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Understanding Sports Bike Insurance in India

22 July 2022, 1:26 PM

With the growing popularity of sports bikes, a new class of bike insurance policies with differing terms and customisations has come into the fray. Given the high value of these bikes and the risks involved with the high power and performance offered, such bikes remain ill-matched with the traditional offerings of mainstream insurance service providers.

That being said, the law is still the same for all - scooters, commuter bikes or sports bikes— all need third-party bike insurance before hitting the streets. Everything else is for the situation and the owner to decide.

To understand their insurance requirements, we need to comprehend what a sports bike is and what sets them apart from regular motorcycles.

An Overview of Sports Bikes

Two-wheelers that have been designed to optimise speed, acceleration and braking, usually at the expense of fuel economy and storage space, come under the category of sports bikes. They have high-performance engines built into a lightweight frame, and their superior aerodynamic structure enables them to zip through with minimal wind resistance. 

Compared to commuter bikes, they have wider tyres and better suspension but significantly lower mileage. They also have a larger engine capacity, ranging between 200-1000cc, giving them much more power than regular bikes.

Additionally, their special design gives them a very different aesthetic appeal. They are usually broader in build and look bulkier than sleek commuter bikes. Some popular sports bikes in India include Honda CBR 650, KTM RC 390 and Kawasaki Ninja 400.


Sports bikes have a very sophisticated design, making repairs and spare parts extremely expensive. Moreover, their visuals and performance make them more prone to theft. 

In such a situation, a mere third-party two-wheeler insurance policy meeting legal requirements is insufficient. You need a comprehensive bike insurance cover with all the right add-ons to ensure that repairing your bike does not cost you a fortune.

Buying the Right Policy

The ideal policy is a comprehensive cover that includes the following:

Third-party Insurance

Firstly, you need to ensure that you get third-party coverage, as riding your bike without it can get you in legal trouble. It covers the cost of repairing the vehicle of the other party in the accident. Moreover, it also takes care of any legal liabilities arising from an accident.

Personal Accident Cover

Once you’ve checked the box for legal requirements, you can move on to ensuring your care with a personal accident cover

It covers the insured for any medical requirements that may come up as a result of an accident. The PAC also compensates the owner in case of death or permanent disability.

Other Add-ons

Many bike insurance add-ons are available for you to choose from, depending on your policy provider. However, keep in mind its usefulness and your requirements. It includes specific coverages for ambulance transportation, roadside assistance, engine protection, and even a zero depreciation allowance. All these might be worth considering when splurging on expensive bikes.

Theft and Calamities

Not all policies include cover theft and natural/man-made calamities. A sports bike is an expensive investment, and you must be protected against losing it at all costs. Therefore, purchase a policy that protects you financially against theft and all calamities— natural like earthquakes or floods and man-made like riots.

A Brief on Common Add-ons

Here are some common add-ons to help your sports bike insurance policy provide better coverage. 

Zero Depreciation

Zero Depreciation bike insurance add on ensures a better claim amount as insurance companies cannot consider the depreciation of the vehicle or its parts while settling your claim. Thus, you will not have to cover the remaining cost of those expensive spare parts for your sports bike.

Pillion Rider Cover

If an accident occurs, the medical expenses for the driver are covered by the personal accident cover. However, pillion rider cover will provide accident cover to the passenger riding along with the driver, taking care of any medical treatments and going as far as death and disability for the concerned individual.

NCB Protect

Normally, you lose your no-claim bonus once a claim is made. Including an NCB in bike insurance protection while purchasing your policy ensures that the bonus remains intact even if you’ve made a claim, albeit with some conditions and fair usage clauses. Chances of accidents with sports bikes are higher, leading to claim situations. So, the NCB protect add-on allows you to claim while retaining your NCB benefits.

Roadside Assistance

If your bike experiences problems or breakdowns while on the road, a local mechanic wouldn’t be the most helpful, especially when dealing with sports bikes. In this case, a dedicated roadside assistance service will come in handy, which this crucial roadside assistance bike insurance add-on can offer you.

Engine Protection

The average motorcycle insurance policy does not cover damage caused to the engine. Therefore, consider adding this additional engine protection bike insurance cover to your standard policy. Engines of sports bikes are costly, making a strong case for this add-on cover.

The Final Word

Choosing the right bike insurance policy with appropriate add-ons can be tedious, but it is vital. Once done, you can keep all qualms aside and enjoy your sports bike to the fullest, knowing everything has been taken care of.

Given the myriad of options available for buyers today, a comparison platform such as Paytm Insurance is ideal for finding the perfect bike policy with customisations to suit your requirements at the best price.

As a sports bike is expensive, going to a cashless garage helps matters as opposed to taking it somewhere else where you have to pay an expectedly hefty amount and wait for the insurer to reimburse later.

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1. Why is sports bike insurance so expensive?

Motorcycle insurance premiums are dependent on the cost of the bike. Since sports bikes themselves are more expensive, their premiums are also higher. Moreover, insurance providers see sports bikes as riskier than regular bikes. It is faster and much more powerful, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Similarly, the accessories and aesthetics make it more attractive to robbers. All of these reasons cause the sports bike insurance premium to be costly.

2. How to get lower premiums for sports bikes?

A few measures can still be adopted to lower your sports bike insurance premium.

  • Purchase the insurance online.
  • Install an anti-theft device.
  • Declare the right IDV.
  • Register yourself with an authorized automobile body.
  • Install fewer accessories.
  • Use the NCB discount.
  • Renew your policy on time.

3. How to calculate the right IDV for sports bikes?

IDV is calculated as the difference between the invoice price and the depreciation over the years. 

For example, you bought a bike for INR 1,00,000 in 2020. Its IDV in 2022 will be INR 1,00,000 minus 20% depreciation, which is INR 85,000.

4. Why should I not let my bike insurance policy lapse?

If you fail to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy even within 90 days of the policy expiration date, the policy will lapse. As a result, you cannot get insurance coverage. Any cost incurred during such time will have to be borne out-of-pocket. Moreover, you will have to purchase a fresh policy later. As a result, you will likely lose the NCB benefit you may have accumulated. 

5. What is a network garage, and why is it important when buying a sports bike insurance policy?

Every insurance company will have a list of garages that are associated with them. These are called network garages. To process a cashless claim, you must get your bike repaired at a network garage. Ideally, the more the number of network garages with the insurer, the better it is for the insured, as they will have more places to get their vehicle repaired.

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