What all is covered under Navi General's two-wheeler comprehensive insurance?

It covers damage or loss caused to the two-wheeler vehicle. It also includes the liability to the third party and own damage on account of man-made or natural calamities.

3. How is the Navi two-wheeler insurance premium calculated?

Navi two-wheeler insurance premium is calculated based on the age of the bike, its IDV, engine capacity, registration zone, etc.

4. How do I find my Navi bike insurance policy details?

You can find the policy number on the insurance certificate you received from Navi General Insurance. You also receive correspondence regularly via letters or emails about the policy number of the vehicle. If the insurance documents are lost, you can apply for a duplicate one after filing an FIR.

5. What is Navi long-term two-wheeler insurance?

A long-term two-wheeler insurance plan is key for those worrying about yearly renewal hustles. These policies come with a term of like 3 to 4 years with a one-time cost. Therefore, they provide safety for a longer period (unlike annual policies). Moreover, a single premium for the whole tenure implies that you are protected from the hike the IRDAI imposes on the third-party premium component every year.

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