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The production of the Audi Q3 first started in the year 2011 and since then, the car has improved a lot in terms of performance and looks. The Audi Q3 has a transverse-mounted engine at its front and is popularly categorized as a “Sub-compact luxury crossover SUV”. As with the front-engine layout, the Audi Q3 is the epitome of class, luxury and power. It has four versions available in India and comes in four colour variants, namely Cortina White, Misano Red, Floret Silver, Hainan Blue and Mythos Black. If you want a powerful and luxurious SUV then the Audi Q3 can be your go-to.

Audi Q3 Features

The Audi Q3 is available in four versions to select from in India. The first one is the 30 TSI Premium and it comes with a 1395cc displacement, petrol-based engine and offers a mileage of around 16.9 km/l. The second version is the 30 TDI Premium FWD, which comes with a diesel-based engine with 1968 cc displacement, along with front-wheel drive and 18.51 km/l of mileage. The third version of the Audi Q3 is the 35 TDI Quattro Premium Plus, which offers the same specifications as the 30 TDI Premium except for the drive type, which is All-Wheel Drive (AWD). The fourth version of the car is 35 TDI Quattro Technology with a 1968cc diesel-based engine and offers 15.17 km/l. All of the four versions of the Audi Q3 have Automatic transmission. Along with these, you will be getting top of the line features like the Air Conditioning, Multi-function Steering Wheel, 2 zones automatic climate control, ABS, Alloy Wheels, Passenger and Driver side Safety Airbags, Brake Assist and more.

Audi Q3 Specifications

ARAI Mileage15.17 km/l
Fuel TypePetrol / Diesel
Engine Displacement1395cc / 1968cc
Total Cylinders4
Maximum Power Output (bhp@rpm)181bhp@3500-4000rpm
Maximum Torque Output (nm@rpm)380nm@1750-3000rpm
Total Seating5
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Gear Box7-Speed S-Tronic
Drive TypeFront-Wheel Drive (FWD) / All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Fuel Tank Capacity64.0 litres
Boot Space460 litres
Body TypeSUV
Available Ground Clearance170 mm
Wheel Base2603 mm

Audi Q3 Car Insurance

As you can see, you will be getting many top of the line features and specifications when you buy the Audi Q3. But that’s not enough, as you will also need to have valid Audi Q3 insurance that will take care of any damages caused by and to your vehicle while on the road. As it is lawfully required for car owners in India to have motor insurance if they want to drive their cars on the Indian street. This is because, in case of an unfortunate accident, the car insurance will take care of most of the damages caused by the insured vehicle. And with owning an expensive car like the Audi Q3, you would want to have full coverage in case of such damages. So make sure to have your Audi Q3 insurance renewal done if it has already expired. You can also go for a new Audi Q3 car insurance of your liking with different benefits. But before you get your Audi Q3 insurance, know about these necessary details.

Types of Audi Q3 Car Insurance

You can opt for two types of new Audi Q3 car insurance of your choice. You can also change your insurance type during your Audi Q3 car insurance renewal time. The types of insurance are;

  • Third-party car insurance, which is cheap and covers the mandatory insurance coverage, i.e. third-party liability damage coverage.
  • Comprehensive car insurance, which costs more than the prior but includes a lot more of the important benefits like car theft, damages due to natural disasters, and more, along with the basic third-party liability coverage.

What is Covered Under Audi Q3 Insurance Policy?

A lot of damage coverage options are available with the Audi Q3 car insurance policy, they are;

  • Third-party damage and liability coverage
  • Natural/man-made disaster inflicted damages, during earthquakes, floods, cyclones, riots,etc.
  • Own damage coverage
  • Damages due to accidental fires, theft of the car, theft of car parts, arson, etc.

What is not Covered Under Audi Q3 Insurance Policy?

There are certain conditions under which your Audi Q3 car insurance won’t cover the damages. They are;

  • Damages caused on purpose
  • Dmages caused while driving drunk
  • Damages caused while participating in unlawful activities
  • Normal wear and tear through time
  • Driving without a valid driving licence/insurance policy
  • Damage caused due to owner’s carelessness

These are some key points in which case your Audi Q3 insurance policy will not cover your damages. If you want more damage coverage options or different terms, you can always go for a new Audi Q3 insurance anytime. Just make sure you are happy with the options and the new Audi Q3 insurance price.

How to Renew/Buy Your Audi Q3 Car Insurance Policy?

You can get a new Audi Q3 car insurance online or through an agent in your locality. The process for the Audi Q3 insurance renewal is also similar and can be done either from your home or by visiting an agent. If you want to know the process of getting a new Audi Q3 insurance policy online or having it renewed, let us explain it to you.

Steps you need to follow for the Audi Q3 insurance renewal or purchase;

  1. Go look for an Audi Q3 insurance policy website
  2. Fill in your car details and your required personal information
  3. Select the insurance type you want
  4. Check-in with the available benefits, terms and most importantly, the Audi Q3 insurance cost
  5. Settle on an Audi Q3 insurance price of your liking and you will be done after paying its premium

That is how folks, you can easily buy new Audi car insurance while scouting the different Audi Q3 insurance price margins being offered.

Audi Q3 Review

If you like the Audi Q series, you will love the Audi Q3. It is a premium SUV that has all the necessary elements for a car of that category. You get multiple variants to choose from as per your liking. It is an ideal car for the Indian roads and is perfect for a family car and as a long-tour companion. Just make sure to include an Audi Q3 car insurance with it to keep you covered when in need.

Audi Q3 Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is the Audi Q3 Car insurance mandatory?

    It is mandatory in India, to have at least third-party insurance coverage for your vehicle.

  • 2. Can you change your Audi Q3 insurance type?

    You can change your insurance type for Audi Q3 at the time of its renewal.

  • 3. Third-party or Comprehensive Insurance- which is better?

    Comprehensive insurance is better than third-party insurance, as it offers a lot more extensive damages options and you can customise it as per your requirement.

  • 4. What is a No Claim Bonus in Audi Q3 car insurance?

    No Claim Bonus is a type of reward given to car owners for driving carefully and not making a claim within a certain period of time.

  • 5. What are the add-ons available with the Audi Q3 car insurance?

    1. There are multiple add-ons in any comprehensive Audi Q3 car insurance policy for you to choose from. The most popular ones are:
      1. Zero depreciation cover
      2. Key replacement coverage
      3. Engine protection cover
      4. Return to invoice
      5. Consumables cover

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