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Tips for Riding a Motorcycle for Beginners

By Juhi Walia
12 October 2022, 5:44 PM

Before riding a motorcycle, you should know about that motorcycle's controls. You must also buy motor insurance at the time of buying. After that, you can learn how to ride a motorbike. Riding a motorcycle requires the involvement of your entire body. Riding a motorcycle is completely different from riding a car.

Some Effective and Useful Tips

Love to Learn

To make your learning more effective, you should first keep in mind that you must love to learn that particular thing. It will develop your interest automatically and will help you retain more. Neither be too nervous nor overconfident. Trust in your ability, and have faith in your trainer. Everything takes time so give yourself and your trainer adequate time.

Practice in an Open and Safe Environment

Make sure if you are riding a motorbike for the first time, the place where you will be practicing should be crowd-free, which means a safe environment. It can be a parking lot where there is no traffic at all or an open field. Morning time in an open field is the best time and place to practice for you. 

Practice with an Old Bike

Don't consider practicing or learning about your dream new bike for the first time. There is always a higher probability of falling and injuries during first-time bike learning. There is a chance that you might end up scratching your new bike several times if you practice with it.

No one wants their new bikes to be scratched or broken. So, always practice or learn with your old bike. You can also buy two-wheeler insurance to protect your bike. 

Know All the Components

Familiarise yourself with all the components of a motorcycle. After that, you will feel more comfortable and confident riding a bike. Understand the functions of clutch levers, brake levers, front brakes, horns, high beams, turn signals, ignition switches, footpegs, rear brakes, etc.

You should also familiarize yourself with your bike's sound, weight, how it turns, speed, torque, etc. Clean and maintain your bike by yourself, as it will help you know your bike better. 

Scan Your Surroundings

As a beginner, every time you start moving, look at your left and right sides, whether someone is coming or not. Because if someone comes unexpectedly, there might be a chance that you get panicked.

So, keep your look far ahead. Don't fix your vision at a single point. Scanning your surrounding is necessary both before and during the ride.

Inspection Before Riding

Inspection before riding is called pre-ride inspection. You need to do a quick check of tyre condition, fluid check, battery, brake lights, etc. It will help you experience a hassle-free ride. You can consider it as a preventive check.

Double checking your tyre pressure during the pre-ride inspection is a must. Life is precious. A small effort called a preventive check can save you from any possible adverse consequences. 

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The Helmet is Mandatory

It is legally compulsory to wear a helmet as well. You should consider wearing a helmet every time you ride or practice as a beginner to protect yourself. The tendency to get injured is much higher during the practice stage of riding.

So, it's better to be prepared before anything bad happens. Sometimes you may be fined if you don't wear a helmet.

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Drag the Rear Brake

Dragging the rear brake will give you tremendous stability, and you can better hustle your bike. This tip is very useful for beginners like you.

Flash Your Brake Lights

When slowing down in traffic, always flash your brake lights. The other riders will be able to notice your deceleration if you do that.

Don't Take Anyone With You

When you are a beginner, never consider taking anyone with you while riding except your trainer or an experienced person. Riding with someone means putting your life in danger and the riders. You will also notice that practicing alone will give you more confidence, but when you take someone with you will always make you feel nervous.

Taking someone experienced or your trainer will boost your confidence and help you in many ways. You can take their guides anytime you need them. Search for bike insurance online. There are bike insurance companies available to provide you best bike insurance at an affordable price. This is necessary for you and your family. 


Riding a motorcycle is always so much fun. You may find it difficult to ride a motorcycle for the first time because of all the learning you need to understand the tools and their functions. 

Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory and necessary for buyers to protect themselves and others. Understand every tip written above, and apply them, don't let your fun hobby negatively impact your life due to some negligence.

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1. What are the important things you should know as a first-time motorcycle rider?

You must accept your anxiety. Proper training must be taken to overcome anxiety, and safety equipment is something you should never ignore. Having confidence in yourself and the skills you have are important things for beginners. 

2. What common mistakes should you avoid while riding a bike for the first time?

Some common mistakes are getting distracted, self-doubt, wearing the wrong gear, and non-familiarization with tools. You should avoid these mistakes and should buy bike insurance from the best bike insurance company available to you in your location to add an extra level of security.

3. What documents should you have while riding a bike?

While riding a two-wheeler in India, you should have a driving licence, registration certificate, fitness certificate, instance papers, and bike insurance papers. 

4. What should be your ready position for riding a bike?

If you are a first-time rider, your ready position of riding your bike's engine must be in first gear. The left foot must be down, whereas the right foot must be on the rear brake. Hold your clutch in your left hand and the right handle in your right hand. 

5. What do you mean by add-ons for first-time riders in case of bike insurance?

In bike insurance, some additional coverage can be purchased by new riders like you to extend the coverage of a normal/regular two-wheeler insurance plan. For that, you have to pay an additional premium. You have to purchase it with a comprehensive bike insurance plan. 

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